[X3TC] I just capped a Kha'ak Fighter

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[X3TC] I just capped a Kha'ak Fighter

Post by IanFitzJo » Tue, 27. Oct 15, 21:12

I didn't know they could be capped! Now I know what to do with the beta kyon emitters I picked up during Final Fury. :D

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Post by zazie » Thu, 29. Oct 15, 15:38

Alas in a Vanilla game the Kha'ak-ships are a lot better in the hand of the AI than in the hands of the player. The Beta-Kyons do not have the same impact as they do when AI fights against other AI- or against player's ships. Best use of the beta-kyons: "stutter". Steady fire will suck your Laser-Generator empty in no time.

[on a side note: as it is possible in XTC to be in possession of Kha'ak M2 or M2+, they make much better Players ships than the AI-driven. The Delta-Kyons rock ! If AI-Kha'aks are fighting against AI-Xenon they have no chance.]

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Post by IanFitzJo » Thu, 29. Oct 15, 20:59

I had no idea Kha'ak Destroyers were boardable (my source claims they are not). In Vanilla? Have you done it? What did you use? I'm guessing my usual method with boarding pods is not going to work against laser turrets.

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 29. Oct 15, 21:54

IanFitzJo wrote:In Vanilla?
zazie mentioned they would be boardable in XTC, which is the abbreviation for the Xtended Terran Conflict mod. So no, not in Vanilla.
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Post by pref » Thu, 29. Oct 15, 21:56

Not in vanilla. Delta kyons do not exist without mods either.
He means X-Tended

Ninja'd :D

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Post by IanFitzJo » Fri, 30. Oct 15, 01:23

k thx :)

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Post by MarvinTheMartian » Fri, 30. Oct 15, 05:47

I don't miss the Kha'ak (playing AP) but the sound their engines made was cool. I do have a K. Corvette in AP but it's not really useful as a player ship and it's not RE'able either so no hoards of them at my command :(
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