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[MOD][MAYHEM] Sohnen Warehouse 0.30 ALPHA
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PostPosted: Sat, 16. Sep 17, 15:47    Post subject: [MOD][MAYHEM] Sohnen Warehouse 0.30 ALPHA Reply with quote Print

Sohnen Warehouse 0.30 ALPHA

This mod for Joubarbe's Mayhem adds a warehouse station to help you manage ware storage and logistics for your growing empire. It comes with its dedicated freighter command 'Scrape Sanctuaries' designed to pick all unassigned wares and wares that are overstocked.


game install:
- X3AP 3.1 or above
- LU 1.7.2
- Mayhem 2.1.3
- at least 2 existing Sanctuaries
- 250,000,000 Credits
- A player-owned sector with a free Dock slot.
- Run the 'Build Warehouse' command from one of your Sanctuaries once you meet the requirements.
- Assign 1 or more freighter(s) to the Warehouse and start the command 'Scrape Sanctuaries' under the Trade section.


Download the ZIP file.

Extract its contents into their respective folders in %X3AP Folder%/addon/

This mod uses a custom Globals.txt file. If you already use one, just modify line 136 to:
SG_HUB_STORAGE_FACTOR;10000;            // Player Terraformer Hub    Storage Multiplier

This mod also uses a custom TDocks.txt file. If you already use one, modify the Xenon Hub entry to match that of this mod's TDocks file.


(mostly manual for the time being...)
Save first! Collect all the wares you wish to keep and un-dock your ships from the Warehouse. Nuke the station in whichever way pleases you the most, save your game. Remove the added files from your folder then re-load the saved game.


Uses L044 text files 9977 and 9978
Uses commands slots 461 and 1147
Uses Boardcomp slots 16273 and 16274


This mod in an 'Alpha' stage. Expect weird things to happen, limited functionality and unforeseen consequences. If you want to try it out, make sure to back-up your saved games!


The Warehouse will be added with all wares pre-referenced. It's up to you to sort things out the way you want them. Here's how I designed it to integrate with the existing commands :
- All mining ships, Reapers, buyers and sellers are based at the warehouse.
- Use the mutli-sector IDN command with 1 network per sector using the warehouse as pick-up and drop-off point.
- At each of your Sanctuaries, set ALL your ware sources to the warehouse at export threshold 0%, then assign 1 or 2 freighters to collect the goods.

The above is only indicative, feel free to try your own and to report it here if it works well!

Known issues:

- Sanctuary freighters will often 'race' all at once for a ware that was just dropped off in the warehouse. I'm not sure how to address that Sad
- Freighter naming may be shaky
- Although a check is made for an available dock slot in a given sector, the number of used slots won't increase (need to find a way around that without resorting to change Joubarbe's files)
- The model for the warehouse is a Boron EqDock. That'll change only if I ever make a new station model...

Menu to choose which Sanctuaries will get scraped if not all.
Find a way to fix freighter racing (those come from LU's files, which I can't modify)...
Find a way to update the dock slot count.
Make a warehouse model instead of using the Boron Equipment Dock.

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Joined: 22 Aug 2017

PostPosted: Mon, 25. Sep 17, 16:47    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Version history:

v 0.30A
- Added support for multiple scrapers. They check each-other's destinations to prevent them from offloading the same Sanctuary.

v 0.21A
- changed Cmd.LPA.setWarehouseProducts.xml to use ware loops instead of a list wall.

v 0.2A:
- Initial release of Warehouse + Scraper package.
- Scraper command 0.11 from before is still in use.

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Thank you for registering your game
PostPosted: Wed, 14. Mar 18, 12:51    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

bumping for visibility, as this is awesome stuff.

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PostPosted: Wed, 14. Mar 18, 19:38    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Good work, but obligatory meme:

X3LU 1.5.2/1.7.0 Youtube series with: IEX 1.5b + LUVi, SIaF r7 (previously also used Phanon Plus 4.02, Revelation Plus 1.04, Diverse Game Starts - LU Edition)
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