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Post by bioscmos303 » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 19:28


and its going well :)

hello if you quit Rebirth or stop playing I just want to share that I love it
and already fixed the position of weapons that moved

i also have few ideas that i want to add to this great mod (already started)
i will really want to share it with you and with others but i know i need permission to do that ..

so any one have tips how to get in touch with
xrook the author ? is he still around ? :? :? :lol: :? :?

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Post by xrook » Sat, 30. Dec 17, 19:40

no, not around anymore, ive quit a long time ago but chrome gmail notification instantly sent me this message

so go nuts 8)

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Post by bioscmos303 » Wed, 3. Jan 18, 14:56

hi tnx !!!

Hi thank you
it tournd that Im build the mod from the beginning when yours gives me a lot of help in understanding how to write

I'm rebuilding everything because I found more effective ways with 3DSMAX and COLLADA IMPORT, I changed the craft to Foltor Vanguard

Just sharing(because maybe it made u crazy back at that days)
If you remember that your mod THE FKN COCKPIT was never properly positioned and front elements blocked the front sight -
can not be fixed with Scrip The position can only be corrected with 3DSMAX according to the angle of view BY the player's camera - X: 0 Y0 Z0 GRID and not positioned by location of the spacecraft (fix thru 3dsmax only)
and resized the ship .

Because your mod is broken it helps me to practice and learn new things really thanks
And there's nothing better than 3DSMAX :)
tnx again
:) ..
p.s . u did best ship mod ever..

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