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The Order of the True Sith - An account of the War on Terra and the Commonwealth.
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PostPosted: Mon, 5. Sep 16, 02:04    Post subject: The Order of the True Sith - An account of the War on Terra and the Commonwealth. Reply with quote Print

Blurry images and a confusing mass of thought and memory bubbled from deep in my mind. From beyond the desolate ebbs of consciousness I could hear the sound, the dreaded sound. The last sound I wanted to hear. My alarm clock.. 6am, rise and shine, wake and grind mother ******. It's a fine Monday morning in a place the furthest from the center of the universe, another dull morning. They call me down to Earth because I practice Martial Arts and Zen, I think it's more to do with my tendency to cut through the dull bull with sophisticated bull.

The faint shine of sunrise doesn't pierce my window, the bedroom is the darkest room in the house with the shutters tightly closed, just the way I like it. I awaken swiftly nonetheless and hop out of bed onto the floor. Morning exercises and stretches to begin the day, when I finally step outside the sun is peaking over the horizon, just blotted out by the shade of my grove. An urban sanctuary of training and meditation. Flowing through the techniques one by one my breathing never falters, one thousand strikes, five hundred kicks, two hours of footwork. Bridge, Trap, Strike. Strike without hesitation when an opening is created after contact. Primary targets: Eyes, throat, groin, and knees. Secondary targets: Occipital lobe, temple, ulna nerve, radial nerve, carotid artery, femoral artery, brachial plexus, others, so many others, so many ways to disable a human body. Even without the use of Chi. Striking from a distance, dotting vital points, building tremendous internal power.

After feeling fully ready for the day I go clean up with a cold shower and dress for work. What do I do? It's better you not know, it would spoil my mysterious aura, or something like that. The drive is the same as always, nothing out of the ordinary as my Mitsubishi Eclipse speeds along Carson street... It's funny, you know, those moments when you are driving and suddenly you realize you do not remember the last few minutes? Funny. All I remember though now is a light, the sound of sirens, a familiar voice crying, then darkness, so much darkness. I don't even remember the moment it happened. The moment I transformed and became one with the Force. But it happened.

This is the story of a young man whose life was stolen away from him. I found myself surrounded by a group of old men and women, robed, glowing, most of them very alien. Apparently, get this, Jedi. Yes. Real. Live. Jedi...Well sort of live, I guess dead, but not dead? Little green one, Vandar I think his name was, he told me to repeat a mantra, "There is no death, only the force." It felt odd, but soothing for a time. A balm over an open sore, yet it was only good for treating the symptoms of my unease at my lot in death, it never got to the root of the problem. It never scratched the deep itch that began at the core of my being and spread like a cancer across my mind.

I tried to fit in, I tried to cope. They said I had potential to be a great Jedi. They were astonished at what I could accomplish in such a short amount of time. I insisted it was simply my Shaolin training coming to my rescue. Arriving in this dimension never sat well with me though. They accepted my less than whole explanation with wonder. They had never heard of my planet, apparently they are ghosts from another galaxy, ghosts from long ago, and ghosts from more recent years. I learned much in my time there, the metaphysics of a lightsaber, a tool that is in itself one with the force in a way that even these immortal Jedi spirits did not comprehend in all their omnipresent wisdom. The knowledge of technology, cosmic law, powers I had no idea could exist. I learned of the ongoing Immortal Wars. How the spirits of ancient Sith have been rising up once again into the physical realm since time beyond remembrance. How the spirits of Jedi would refuse to rise as well to combat them, preferring to stay in their lofty white gold tower in the heavens gazing over all of creation with their infinite wisdom. Watching, but never overtly interfering in the affairs of mortal beings. The power to create galaxies these beings have, the power to create and end life itself. What do they do with it? They do nothing. Nothing to stop the pain of my world, nothing to stop the tyranny of the Sith. The Jedi were real and the never did anything to help.

I meditated for years and years floating in the void, so many years I lost count, it didn't matter, time has no meaning in the higher realms of existence. I came to the conclusion that I could not sit idly by anymore, I was becoming as bad as the Jedi, meditating, wasting my power in the tower of privilege and certainty. It is actually very easy you should know. Doing what they do. All it takes is concentration, all it takes is examining your own humanity and releasing the totality of your being. Everything that makes you ALIVE. "There is no emotion, there is peace." A lie. A pathetic lie. Love, Hate, Lust, Joy, Anger, Longing, Sadness, Fear, Exhilaration! Life! Passion! These pathetic beings have forgotten what passion was. Or perhaps they never knew, indoctrination from a young age to become lost robotic caricatures of life. Jedi. Hopeless, pathetic creatures. It is easy doing what they do. Just release your passion and force your way through the veil between dimensions. The Sith have had it figured out for a long time. They rise into the catacombs of their temples, seeping through the stone and technology like a creeping rot. Threatening and infesting, infecting and inhabiting bodies of hapless force sensitive sentients. They had the basic idea down but they lacked the scope of what is possible with the force. For all the fault of the Jedi...some of them were quite smart. The Force can not only grasp onto and siphon life, it can create life.

I submerged myself back into space and time, reforming myself, the thump of my heart resonated with my spirit. I emerged from death standing in a long brightly lit hallway. The walls had a metallic sheen on the silver plasteel. It was me, Michael. I was here in the flesh. Except...It all hit me at once like the crushing agony of a falling sky. I am. The thought came unbidden, my cloak and robes seem to move and writhe as though they were made from the darkest shadows. I was pale, but very much alive. I look like I hadn't been to the beach in a lifetime or ten though. That would have to be corrected. Data terminal. I sliced into it, no problem. SSD Executor. Imperial flagship. Commanded by Darth Vader himself, joy. So...the Sith did exist there. The specs were truly fearsome. Technological development in all the galaxies of the cosmos can rise and fall in sophistication over millennia, this here was something special. After some cursory glances at files related to the Empire I saw that I might be in over my head here. I knew enough from my first life of this Empire. Not only did the Sith exist, but they have conquered their native galaxy. This real life Lord Vader though...well, he seemed like a worthy opponent. It was time to dance.

He was easy to spot, a void in the force, a sinkhole of self loathing and fury. His power came from the pathetic struggle for vengeance. Against his master, and against himself. He would have committed suicide ages ago if it weren't for his cowardice. He can not stand the thought of facing his old masters and Padme in the Force. Interesting that I would come out at this time and in this place, maybe mental association? Vader seemed like a weak Sith at best now that I was actually here and able to sense him in relation to myself. If this is the best that Palpatine can offer as challenge to me...Shit.

Those old bastards rubbed off on me, how could I forget the obvious? It was almost too late, I dodged at the last millisecond. The inferno that was Starkillers left lightsaber rushed past my face, singing some hair follicles on my chin. I wrap myself in shadows and disappeared from his senses for a moment. This I wasn't counting on. This was it. The higher realm was always so easy, this...this felt like Life again. I was Alive. Maybe not for long. How could I forget about Vader's prodigal apprentice? I was naive to think that they wouldn't feel me coming. I formed my own blade from the shadows and charged in with a mixture of the vicious slashes from the Shaolin Saber. My feet glided across the ground at high speeds as I blurred forward into my opponent. We fought back and forth. My Night Drake Parts the Sea countered an acrobatic flip in which I was stabbed at from awkward angles. Fierce Tiger Returns to Highland, and Single Chop the Hua Mountain separated Starkillers head from his shoulders. It would be a waste though to let him die. I wrapped his corpse up in my shadows and it dissolved into the ground. For later. The stormtroopers rushing through the halls looking for me never even glance my direction. Their eyes slipped past me as I strode with purpose to the bridge. Darth Vader is a lost cause. Even if Luke did manage to turn him back eventually he would never be happy with those pompous asshats in Immortaland. He never saw me coming, My sword hand strike pierced through his back, White Snake Shoots Venom, crushing the technological wonders that kept his sorry corpse alive. His last rasping breath carried with it the thought of a son. So, he knows about Luke at this point. Interesting. Maybe...No, this is all I need. I let all the Sith officers on the bridge know that I was now in no uncertain terms in charge of this imperial fleet. I'm sure ole wrinkleface will contact me soon. Hilarious. My shipwide announcement was met with some rebellion, that was easily quelled, Vader was too soft on these people.

I was given the Admirals quarters, one deck above Vader's meditation sphere, an old Sith artifact that enhances ones connection to the force. Palpatine really killed Vaders self confidence, didn't he? This place was untouched. It would do nicely. I looked into the mirror in the fresher, the shadows receded as I calmed my mind until I looked almost normal. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey. Yes Palpatine was pissed, his ranting and raving was cut off only by the sound of him gurgling on his own blood as my shadows went forth to tear out his throat.

The loud clanking sounds in the background signaled my four new Imperial Star Destroyers docking to my new flagship. My entire Escort all wrapped into one nice package for TransWarp. I was ready to go home. Back to Earth. To do what I can to help. I would conquer, and then allow peace to persist for a thousand years. I have seen what Earth could become. A power to rival any in the cosmos. It would be mine. The Sith of this Galaxy were a lost cause, this Galaxy was a lost cause. Let it fall into the pits of destruction. I would come back to claim it eventually and build upon its ashes.

For now I would bring my power to bear where real change could be made. First Sol, then the Commonwealth.

I had five capital ships, many smaller craft, and a truly massive personnel. It takes many lives to run a full battlegroup of one and a half kilometer long starships escorting a seventeen kilometer long starship. My little Empire consists of half a million Sith warriors, Stormtroopers, Scientists, Engineers, Technicians, Mechanics, Pilots, and one currently dead Killer of Stars to act as my hands. Only the best for Lord Vader apparently, many of the greatest warriors and many of the greatest minds assigned to the imperial navy were on board these five ships. These are my spoils for usurping the holdings of a Sith Lord. The rest of the Imperial Navy would be there when I came back to that same moment in time. Enough human beings to start an entire civilization actually. This battlegroup had firepower enough to go toe to toe with the Imperial fleet, the Terran fleet will fall quickly.

The few aliens were fine. I have nothing against them. Ithorian minds were among the wisest and most well learned in the Sith galaxy. The vault of the Executor held many Sith holocrons, I learned more about the force as an ascended being than many of these pathetic creatures did their entire lives as Sith Lords. I feel ashamed of the Sith to be honest. Such potential for greatness, you see. They realize their own passions yet they do not enjoy their lives, they let themselves become corrupted by the force empowering only the worst aspects of their personalities rather than the entire personality at once. Nearly as pathetic as the Jedi.

I will become the first of the True Sith.
I will become the first of a new order of Sith. An order unfettered by the loathsome goal of allowing owes own torment to overcome ones own reason and logic. An order of true Scholar Warriors that will conquer my galaxy, then every galaxy. The Order of the True Sith.

Manipulating the Hyperdrive for TransGalactic Warp back into the vicinity of Earth was a simple matter. However for the moment it would be a one way trip. Conquering one sector at a time until Terra was mine. Then an all out offensive against the commonwealth. There will be an Imperial Orbital Patrol Station and a Star Destroyer in every sector of the known galaxy when I am through.

{Data Link Active}

x1 SSD Executor M0
x4 ISD Star Destroyers(Triaxa, Vector, Torment, Droma)
x300 Tie Fighter Variants.

Starting Sector:
Fourth Terran Unknown Sector Below Oort Cloud

{Link Disengaged}


I will do the Plots. Dead is Dead. Mods Galore.

I need some time to fully set up CODEA and everything else. Story will be generated by what happens as I play.

...Transmission Ended

"In a deep cargo hold in the depths of the Executor the quiet voice of Jedi Grandmaster Kyle Katarn echoes out, 'Bantha Shit,' and all goes quiet again."

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Thank you for registering your game
PostPosted: Thu, 8. Sep 16, 07:49    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I have all the mods I need for this playthrough and the game won't load. Go figure.

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