Can you recomend a mod for me?

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Can you recomend a mod for me?

Post by sasho » Thu, 26. May 16, 10:08

I am looking for a mode that will just add a few new ship models, not Star wars/Startreck/Starcraft models, but rather something like XRM ship models. Or more specifically new ships that are themed like they are part of the game, not as if they came from other game, if you could understand what I am trying to say. And I would like to see npc-s using this ship models, not just me.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 27. May 16, 20:03

Cadius' XTra ship pack, which is integrated into XRM, just adds ships to the game. On the later pages you should also find a jobs file iirc.
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