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[X3LU] Mayhem 2.1.3
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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 12:26    Post subject: [X3LU] Mayhem 2.1.3 Reply with quote Print

Version 2.1.3 (Litcube's Universe only)

Main file (Mediafire)
Export/Import module (Mediafire)
Soundtrack for new sectors (Mediafire)

Main file (Dropbox)
Export/Import module (Dropbox)
Soundtrack for new sectors (Dropbox)

MODDB Mayhem page


Litcube's Universe Wiki

Mayhem 1 is still available here (not recommended).

Diary - Entry #201

The Sohnen empire has fallen. We left behind us the ruins of our homeworld, swallowed by a red glowing dust that the OCV laid upon us. I can almost feel its burning atmosphere through the hull of my ship.
I took the command of the last fleet and we are now heading towards the enemy to try to reach their portal. We don't know what we'll find behind it, but if our scientists are right, we will pass through and escape this chaos.
We don't have much left. A few survivors, some resources, and enough materials to build another headquarters. Let's hope the OCV will not follow us.

Mayhem is a mod where you are not just a pilot, you are the leader of a rising empire and as such, you must conquer sectors and build ships and stations by collecting resources and making your own enemies and allies.
This is a pure sandbox gameplay, but there is pressure. If you decide to stay in your home sector, you will eventually be attacked by a growing fleet of OCV, so you need to be aggressive and expand your empire to other sectors...
Craft your weapons, stations and ships, manage your factories, invade enemy territories, and defend your sectors with giant fleets and static platforms in a chaotic universe!
Read more about the main concepts of the mod here, here, and here.

Dynamic Universe

  • Each race, except Xenons and Pirates, will build Battle Group ships overtime and launch an invasion when all their shipyards are ready (i.e: when all construction templates are completed).
  • Everyone can conquer any sector, including Xenon and Pirates.
  • War can be of two types: clean or dirty. Between Commonwealth empires, the war is always clean and stations do not get destroyed. Also, freighters are not chased. Dirty wars are only won by destroying all stations in the targeted sector, while clean wars are won by reaching a certain war score (Yakis and Xenons are dirty!).
  • Periods of truce can happen, during which dynamic alliances can be forged. In general, a Neutral relation means that war is possible, Friend is an ally, and Foe is a current enemy.
  • All empires will help their allies and reinforce the sectors that are in danger.
  • Homeworlds are safe and cannot be conquered. They are indicated on the new map (see below).
  • Your reputation with other factions (except Goners) will decrease overtime, depending on your threat level. When you conquer a sector for yourself, you gain 1 threat. The reputation loss is an optional feature and can be deactivated through the AL Plugin menu. Note that Normal and Quickstart gamestarts starts at threat level 1. "From Scratch" starts at threat level 0. Threat also increases by 1 point every 24 hours.
  • OCV as you know it in Litcube's Universe has been deactivated. There are now OCV waves that regularly spawn in your sectors. The strength of their fleets depend on your threat level (same as invasion fleets). If you lose one sector to the OCV, your threat level will decrease by 1 point. This is the only way to reduce your threat.
  • NPC Shipyards are randomly built at the start of a new game. All races receive the same number of shipyards (customizable, see below).

Production and Research

  • You can no longer buy ships and stations from other shipyards. You have to craft everything from many resources, such as Energy Cells, Ore, Microchips, etc.
  • All your sectors can support a limited number of stations, as well as only 1 MLCC Dock and 1 Research station. They can also support a limited number of Orbital Weapons Platforms.
  • Saturn Complex Hubs and normal ones have been completely deactivated. Logistics is therefore a crucial gameplay element of Mayhem. Fortunately, Dock Agents have been improved to manage that easily.
  • Sanctuaries need people to work, and people need food. People tend to escape sectors in war, but you can also increase your manpower by bringing passengers and slaves into your sanctuaries.
  • Your researches can be boosted by the use of Artefacts (dropped by Xenons).

Outsider Companies

  • These companies profit from the war by salvaging flying wares and ships, and also by selling the weapons they loot.
  • They can also sell you blueprints.
  • All companies have a Nemesis. They are bound to one of the main factions by hatred and you will earn reputation from the company if you destroy its Nemesis' ships.
  • They offer 10 kind of missions: Execute (an astronaut), Conquer (a sector for the name of an ally), Defend (a sector attacked by the company's Nemesis), Break (an alliance by killing M6s), Weaken (destroy a Power Plant), Destroy (a M7), Rescue, Scan, Steal and Rob. All missions are events-based. Missions are available for a certain time, you don't manually accept them.
  • Outsider companies are here to encourage you to make enemies. As such, products sold by a company will get cheaper when you are disliked by its Nemesis.


  • Ships bailing rates have been lowered. They are higher when the attacker is one of your ships. Optional feature.
  • Fixed FLC: loot chances are always the same. Optional feature.
  • All optional features are on by default. Of course, the whole mod has been designed with those options on.
  • The map has been modified : Yakis get more sectors in the south, there are more connections, and 10 new sectors with their own soundtrack have been added. The new musics are all royalty-free from Free Music Archive.
  • To make things more chaotic and make Battle Groups more useful, all Orbital Weapons Platforms have been removed from the universe, but you can build your own OWPs.
  • You cannot befriend pirates. They are the bad guys, they are stupid, they don't understand the concept of alliances, especially with young empires.
  • Smart Placement: avoid placing stations over other stations, asteroids or ships when you build them. Can be deactivated through the AL Plugin menu.
  • Domination: conquer 25% of the galaxy to be recognized and respected by the Commonwealth. They will give you all their ship blueprints and you will receive a huge reputation boost. A fresh start as a true Emperor! (and a victory condition if you need one)
  • Advanced Satellites have the effect of removing the cover of pirates in sector. Hunt the smugglers!
  • Thanks to gnasirator and Raaaak you can now enjoy a fully integrated version of their awesome MK3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded.
  • Many changes have been made to Litcube's Universe (more effective agents, satellites/scanner overhaul, MLCC, equipment prices, etc.).


  • You can customize a lot of gameplay values by simply editing two files inside the addon\t folder. The files are named "7325-L044.xml" and "9972-L044.xml".
  • Read more about gameplay customization here.

  • Vanilla missions are incompatible and have been deactivated.
  • The Export/Import feature of LU is compatible with Mayhem, and available as a separate download. Just like LU's E/I.
  • Mayhem removes Phanon and Revelation (OCV), so any mod that modifies them is incompatible.
  • IEX is incompatible.
  • X-Missions Reloaded is incompatible.
  • Bounty Board is compatible and is no longer a part of Mayhem. (special instruction: keep the Cmd.BailMaybe.xml script from Mayhem). I do not recommend using this mod with Mayhem (imbalanced).
  • Internal Distribution Network is compatible.
  • MK3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded is already included in Mayhem.

Recommended Mods

New Map

Bug Reports

Please provide a savegame if you can, and give as many details as you can. Remember that to fix a bug, I have to reproduce it.
This is a public forum, don't send me private messages. I'm not the only one with the solution.

WARNING: It's highly recommended to install Mayhem on a fresh install. Mayhem is made of more than 150 scripts and overwrites many LU's ones. I recommend having one folder for LU and one folder for Mayhem (and the vanilla one, untouched, in case you need it).

  • 1. Copy the content of the archive into your ...x3tc\ folder and overwrite LU files. Do not copy into your addon folder.
  • 2. Rename both "addon\Mayhem - Rename Me.cat/.dat" files to the highest number after your current .cats/.dats (fake patch method).
  • 3. There is an optional module in the addon\extras folder that contains new sounds for jump and SETA. Original warp sounds give me headaches.
  • 4. Install the soundtrack for the new sectors into your ...x3tc\soundtrack existing directory.
  • 5. Install the Export/Import module inside your ...x3tc\ folder.

If you want to uninstall Mayhem, you'll have to install LU (base installer + patch) again (or do a backup of the overwritten files...). It's better to have an independent Mayhem X3 folder.

An in-game tutorial will guide you through the important aspects of the game.

You can do everything you want with this mod.

Export/Import instructions :
  • 1/ Make sure you have the latest LU's Export/Import package.
  • 2/ Make sure you have the latest Mayhem's Export/Import package.
  • 3/ Export your game using the normal LU menu (player console).
  • 4/ Update LU if necessary.
  • 5/ Update Mayhem (remember that Mayhem overwrites some of the LU files, so it has to be updated after LU).
  • 6/ Start a new game with the Mayhem Import gamestart.
  • 7/ Wait the end of the whole import process. The Mayhem Import process comes after the LU's one. It can take quite some time.

And that's it, you have nothing else to do, except configuring your hotkeys again (or switching profile).

Mayhem - Satellites Monitoring - Internal Distribution Network - ADS (Joubarbian Edition) - Bounty Board - The Joubarbian Toolkit - EasyConnect

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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 12:27    Post subject: Reply with quote Print


Version 2.2.0 (NOT YET RELEASED)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. E/I files have been updated.
New game is highly recommended. Unbalanced gameplay and bugs will occur in previous savegames.
  • NEW: Bad news first. Lasertowers are removed from the game.
  • NEW: Diplomacy.
  • NEW: Perks.
  • NEW: Sanctuary specialization. The more you build ships, lasers, missiles or shields, the better the Sanctuary gets at it. The old specialization system has been removed.
  • NEW: Maintenance. Each ship costs money to run. If there's no money, its hull starts to slowly decrease. Maintenance screen in Player console (renamed Personal console).
  • NEW: Invasion system reworked. All shipyards are now independent. They gain credits overtime (the amount is based on their sector value) and when they have enough money, they launch an invasion on their own (invasion cost is based on the faction; Terran/ATF's one is very high). You can invest credits into each shipyard through the new Diplomacy menu. Also, new NPC shipyards cost them money as well. Also (!), when you kill a TS, the nearest owner's shipyard lose some credits.
  • NEW: Goners story.
  • NEW: OCV story.
  • NEW: New game start: variant of From Scratch with an M4 mining ship (a good one).
  • NEW: Food consumption priority list (stockroom menu).
  • NEW: Bzzt!
  • NEW: Restored some vanilla missions.

  • CHANGE: Resource stations are more expensive.
  • CHANGE: Removed natural reputation loss.
  • CHANGE: Removed reputation penalty when capturing a sector.
  • CHANGE: Natural population growth. Refugee ships have been removed.
  • CHANGE: Lasers and missiles are all unlocked by default.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the costs in time and resource to build lasers, missiles and shields.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the NPC docks max. storage value. Affects Outposts, Trading stations and Equipment docks.
  • CHANGE: Penalty when building parallel tasks.
  • CHANGE: Removed racial reputation bonus. Perks override them.
  • CHANGE: Advanced Satellites can no longer be bought in Military Outposts.
  • CHANGE: Losing a sector to the Commonwealth decrease your threat level.
  • CHANGE: Data scanner is now called Blueprint scanner and has its own equipment.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the number of starting shipyards for NPC factions. They build more with the player threat level going up.
  • CHANGE: Improved Freighters. They always synchronize by making a list of priorities depending on the destinations of the other freighters.
  • CHANGE: Breaking news (and other stuff) are displayed in an info box instead of a subtitle.
  • CHANGE: OCV ships cannot be boarded or captured.
  • CHANGE: Shipyards are no longer hostile to Player.
  • CHANGE: Ships selling and repair credit costs are drastically reduced.
  • CHANGE: Terrans and ATF can no longer become enemies.
  • CHANGE: Alliance is replaced with Truce. Factions with a truce don't help each other.
  • CHANGE: Reduction of ships is now based on number of owned sectors instead of owned shipyards.
  • CHANGE: Goners are neutral to everyone: they don't build Battle Group ships and their sectors cannot be captured by other factions (you still can). They don't help you anymore.
  • CHANGE: Removed insurance from Sanctuaries (they can be bought from Goner temples that you can build yourself).
  • CHANGE: Pirates and Xenons build less shipyards.
  • CHANGE: Added carriers to the "Global ship set homebase" function (+ scrollable items).
  • CHANGE: Unknown sectors cannot be captured by NPC factions during day 1.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will ignore any sector that is enemy to the player if the number of player ships is greater than 15. (i.e: it won't build any shipyard!)
  • CHANGE: Reduced chances to trigger the "Destroy" mission.
  • CHANGE: Increased the delay between each OCV wave.
  • CHANGE: Added a Self destruct command for all ships (including OWPs).
  • CHANGE: All gamestarts have 50k credits.
  • CHANGE: Removed artifacts.
  • CHANGE: Removed M8s from all Battle Groups (unbalanced and caused "jackpot" loot).
  • CHANGE: Revamped a little bit the companies: now if you have a good reputation with them, you can access the Blueprint Market. The Weapon Market has been disabled.
  • CHANGE: "Station is open to race traders" is set to "No" by default.
  • CHANGE: Slaves can no longer be used to increase your Sanctuary population (natural growth rate instead, or astronauts).
  • CHANGE: "Time left" added for craftable objects.
  • CHANGE: Spawning of Pirates and Xenons now depends on the player threat level.

  • FIX: Reduced the Plutarch Tractor System price (was requiring too many black crystals).
  • FIX: Added proper checks for the command "Add Sanctuary Default Products". Also updated the encyclopedia.
  • FIX: Bug where the player could capture a sector immediately after destroying last station.
  • FIX: Production waste (Sanctuaries "ticks" are more frequent).
  • FIX: The Space Suit's repair laser is no longer shown as built-in component.
  • FIX: NPC Shipyards now start to build small ships before building big and huge ones.
  • FIX: Satellites, beacons and drones do not count as "hostile ships" when trying to build a station or relocate an OWP.
  • FIX: Tutorial was not triggered by player ships.
  • FIX: Added missing resources to the "Add Sanctuary Default Products" command.
  • FIX: Sanctuary and Research station misplacement in Normal and Quickstart.

Version 2.1.3 (04/08/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I. E/I files have been updated.
  • NEW: OWPs have all a built-in version of CCDS by default (mk1, mk2, mk3 depending on their size). Applies to existing OWPs as well.
  • NEW: "Add Sanctuary Default Products" command to all Sanctuaries. See this.

  • CHANGE: DA Buyers, Suppliers and Gatherers have been improved. Instead of sometimes waiting like idiots because two ships are already on the same job, each DA will first make a list of all other DA activities, then decide what ware to buy/supply/gather in priority, depending on how many ships there are already on the job. In other words, they will never stay idle when there's a job to do. Note that you do not have to restart your agents this time.
  • CHANGE: The deploy satellites command has been revamped. Now the ship looks at his homebase if there's no satellites to found before buying, refuel if needed, autojump, and deploy satellites only in sectors in which there's not enough satellites. "Box" configuration has been replaced by "Star" (5 satellites, instead of 8). So if you set the config. to "Star" and if in a sector there are only 4 satellites, the ship will go there. If you set the config. to "Single", the ship will only go in sectors where there's no satellite at all. Finally, the ship will not drop satellites in hostile sectors.
  • CHANGE: Large OWPs can dock 20 fighters instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: The stations option "Set traders to standby" is now called "Set SA to standby and DA to ignore". Station agents assigned to this station will be paused, and suppliers/gatherers will ignore it.
  • CHANGE: You can "template outfit" in-carrier ships.
  • CHANGE: Added an "insufficient money" message when a ship is trying to buy something with the money of his homebase, and that homebase doesn't have enough.
  • CHANGE: Reroll is free, but you can only reroll once per Sanctuary.
  • CHANGE: Reduced number of fighters per Battle Group and OCV carriers; and also reduced the number of TM per Battle Group. The goal of this is mainly to reduce lags (altough it will also reduce the number of bailed ships and dropped wares).

  • FIX: Security preset (colour menu).
  • FIX: ID number of OWP preset (colour menu).
  • FIX: Boarding and bailing are now disabled on OCV ships.

Version 2.1.2 (28/07/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
Dock Agents now integrate local versions of IDN ship tasks, meaning that if you don't need to create more complex networks, you probably don't need IDN anymore.
  • NEW: MK3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded is now included in Mayhem. It suits perfectly with the other changes I made to vanilla agents (see below). I've made one single change about the minimum jumps setting, which is now left alone and never modified. gnasirator and Raaaak permissions granted! Note that you will have to restart all your traders to benefit from this mod.

  • CHANGE: Satellites and scanners overhaul. In a nutshell: the range of advanced satellites has been decreased, Duplex scanner has vanilla Triplex range, and the new Triplex scanner has an increased range (but its cargo type is XL).
  • CHANGE: Station Agents overhaul. Freighters and Dock agents are faster. Way faster. No arbitrary waiting delay, no levels. Dock agents have two new options: Supply and Gather, which are local versions of IDN's suppliers and transporters. So if you use IDN only with local networks, you won't need it anymore. Also, they all unload their cargo before collecting new wares, making it easier to reassign a ship that already has a full cargo. There can be 2 ships on the same job (applies to buyers/suppliers and gatherers). Script performances have been improved. Same thing as MK3 Traders here, you need to restart your DAs and Freighters if you want to enjoy their new features.
  • CHANGE: Equipment prices have been modified, the most important change being the cost of the Station Agent Software (halved, in crystals and credits as well).
  • CHANGE: Reduced Sanctuaries maximum storage for all products.
  • CHANGE: Changed some automatic ship renaming format to make them shorter. The colour ship menu has been improved (more regex tag and I've also added the Orange to the list).
  • CHANGE: Added all equipment to Sanctuaries.
  • CHANGE: Set OWP minimum distance from gates to 15km instead of 25km.
  • CHANGE: Added TM category to MLCC systems.
  • CHANGE: Increased the speed of Space suits (that means your space suit, but also other astronauts).
  • CHANGE: Cleaned up the Dock Stockroom menu.
  • CHANGE: You cannot build stations when hostile ships are in the area. Now, there's also a distance check. If the hostile is further than 90km, it will be ignored.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the price of the Remote system control software.
  • CHANGE: Your Advanced Satellites now uncover all pirates. That should fix the bug where your ships sometimes automatically shoot at covered pirates and make you lose reputation with the race they usurp.
  • CHANGE: You can now upgrade in-carrier ships.

  • FIX: "Pursue" mission: didn't give the Black Crystal "for real" (only when destroyed). And now the mission is called "Collect".
  • FIX: Use of artifacts when the research progress was at 0.
  • FIX: Pirates and Xenons could conquer safe sectors.
  • FIX: Sudden and paranormal drop of reputation. As a consequence, invasions in player sectors will no more cause a drastic drop in reputation (-5). You'll lose it fast enough anyway...
  • FIX: Your own ships attacking you when data scanning them.

Version 2.1.1 (20/07/2017)

Instructions: just overwrite. No need to E/I. No need to update cat files.
  • CHANGE: the "Steal" mission cannot give a M6 anymore.
  • CHANGE: Mining outposts, trading stations, equipment docks and military outposts are captured when the sector is conquered. Only the owner changes, not the station itself (ie. an Argon Trading Station won't become a Boron Trading Station).
  • CHANGE: Added Combat Command Software MK1 to Sanctuaries.

  • FIX: MLCC Docks menu.
  • FIX: Overtuning in Sanctuary (and added the Split perk bonus).

Version 2.1.0 (11/07/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files and update .cat/.dat files. No need to E/I. E/I files have been updated.
  • NEW: A Sanctuary is automatically built in sectors you capture. Sanctuaries cannot be manually built anymore and you cannot build stations and OWPs in other sectors.
  • NEW: Gamestart "From Scratch". You start with a M4 in a random sector and you have no sector and no Sanctuary.
  • NEW: Domination! Conquer 25% of the galaxy to be recognized and respected by the Commonwealth. They will give you all their ship blueprints and you will receive a huge reputation boost. A fresh start as a true Emperor!
  • NEW: Laser/Missile/Shield recycling!
  • NEW: Complete overhaul of the OCV. Now they attack only the player, more frequently than before, and their strength depends on the player threat level (ie. the number of sectors he owns).
  • NEW: Complete overhaul of "autopopulate". All sectors are autopopulated (except unknown ones and Pirates').
  • NEW: Added five company missions (easy ones). More stuff to do!
  • NEW: Sanctuaries and Research stations lists in the Player console.
  • NEW: "Safe sector" mention in said sectors description.
  • NEW: Added the possibility to buy Salvage Insurances from your Sanctuaries. It will only cost you 50,000 credits!
  • NEW: You can install maximum tuning for your captured ships in your Sanctuaries for free.
  • NEW: Added Freight and Mineral Scanners, and Cargo Lifesupport System to Sanctuaries.
  • NEW: You can now relocate your OWPs.

  • CHANGE: Drastically increased the time needed to build ships.
  • CHANGE: Removed Boost Extension from the game. This thing is imbalanced and only the player can use it. However, an option has been added into ...addon\t\9972-L044.xml (id: 62) to let you buy it for 1 Black crystal at your Sanctuaries.
  • CHANGE: Your threat level now increases every 24 hours.
  • CHANGE: Oort Cloud becomes the base (aka safe sector) of the ATF (they still own Earth).
  • CHANGE: Unknown Sector Omega is no longer a safe sector.
  • CHANGE: Elysium of Light is now a safe sector.
  • CHANGE: Increased the number of refugee ships.
  • CHANGE: Reduced food consumption.
  • CHANGE: Reduced natural reputation loss and the reputation price of capturing a sector.
  • CHANGE: When an invader conquers a sector, a station is immediately built. That fixes a few bugs.
  • CHANGE: Pirates can now only capture Commonwealth sectors. That also fixes a few bugs.
  • CHANGE: When invading a player sector, the Sanctuary is the lowest target priority.
  • CHANGE: Increased company mission rewards.
  • CHANGE: Improved the Ministry of War GUI (company section).
  • CHANGE: Reduced the price of Research stations.
  • CHANGE: Increased the chance of bailing for freighters.
  • CHANGE: Reactivated Bailing on Battle Group ships.
  • CHANGE: Reputation with Commonwealth starts at 0 for all gamestarts.
  • CHANGE: Added some new templates for NPC shipyards (one wave with more huge ships and less big ships).
  • CHANGE: OWP restrictions: you cannot build more than 8 per sector, and you must place them at a minimum of 25km from gates.
  • CHANGE: Blueprint markets now open at rank -3 (instead of -5).
  • CHANGE: All ships receive the Trade Command Software MK2 and the Combat Command Software MK2 by default.
  • CHANGE: Alliances last a bit longer.
  • CHANGE: Proper management of Sanctuary's recycle/repair features for ships docked in a career.
  • CHANGE: It's no more possible to build a station in a sector where hostile ships are present.
  • CHANGE: Orbital Weapon Platforms are viewed as stations by invaders. That means that they have to destroy your OWPs to capture the sector.
  • CHANGE: I no longer recommend using Bountyboard with Mayhem.
  • CHANGE: Research stations and Docks are independent from factories and not counted as stations in the "station support" restriction. Sanctuaries are not counted. In other words, you can build more factories per sector.
  • CHANGE: Reduced sector minimum factories support to 4 (was 8). Will require a new game (to not mess up with your current game).
  • CHANGE: Xenons M4 and M5 can no longer drop artifacts.
  • CHANGE: Research times doubled. The goal here is to give you more reasons to conquer other sectors. On the other hand, the time needed to research lasers has been halved.
  • CHANGE: Blueprints are a lot cheaper.
  • CHANGE: Reduced mining chances.

  • FIX: Xenon stations could be owned by OCV (don't ask).
  • FIX: Captured Mayhem ships (with marines) could be recalled by their respective shipyard.
  • FIX: Various bugs related to invasions. It will affect how fast first invasions are launched, especially in Quickstart and Scratch. Now it takes about six hours to launch the first invasions. So take your time, plan your strategy, it's a good old X3 slow start.
  • FIX: Discounts not applied to looped ships.
  • FIX: Shield overflow of corporations HQs.

Version 2.09b (27/03/2017)

Instructions: just overwrite the scripts. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • NEW: Production loops. When you go to Parallel Tasks and select '0', 'Loop' will appear instead of 0. If you don't have enough resources to continue the production, the progress will stay at 100% until you get the missing resources. At this point, canceling the project won't cost you anything (you always pay before starting a project, at 0%).

  • FIX: All production tabs are locked when starting a new game.
  • FIX: Shields appear as they should in their production tab.
  • FIX: Teladianium was never properly calculated when Parallel Tasks were used.

Version 2.09 (23/03/2017)

Instructions: overwrite files. No need to update .cat/.dat files. No need to E/I. Update: you may need to do an E/I if your game freezes. That's a bug I cannot identify.
  • NEW: Weapons, missiles and shields can be produced in your Sanctuaries. All previous associated factories are obsolete and have been properly destroyed.
  • NEW: You can now build Orbital Weapon Platforms (the AI still can't). Those are a bit special. You will find them in the "station" tab, but they are in fact ships, so to equip them with shields, lasers and missiles, you'll need to use the exchange menu ("Advanced" => "Freight Exchange"). Also, all tradeable wares and jumpdrive are forbidden and will be automatically ejected.

  • CHANGE: Drastically increased mining chances.
  • CHANGE: Ships do not require Crystals anymore (but weapons do).
  • CHANGE: M1, M2, M6, M7, M8, TM and TL now drop Jumpdrive Cores if they are destroyed by a Player ship.
  • CHANGE: UI improvements.
  • CHANGE: Overtime reputation loss is now halved if you don't have Bounty Board installed.

  • FIX: Autopopulate could potentially continue to work in Player sectors.

Version 2.08 (26/02/2017)

Instructions: overwrite files. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • FIX: Asteroid collisions with player mines. EI files updated.
  • FIX: Blueprint market (was only showing Argon ships).
  • FIX: Player stations did not have default shields (they had more).
  • FIX: All ships are properly undocked when you disassemble one of your stations.

Also, the mod archives are now in .zip format.

Version 2.07 (21/11/2016)

Instructions: overwrite files and update both .cat/.dat files.
  • CHANGE: Gamma Kyon Emitter cargo class is now XL instead of ST.
  • CHANGE: The number of resources missing is displayed when clicking on a ship or a station that you cannot build.

Version 2.06 (15/11/2016)

Instructions: just overwrite your previous 2.05c scripts. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • NEW: Compatibility with ADS 1.02. Repairing your ships in carriers now cost resources instead of money. The rates are customizable (same as Sanctuaries by default).

  • CHANGE: The process of disassembling stations has been changed a little: ships are automatically undocked, more info messages, errors management...
  • CHANGE: Sanctuaries cannot be disassembled anymore.
  • CHANGE: Added a "Repair Sanctuary" option to all MLCC docks. MLCC ships that retreat are now properly managed.

  • FIX: Corporations HQs' shields and impossibility to dock (for previous E/I users). If a corporation HQ have this problem in your current savegame, it will be destroyed and rebuilt elsewhere.
  • FIX: The Corporations Rebuild script has been merged into the Autopopulate script (updates every 50 minutes by default).
  • FIX: Wares management for MLCC docks.

Version 2.05c (06/11/2016)

  • CHANGE: Repair costs have been increased.
  • FIX: Repair costs.

Version 2.05b (05/11/2016)

  • FIX: Maximum people in Sanctuary not properly managed when turning slaves into people (yeah, Mayhem is ruthless).

Version 2.05 (04/11/2016)

Instructions: if you come from 2.04, just overwrite the files and update .cat/.dat files. No E/I required but a newer version of the E/I module is available - be sure to download it (version 1.02). Some changes regarding stations will only apply if you rebuild the station.
  • NEW: Your research stations have a chance to trigger a "breakthrough": +100 research points on the current project.
  • NEW: Each sector has four randomized statistics: Stations support, Research rate, Breakthrough chances and Max. people in Sanctuary. Those stats can be viewed in the Ministry of War menu. This feature does not require an E/I.
  • NEW: Added the two OTAS docks as MLCC. The "install MLCC" command has been removed. The limitation per sector is now 1 Sanctuary OR 1 Dock.
  • NEW: 7 companies who salvage ships and wares, sell weapons, missiles and blueprints based on negative reputation with their nemesis, and offer random missions. The salvagers are very effective and their numbers can be customized (they are not Job ships).
  • NEW: "Smart Placement" (which is not always very smart - although improved in this version) can be deactivated through the AL Plugin menu. Beware of collisions!
  • NEW: Added a Quickstart gamestart. You begin in Bluish Snout, but your Sanctuary and Research Station are still in Unknown Sector Omega. First invasions happen very quickly.

  • CHANGE: When the Sanctuary is full, unloading passengers enslave them.
  • CHANGE: Your stations are built about twice faster.
  • CHANGE: Stations that produce missiles, weapons and shields are 40% cheaper.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the price of Solar Power Plants.
  • CHANGE: Terrans/ATF can no longer ally to other races. All previous alliances have been canceled.
  • CHANGE: Chances of alliance are a bit higher, and alliances last longer.
  • CHANGE: Removed the possibility of selling your blueprint (possible exploit and confusing).
  • CHANGE: Repairs are made with resources, not money.
  • CHANGE: Ships do not need Energy Cells anymore to be built.
  • CHANGE: Player economy overhaul. Production and costs have been changed for many stations.
  • CHANGE: In a new game, shipyards are built away from the center.
  • CHANGE: Terran/ATF alliance will break after a chain of events if one of them becomes too powerful.
  • CHANGE: OCV will always invade the strongest empire; ie. the one that own the most sectors.
  • CHANGE: OCV will prefer attacking adjacent sectors.
  • CHANGE: Decreased the number of refugees per vessel.
  • CHANGE: Newly built Solar Power Plant will be XL instead of L.
  • CHANGE: You can datascan your own ships without damaging their shield.

    Some of these changes are a game changer. Although it will benefit your current game (only newly built stations), I would recommend a new game!

  • FIX: Ships captured by NPC ("salvaged") could end up moving around infinitely. (!move.move.destroy)
  • FIX: originalOwner was not saved during E/I (could cause various problems if you did an E/I).
  • FIX: Hitting escape when you are asked to choose a product for your military stations will bring you back to the menu until you make a proper choice.
  • FIX: Shield stations were not properly imported after an E/I.
  • FIX: It was impossible to dock to newly built corporation HQs.
  • FIX: Mines are properly built upon their asteroid.
  • FIX: E/I of mines (unfortunately, you need to rebuild your mines for this to have an effect, otherwise you'll get very low yield mine)
  • FIX: Station added in Sanctuary's inventory if you clicked on it without having the required resources.
  • FIX: AL Plugins are properly E/I.
  • FIX: Sector core security to FALSE if it has no shipyard.

Version 2.04 (10/10/2016)

Instructions: if you come from 2.02 or previous, install this 2.04 and follow the instructions below for 2.03 (full update). Otherwise, install the 2.04 by overwriting the files (.cat/.dat don't need to be updated and no E/I required).
  • CHANGE: Equilibrium values have been doubled. In other words, the fate of a sector in war (a clean one) is decided faster.
  • CHANGE: Artifacts loot chance increased to 20% (was 15).
  • CHANGE: Added a tutorial message to help with early games.
  • CHANGE: If a race cannot launch an invasion due to existing alliances, one of them will be broken to force the invasion.
  • CHANGE: If a shipyard has 3/4 of the ships out of the template it's supposed to build, it will be considered ready for invasion. Before, the full template was needed.
  • CHANGE: If an invasion is not triggered after 10 attempts (due to defense missions in progress or other reasons), the invasion will be forced. (that's if the invasion failed for more than 100 minutes)
  • CHANGE: Pirates get a little bit stronger.

  • FIX: Sometimes a ship that received the Retreat command one way or another will stay stuck in a loop. Now, if the ship doesn't have a jumpdrive, or if it doesn't have enough e-cells, the Retreat command will break.

Version 2.03 (08/10/2016)

Instructions: a new version of the E/I module is available. Download it, then proceed to a mandatory E/I. .cat/.dat both need to be updated.
  • NEW: Corporations are now rebuilt in random sectors when they are destroyed. It happens when you load your game. Compatible with all savegames.
  • NEW: Recycling a ship now gives you its blueprint.
  • NEW: You can no longer auction stations. Instead, you disassemble them to your nearest Sanctuary (full refund).
  • NEW: You can now sell your fully-researched blueprints at the black market for credits and reputation. When you do so, you will lose the use of the blueprint and all the progression.
  • NEW: Xenon can drop Artefacts. When you bring Artefacts to any of your Sanctuaries, you can extract their data in your Research station menu to give you extra research points.
  • NEW: Phanon has been deactivated. I don't know it enough to solve the many problems I encountered with it, and there's probably something better to do with the Mayhem universe (open to suggestions!) - Also, Sanctuary of Darkness is now Goner.
  • NEW: Recommended mods are now included into the archive (don't miss the Internal Distribution Network!)
  • NEW: New build options: template outfit and homebase. With the Parallel Tasks option, you can now build a whole ready-army in one click!

  • CHANGE: Battle Group ships are built a lot faster. Yours as well, but just a very tiny bit!
  • CHANGE: Data Scanner maximum range is always 4km.
  • CHANGE: OCV waves appear every 2 days instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: First round of invasions happens very quickly after you leave the Omicron Channel for the first time.
  • CHANGE: Building stations is a bit faster.
  • CHANGE: The Ministry of War now displays the number of Xenon ships per sector (Artefacts hunt purposes).
  • CHANGE: Default fuel resupply set to 50 jumps (was 80).
  • CHANGE: It's not necessary to keep the target in aim when you scan a ship.
  • CHANGE: Added a "apply this research to all Research stations" button in the Research station menu.
  • CHANGE: Added jumpdrive as a Sanctuary ship update (for an expensive cost, it's intended).
  • CHANGE: The Data Scanner works differently. Now you need to shoot at the target until its shields go down to 5%, but the scan itself is a lot faster.
  • CHANGE: Some stations, like Sanctuaries and weapon productions factories are cheaper.
  • CHANGE: It's now possible to select Carriers from the "Assign homebase & send" sub-menu of the Template outfit menu.
  • CHANGE: Added a customizable value to define the maximum nb of fighters a Battle Group carrier can have (default: 30). Can heavily impact your FPS if you increase it too much.
  • CHANGE: Fighters in Battle Group carriers don't get missiles. Less wares everywhere, and better perf.
  • CHANGE: Reroll cost in people increased to 50 (was 20).

  • FIX: The "invasion script getting stuck" bug should be fixed, but nothing sure. If you have any problem, please post your savegame.
  • FIX: Massive spawn of Xenon stations.
  • FIX: Special stations menu was appearing with Autopopulate stations.
  • FIX: The player ship cannot be recycled.
  • FIX: Ships owned by data-scanned carriers not becoming hostile.
  • FIX: Research completed messages displaying twice and location informations.
  • FIX: Tug's strip feature (and the manual strip command) now properly works and will recycle ships at the home Sanctuary of the tug.

Version 2.02 (08/07/2016)

Instructions: overwrite the files. .cat/.dat don't need to be updated.
  • NEW: Added a ship class filter to the Sanctuary Manager.

  • CHANGE: New bonus for reaching reputation rank 8 with the Argons: free sanctuaries.

  • FIX: Ore and Silicon mines now work as they should. However, you need to rebuild your previous mines if you had any prior to this patch (sorry!).
  • FIX: Built-in Cargo Lifesupport Systems didn't count as such.
  • FIX: Xenons were not dirty enough (false display in the Ministry of War menu).

Version 2.01 (02/07/2016)

Instructions : overwrite the files and update both .cat/.dat.
  • NEW: Recycling. You can now get resources from ships.
  • NEW: Bailing rates are the same as in Mayhem 1, except that they are doubled if the attacker is of Player race.
  • NEW: Reroll engineering specialty (for a cost in people).

  • CHANGE: Added a delay before attack and defend tasks to avoid brutal instant spawn in the active sector.
  • CHANGE: The Ore Collector is now added to all miner ships.
  • CHANGE: All Saturn Complex Hubs owned by NPC have been destroyed. Phanon money has been reset to 0 if it was negative, because there's a great chance they bought all products from a SCH and completely ruined their bank account.
  • CHANGE: Improved the Sanctuary Manager menu.
  • CHANGE: There is now one shield factory per shield type. For technical/gameplay reasons, your previous shield complexes are preserved.
  • CHANGE: Solar Power Plants need Crystals. That fixes their previous very low yield.
  • CHANGE: The Data Scanner can only work when the shields of the target are below 300MJ (customizable).

  • FIX: Menus are instantly refreshed after an infobox is displayed.
  • FIX: Unarmed friendly ships that you scan with the Data Scanner will not attack you.

Version 2.00 (24/06/2016)

Instructions : install on a fresh X3LU 1.7.0 version.
  • A new dawn!

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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 18:27    Post subject: Re: [X3LU] Mayhem Reply with quote Print

Awesome stuff!

Joubarbe wrote:
Not compatible with LU's Export/Import.

Can you explain this a bit further? If i hit the shiny "Export empire" button it

a) will melt down my CPU
b) would be pointless, because i couldn't select the import gamestart afterwards
c) works, but doesn't export any of the mod features like sector ownership and basicly starts it all from scratch while keeping player assets and OCV/Phanon state
d) kills my bunny

In short: Are we stuck at one LU codebase?

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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 19:12    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Well, making Mayhem compatible with E/I would mean to spend a lot of boring work, and IMO, LU is good enough as it is in 1.5.2. Maybe, if Litcube comes back with a lot of updates, I'll reconsider, but for now, you can export your empire, but I deactivated the import feature on the New Game screen. The reason is that it would not import any of the Mayhem features, not even the new stations and the universe configuration. That would be pointless.

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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 17:29    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

It should last for a decent time i guess. Making another copy of the LU Backup right now. I'm thankful for your hobby selection.

"Hard pounding, gentlemen. Let's see who pounds the longest." - Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, British general and Prime Minister
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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:15    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

This looks amazing. A painfull Yaki start seems nice.

How does the player deal with stations you cannot obtain because of racial wars? Like Yaki, I don't believe they have much stations by themself. And something like a PHQ, isn`t it only buyable at an argon shipyard?

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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:28    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

If you really want a PHQ, you better make Argons your new friends Smile A lot of Borons to kill in their sectors. And now with the bounties, it should be easier.

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PostPosted: Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:04    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I assume you have to start a new game or does it work with an existig one,no matter how far the player is?

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PostPosted: Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:14    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Yes, new game is required.

I recommend waiting for the 1.0 RC, coming soon, if you want a serious game. Yep, sorry, it's probably stupid, but I changed more things that I anticipated first. I also have more time to fine tune this mod.

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PostPosted: Mon, 3. Aug 15, 18:11    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Just wondering how you get enough money without much trading. Is there lots to gain with combat? And from there build some infra to get missiles and such?

Did you beat this gamemode yourself?

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:10    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

"Without much trading" ? You mean that if you don't have the whole universe, you won't make profits ? IMO, it's untrue. I can be wrong, but with the inflation, I'm under the impression that my traders make the same profits as before, if not more.

Besides, in LU, mining makes a lot of money. Some players seem to forget that.

And yes, combats, especially bounty hunting, + all bails and wares that get on the numerous battlefields between races, have good rewards.

I didn't beat the game with this mod ; but I'll release it anyway, because after the same number of days in several test games, my empire is in better shape than in LU's vanilla. Making war everywhere gives a lot of opportunities.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:14    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

What I mean. Since only the Teladi + one other empire will like you from the start there are less sectors to trade in.

In my 'vanilla' LU I had 7-8 mining fleet but it din`t seem to do much. Maybe my setup is bad. Maybe guns and missiles instead of full mining drills.

I`m trying your mod anyway. Maybe the full combat start will be fun from the start.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:20    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Well, I have more fun in Mayhem than in Vanilla, so I think it's good and that some people can also have some fun Smile

But I'm playing with the unreleased 1.00RC, that I'm going to release before the week-end. A lot of things have changed.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:53    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I better wait then.

I really like LU for the new mechanics and tools it gives. But the OCV seem so weak. They expand to slow to make me scared. I never got far in midgame/lategame because of that. I dont really feel the urge.

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PostPosted: Wed, 5. Aug 15, 18:46    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

1.00RC released !




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