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[X3LU] Mayhem 2.7.4
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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 12:26    Post subject: [X3LU] Mayhem 2.7.4 Reply with quote Print

Mayhem Mod DB Page

Litcube's Universe Wiki

Mayhem - Satellites Monitoring - ADS (Joubarbian Edition) - The Joubarbian Toolkit - EasyConnect

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Joined: 31 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 12:27    Post subject: Reply with quote Print


Version 2.7.4 (09/09/2018)
  • CHANGE: Reduced the rate of fire of Ion Disruptor by 20%.

  • FIX: Marines: Effective protection was not properly calculated.
  • FIX: Marines: Initiative bonus was applied to enemies as well.
  • FIX: CIG (Concussion Impulse Generator) rate of fire was twice its normal value.

Version 2.7.3 (08/09/2018)
  • FIX: Marines getting reset in Sanctuaries that don't have the Marine Barracks perk.
  • FIX: "null" blueprint could be obtained from a computer during boarding or expedition.
  • FIX: Boost Extension could be seen on some ships.
  • FIX: Marines were not properly destroyed when the ship they boarded had not enough place for them AND when there were no sanctuary left.
  • FIX: Message of a new blueprint added from computer hacking could be displayed, even though the blueprint was already known.
  • FIX: Victory screen was freezing the game when you had at least one marine improvement researched.

Version 2.7.2 (04/09/2018)
  • CHANGE: Marines transfer and list are now accessible without the "Marine Barracks" perk.

  • FIX: Jumpdrive minimum jumps setting could be reduced if a homebase was assigned.
  • FIX: Factories not being connected to their complex should be fixed.

Version 2.7.1 (29/08/2018)
  • CHANGE: Goner temples still increase sector stats, but not to their maximum anymore.
  • CHANGE: Recycling stuff now gives you 50% resources instead of 100%.

  • FIX: OCV could sometimes display a "clean" claim.
  • FIX: Template outfit "assign home & send" is now reset to default when the menu is closed.
  • FIX: Unnamed ships.
  • FIX: Quantum Jumpgate extension and perk are hidden when you play the Intruder gamestart or you deactivate jumpdrive.

Version 2.7.0 (24/08/2018)
  • NEW: There's now a t-file option to deactivate OCV at any time.
  • NEW: Perks system revamped. No Sanctuary level, some perks have changed, some have been added, some have been removed. All perks are available from the start, but they are not refundable, so you better plan your strategy in advance.
  • NEW: Opportune deliveries. Your DAs are getting smarter.
  • NEW: Fully equipped ships t-file option. For losers. Yeah, you.
  • NEW: Two new hotkeys: Wingmen go home and Wingmen refuel from playership. The latter requires a Transporter Device.
  • NEW: Added 25 potential new connections between sectors. They don't use standard gates, but trans-orbital gates (un-jumpable and hidden on the galaxy map). Check the new map, these random connections are shown as question marks.
  • NEW: Two new hotkeys: Turret: attack enemies and Turret: missile defence.
  • NEW: Marine improvements.

  • CHANGE: Restored LU-Vanilla weapons damage, with some increased shield damage for most medium weapons. The anti-hull / anti-shield concept is removed. Mayhem range and speed are preserved.
  • CHANGE: Removed all magic powers from weapons (charge, reduce speed, drain weapons).
  • CHANGE: Penetration bonus is increased and is now displayed into the total bullet energy.
  • CHANGE: Removed all planet supply jobs. They're bugged and stupid.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the number of M1 in the universe (jobs).
  • CHANGE: Victory changes: it now requires you to finish the main plot first, the "Economy" victory is removed and the "Subjugation" victory is now achieved by subjugating 2 factions instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: Sanctuary Of Darkness is easier to retake from the Xenons.
  • CHANGE: Sector stats: factory support goes from 4/8 to 6/9 (new game only), with a chance of an "oasis" sector (silly name for extra support, up to 15).
  • CHANGE: Rethought some missions: some removed, some restored, some reduced, some increased.
  • CHANGE: Shipyards information (as a diplomatic action) can be bought at anytime, with anyone.
  • CHANGE: You can now see how many ships they would send against you in case of an invasion (estimation only). Shipyards information required.
  • CHANGE: The ship data market is now a diplomatic action (2 million). And it's unlocked by default with Alliance gamestarts.
  • CHANGE: More weapon support for OWPs (including Terran weapons).
  • CHANGE: Removed LU's ship salvagers. Only company's salvagers stay.
  • CHANGE: Freedom's Reach is now Yaki.
  • CHANGE: The Albion area is now randomly assigned to one of the Commonwealth faction.
  • CHANGE: Sector traders are no longer a thing. UT only.
  • CHANGE: Templates can be ordered through the Backlog screen without having the "Ship hangar" perk. (one of the manufacture perk is still required)
  • CHANGE: Decreased build times.
  • CHANGE: Pirates do not autojump out of sector when heavily damaged.
  • CHANGE: The mission that consists of escorting a TL in the main story has been removed.
  • CHANGE: Plutarch Tractor System removed. It is no longer possible to move asteroids.
  • CHANGE: Station positioning (from Autopopulate, NPC Shipyards, etc.) is now made according to sector size, instead of using an arbitrary system of coordinates.
  • CHANGE: Reverted back the size of Teladianium Foundries to L instead of XL.

  • FIX: Relation from factions to player should be updated more often.
  • FIX: Increased following distance.
  • FIX: Probable corruption of Stock exchange (was causing the global task Lib.Gen.RunScriptWhenFinished to be stuck).
  • FIX: Terran shield stock bullsh*t. (removed)
  • FIX: Infoboxes from the Ministry of War menu were not shown.
  • FIX: The Collect Astronaut command was restricted to small ships.
  • FIX: The backlog menu was not properly initialized.
  • FIX: Station's color was messing the Sanctuary section of the job Register menu.
  • FIX: Best Buys/Selling Locators were supposed to have an effect on the delay it takes for a DA to search for a trade partner. Now it really does.
  • FIX: Global ship set homebase now takes carriers into account.
  • FIX: Some complex connected factories were displayed in some menus.
  • FIX: It was not possible to delete boarding report when the boarding was failed.
  • FIX: Boarding reports duplicates.
  • FIX: Ships that were supposed to go to a different Sanctuary after they are built were not always properly refueled.
  • FIX: Crash related to the impact effect of the Phased Array Laser Cannon. (replaced 217 by 201)
  • FIX: It was sometimes not possible to start the boarding command from another ship.
  • FIX: Freeze when a sector being corrupted was conquered by the player.
  • FIX: The game will now purge claims from Xenons, Player and OCV when it's loaded, if the claimer has no ships inside the sector.
  • FIX: Completely removed the need for love and protection of Kha'aks. Sad times...

Version 2.6.1 (05/08/2018)
  • CHANGE: Enemy check when building a station is now made according to the station position instead of the whole sector. No building within 30 km of an hostile.

  • FIX: It was possible to change the equipment of a marine in mission.
  • FIX: Strip and recycle commands were not doing their job properly (sometimes).
  • FIX: There were still bugged Mammoth in some sectors.
  • FIX: OCV invasion counter was not properly displayed in the Intruder gamestart.
  • FIX: Destroying or disassembling a complex would not destroy its connected stations.

Version 2.6.0 (30/07/2018)
  • NEW: You can now colour the name of your stations.
  • NEW: Outlaw gamestart. Start with an M3 and a broken M7. Your only friends are the Teladis.

  • CHANGE: Scraps is now a global variable, meaning it has no physical representation and can be used from anywhere.
  • CHANGE: Scraps income from expeditions and boarding has been increased by 3 (a t-file option has been added).
  • CHANGE: New marines are specialized.
  • CHANGE: M7, TL, M1, M2, missiles and lasers are cheaper. Meaning faster production, faster research, less resources demanding and lower prices on the ship data market. Shields are unchanged.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the difficulty and duration of expeditions and boarding.
  • CHANGE: Equipment can be recycled for 1/3 of their initial price.
  • CHANGE: Increased cost of marines to 500k.
  • CHANGE: Doubled the bailing rate of M6.
  • CHANGE: Victory condition: Collection now requires 3 M2 of each race.
  • CHANGE: The quantity of wares sold by local merchants scales with your threat level. Also, they can now sell Advanced Satellites, Disintegrator rifles and colored crystals.
  • CHANGE: Natural growth increased to 3 (was 2).
  • CHANGE: Invasions directed against the player are scaled down.
  • CHANGE: Reduced a bit the difficulty of the OCV.
  • CHANGE: Manpower bonus removed. (you don't mess with the panda)
  • CHANGE: Alliance gamestarts now begin with some knowledge of the universe.

  • FIX: Bug fixes (ask tatakau).

    (Note that new backgrounds and suns have been regenerated. It will only affect new games and E/I.)
    Check the trailer from Hector0x!

Version 2.5.6 (28/07/2018)
  • NEW: Added a "Transfer" menu in the Hangar Bay to allow easy transfer of several marines at once.
  • NEW: Marine specialties. Setting a specialty will automatically level up your marines when they receive new XP. Some points will be put into fighting.

  • CHANGE: All marines you enroll have a Terran name.
  • CHANGE: Increased the OCV Station scanner range to 3 jumps.

  • FIX: You could receive 0 credits as a distress calls reward.
  • FIX: Enemies and marines could still shoot when dead. (fixed for real!)
  • FIX: Equipment could not be changed if a marine was in a ship docked to a Sanctuary.
  • FIX: OCV invasion counter could show a negative value.

Version 2.5.5b (27/07/2018)
  • NEW: Added a "No perks level requirements" t-file option (X3\addon\9972-L044.xml) for those who think that life is unfair. You are still limited in the number of perks you can choose per Sanctuary. Obviously, this option is off by default.

  • CHANGE: Boarding and Rifts: hit and kill info lines that concern your marines are now displayed in red.
  • CHANGE: You can set a marines Homebase through the Personal console. The ships you board will jump to it (will also transfer marines to it if the ship explodes).

  • FIX: Some boarded ships were unabled to use their jumpdrive.
  • FIX: Jumpdrive and Transporter Device couldn't be bought from the Goner temples you build.
  • FIX: It was impossible to equip a marine if you were not docked at his Sanctuary.
  • FIX: OWPs could not be relocated while a station was in construction.
  • FIX: "Next OCV invasion" counter now displays the time in minutes when there's 2 hours or less left.
  • FIX: Distress call attackers could be out of sector.
  • FIX: Enemies and marines could still shoot when dead. (2.5.5b)

Version 2.5.4 (24/07/2018)
  • NEW: You can now pimp your ride!

  • CHANGE: Yakis are more aggressive.
  • CHANGE: You can now see how much time is left before the next OCV invasion (Ministry of War top right corner).
  • CHANGE: Sectors blacklist now also affects Explorers (including Satellites deployment).
  • CHANGE: Distress calls: remove resources delivery and passenger transport. I've just kept the most interesting one (the real distress call), and now it should pop more often.
  • CHANGE: You can restart Ascension for 1 Threat.
  • CHANGE: Perks and stock for each station are now displayed in Logistics overview.
  • CHANGE: Boarding is now done through a Special command menu. The "Piracy" menu does not exist anymore. This allows all ships to be able to launch marines. Note that the contextual menu "Attack -> Launch Marines" still disappear on some ships, for an unknown reason.
  • CHANGE: Reduced randomness, difficulty and duration of rifts and boarding missions.

  • FIX: You could lose all the loot you gathered during a boarding mission if the cargo hold of the target was full.
  • FIX: Logistics overview was not showing resources you don't produce.
  • FIX: The "Attack -> Launch marines" contextual command is now working!
  • FIX: Bug fixes concerning boarding.
  • FIX: Marines on a boarding mission were not displayed in the marines list (personal console).
  • FIX: Renaming a marine who was on a mission was possible, and that lead to his virtual death.

    Note that all changes and fixes concerning boarding will only affect new missions. It won't affect missions in progress.

Version 2.5.3 (21/07/2018)
  • NEW: Logistics overview info menu.
  • NEW: The Joubarbian Toolkit is now included into Mayhem, without the hotkeys, but with proper integration into the Personal console. You don't have to do anything if you already have it installed.

  • CHANGE: When you access a menu from your Personal console, you don't go back to the Personal console when leaving it. Also, the Personal console has been a bit rearranged.
  • CHANGE: Removed multiple-suns sectors, and added a variation of sun intensity for each sector (new game or E/I only). Your Universe Is Ugly updated (the sun intensity is randomly set when using this tool).
  • CHANGE: Removed some useless hotkeys (new game or E/I only).
  • CHANGE: Global ship naming and Global set homebase now properly work, in an intuitive way.
  • CHANGE: Ascension reward: ship data changed to ship blueprint.
  • CHANGE: Sectors blacklisted from the Personal console affect almost all agents (including SA and UT). In previous versions, it was only affecting DA.
  • CHANGE: The first abandoned TS ship you get in some game starts is now full of E-Cells and fully upgraded.

  • FIX: Marines were not properly killed.
  • FIX: Credits from expeditions were added in Sanctuaries as ware.
  • FIX: There was too many company ships in corrupted sectors.
  • FIX: Nostrop Oil and Terran MRE were not listed in the logistics threshold menu. Will only affect new Sanctuaries.
  • FIX: Support factories column in the Ministry of War were not taking the new complexes into account.
  • FIX: Unknown Mammoth (aka: bugged ship piloted by a pilot named Unknown Object) will get destroyed when changing sector and spawning from jobs.
  • FIX: Laser booster from the Ascension reward was setting the laser energy to 0 when swapping guns with the QLaser hotkeys.

Version 2.5.2 (18/07/2018)
  • CHANGE: When a Kha'ak invasion occurs, you know receive a message revealing how many miners are tolerated in the invaded sector.

  • FIX: It was possible to loot a lot of scrap metals after opening a safe that contained money, during expeditions.

Version 2.5.1 (17/07/2018)
  • FIX: Ascension timer when starting with the Normal gamestart.

Version 2.5.0 (17/07/2018)

Special instructions: Mayhem - Rename Me.cat is now named 10 by default. New game is required. There's now only one load screen, remove the other ones if you want in X3\addon\loadscr. The new graphics pack is mandatory. The soundtrack has been updated.
  • NEW: Marine overhaul: enroll marines from your Sanctuary, make them level up, distribute points where you want and design their cartridge, gear and weapons based on many stats.
  • NEW: Boarding overhaul: a whole new system based on the new marines.
  • NEW: Expeditions: open rifts from your Sanctuaries to other distant galaxies and send your marines to explore them.
  • NEW: Bartering overhaul. All Trading Stations now only sell police licenses, but they host many local merchants who sell crafting resources. A list of all local merchants is available in your personal console.
  • NEW: Distress calls. You sometimes have a chance to receive a contextual mission when entering a sector.
  • NEW: New visuals for sectors. Compilation of LU and IEX backgrounds. Credits to Moonrat, the designer of IEX (Litcube doesn't need credits, he's above that). Note: the solar system is now realistic.
  • NEW: Visuals and audio of several lasers have been changed.
  • NEW: Personal journal available in your Personal console.
  • NEW: Main plot with surprise features!
  • NEW: Backlog. Acts as a building queue, but also as a way to order everything you need from a template in just one click (laser, shield, missile, and the ship obviously).
  • NEW: Predefined complexes. They each act as a vanilla complex and has one resource factory and one end-product factory. One complex counts as one factory slot.

  • CHANGE: Tunings are no longer a thing. All ships are maxed out by default.
  • CHANGE: Crafting stations no longer require Cloth Rimes and Rastar Oil.
  • CHANGE: Missiles now require warheads instead of food (new factory).
  • CHANGE: Energy Cells and Scruffin Fruits are more expensive.
  • CHANGE: Solar Power Plants do not require Crystals anymore. (E/I compatible!)
  • CHANGE: Sanctuaries do not produce Energy Cells anymore.
  • CHANGE: TS receive Trade Command Software MK3 and Station Agent Software by default. The perk is removed.
  • CHANGE: Military Outposts don't sell marines anymore.
  • CHANGE: Boarding Pods are removed from the game. They are no longer needed with the new boarding system.
  • CHANGE: Drastically increased the repair rate of marines.
  • CHANGE: Kha'ak attacks are now threat-based and a t-file option has been added to double their strength. Oh, and they're not as predictive as before...
  • CHANGE: Slightly reduced delays between two OCV waves.
  • CHANGE: Added a t-file option to double the OCV waves (cumulative with the OCV Hunter gamestart).
  • CHANGE: The "Long distance signals blocker" perk has been removed.
  • CHANGE: The "Free OWP" perk has been removed.
  • CHANGE: The "Free Research station" perk has been removed. The price, however, has been drastically reduced.
  • CHANGE: Create Default Jobs now adds an Acquire job for Energy-Cells.
  • CHANGE: Timeout defaulted to 10, instead of 0.
  • CHANGE: Rescue missions now ask you to transport the passengers to a specific station.
  • CHANGE: Pirate sectors are now affected by Autopopulate, and your reputation with them is not arbitrary set to a minimum every time you load your game.
  • CHANGE: You start with rep -4 towards Pirates instead of -5 for all gamestarts.
  • CHANGE: Reduced NPC Dock max. storage. Yeah, again, but this time the announced shortage should not ruin your game, as many ways exist to be self sufficient.
  • CHANGE: ATF is now more focused on its sector and does not send Task ships in distant sectors anymore.
  • CHANGE: ATF has now their own traders in their sectors.
  • CHANGE: Current stock of Missiles, Lasers and Shields are now displayed in their respective production tab.
  • CHANGE: Battle Group ships take a bit more time to be built.
  • CHANGE: Mobile Drilling Systems are now a lot cheaper and considered light lasers.
  • CHANGE: Various adjustments for laser/missile/shield costs (time and credits).
  • CHANGE: Xenons don't bail anymore.
  • CHANGE: Station Agents are now selling to the nearest Sanctuary and they can fetch resources from your Sanctuaries and factories.
  • CHANGE: When attacking a Battle Group ship, all other Battle Group ships in the sector will see you as a foe.
  • CHANGE: Increased yield of Cattle Ranch and Soyfarm. A ratio of 1/1 is now enough to respectively produce Meatsteaks and Soja Husks. Also increased yield of Teladianium Foundry.

  • FIX: The Aamon was able to fire medium missiles.
  • FIX: Kha'aks could be equipped with Mobile Drilling Systems.
  • FIX: Exploit to quickly increase specialization.
  • FIX: Production in loop and huge exploit...
  • FIX: Job ships spawning in player sectors.
  • FIX: DA performance.

Version 2.4.2 (10/06/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. E/I only if you're stuck at Ascension level 5 (or restart Mayhem.Monitor.Achievements via the in-game script editor).
  • FIX: Ascension level 5.
  • FIX: Added a "Mayhem - Rename Me" check.

Version 2.4.1 (03/06/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • FIX: Some ships could have a hull superior to their max. hull due to the changes introduced in the previous patch...

Version 2.4.0 (01/06/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files and update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available.
  • NEW: Combat overhaul.
  • NEW: Ascension levels.
  • NEW: 6 Victory conditions.

  • CHANGE: Abandoning a sector does not reduce your threat anymore.
  • CHANGE: If the war score of a clean invasion is in favor of the attackers, it won't get reset until a change of sector ownership happens.

  • FIX: In various places, reputation could be rewarded as lower as current reputation.

Version 2.3.14 (29/05/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: Navigation relay sat. will not appear anymore in Trading stations.

  • FIX: Invasions have been messed up with the previous patch. All timers and invasions in progress reset.

Version 2.3.13 (27/05/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available.
  • CHANGE: Previously, invasions kept going on if the invading shipyard had not enough money to launch another invasion. Now, the attackers are called back BEFORE checking if the shipyard has enough money. That change should make the universe more dynamic than before, and "unstuck" some in-progress invasions.
  • CHANGE: A shipyard cannot launch an invasion against the same sector twice in a row, except if that sector is the only valid target.

  • FIX: E/I now imports food priorities and DA's timeouts.
  • FIX: Terran sectors can be Unknown when starting a new game (ATF still cannot).
  • FIX: Possible fix for Unknown sectors getting populated after E/I (new game only).
  • FIX: DAs don't refuel if they don't own a jumpdrive.

Version 2.3.12 (03/05/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files and update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • NEW: All Terran and ATF station models have been replaced with Commonwealth models.

  • CHANGE: Most NPC traders will now prefer trading in their own territory (only affect newly created traders).
  • CHANGE: Halved the number of Pirates and Xenons shipyards.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the number of Pirates and Xenons ships.
  • CHANGE: Terran and ATF shipyards build less Battle Group ships than the Commonwealth.
  • CHANGE: Slightly reduced the number of Military ships.
  • CHANGE: Increased the number of NPC miners.
  • CHANGE: Added asteroids procedural generation for Terran/ATF sectors.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate can build crafting materials factories if needed.

  • FIX: Job scripts minor problems.

Version 2.3.11 (01/05/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: Domination now gives maximum reputation to all main factions.

  • FIX: Domination was triggering at 67 instead of 66 sectors.
  • FIX: Added back Lib.Cmd.MLCC.S.Retreat to fix proper recognition of Sanctuary repair target.
  • FIX: Save confirm screen.

Version 2.3.10 (19/04/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: Increased autopopulate delay from 50 minutes to 2 hours.

  • FIX: Shipyards do not respawn anymore if the player has a fleet in the sector.

Version 2.3.9 (16/04/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files and update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available.
  • NEW: Option: No Jumpdrive. You cannot buy or equip the jumpdrive. This option is off by default and can only be changed via addon/t/9972-L044.xml line 102.
  • NEW: Option: Teleportation. You can teleport to any of your ships at any time (using the Personal console). This option is off by default and can only be changed via addon/t/9972-L044.xml line 103.
  • NEW: Gamestart: Intruder. OCV is launching a global invasion, and you only have an M5 and no bonus ship. Poor reputation, OCV waves twice more frequent, no jumpdrive (forced option, cannot be deactivated), but you have the gift of teleportation (forced option, cannot be deactivated). Extreme difficulty.
  • NEW: Random trading stations. All Trading stations and Stock exchange now trade only crafting materials. Each station is different. Can be deactivated via the t file (9972 line 104) — on by default.

  • CHANGE: OCV global invasions have a minimum threat value. Meaning that they are always going to be fearsome.
  • CHANGE: Jump Beacons are craftable through the Upgrade ships menu.
  • CHANGE: Ships no longer can have the Triplex Scanner as built-in component.
  • CHANGE: OCV are now interested in your sectors only if there is a Sanctuary built in.
  • CHANGE: Added a "(tuned)" suffix in the Upgrade Ship list after each ship that received full tuning.

  • FIX: OWPs can no longer dock or get tugged.
  • FIX: News of OCV destroying a sector could stack.
  • FIX: Proper disengagement when OCV targets a sector (claim).
  • FIX: DAs were looking for the absolute maximum amount of wares they could store instead of the free amount of space that is left.
  • FIX: Previously, when the OCV targeted sector was no longer valid, the wave timer resets itself to 0. Now it just adds 2 more hours before another target check is made (anti-exploit).
  • FIX: Critical bug (though very rare) where the OCV could never find a valid target.
  • FIX: Critical bug where the factions would never build new shipyards.

Version 2.3.8 (09/04/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: "Increased maximum population" and "Extra factory support" are non refundable.

  • FIX: The "Upgrade ship" list in the hangar was not sorted.
  • FIX: OCV and Kha'ak ship data could be acquired through recycling.
  • FIX: Shields could be added via Template outfit even if the Homebase has none.
  • FIX: The "Agents and Traders" section of the encyclopedia is now split in two to avoid crash on games where the font has been modified.
  • FIX: OCV was able to conquer safe sectors.

Version 2.3.7 (25/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available.
  • NEW: Job presets.

  • CHANGE: Some perks become non-refundable.
  • CHANGE: All previous MLCC changes have been removed. From this patch, Mayhem is not modifying MLCC in any ways.

  • FIX: Only the first OCV wave was set at a 12 hours interval in Hunter gamestart.
  • FIX: QJE and MK3 should now be removed (Third Edition).
  • FIX: Data were not sorted in Global naming/homebase menus.
  • FIX: Manpower bonus (food variety) was not taken into account in the Time left display message.
  • FIX: DAs were sometimes ignoring valid jobs when these jobs had a timeout and were last in the list.

Version 2.3.6 (11/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat.
  • CHANGE: DA menu polishing.
  • FIX: Timeouts.

Version 2.3.5 (11/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat.
  • NEW: DA timeouts. If the timeout expired, the DA will go to the next job. Performance friendly.

  • FIX: TPs were not able to finish the Rescue mission.
  • FIX: Made sure the "insufficient homebase funds" DA error was indeed related to a lack of funds.
  • FIX: Free OWP perks requires level 6 instead of 8.

Version 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 (09/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat.
  • FIX: Only the fighting skills of marines were taken into account when repairing.
  • FIX: QJE and MK3 should really be removed now...

Version 2.3.2 (08/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update .cat/.dat.
  • FIX: The Russian Exploit.

Version 2.3.1 (08/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. Update .cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available.
  • NEW: New gamestart: OCV Hunter. OCV waves are twice more frequent. Extreme difficulty!
  • NEW: New gamestart: Vagrant. OCV is deactivated.
  • NEW: 6 new gamestarts: Alliance. You start allied with one race (rep. 6), and at war with all others (rep -4). Argon, Boron, Paranid, Split, Teladi and Terran.
  • NEW: Diplomatic actions are free when you reach rank 10.
  • NEW: Create Default Jobs command.

  • CHANGE: Freedom's Reach is now Teladi. If in your savegame, the Teladi station is still here, and the sector is Unknown, it will be instantly conquered by the Teladis.
  • CHANGE: Xenons cannot capture Sanctuary Of Darkness during day 1 (Goners story).
  • CHANGE: Minimum number of Unknown sectors increased from 20 to 25.
  • CHANGE: Better asteroids generator.
  • CHANGE: Launching an invasion through diplomatic actions is no more possible if an invasion is already in progress.
  • CHANGE: Reduced costs of diplomatic actions.
  • CHANGE: DA menu improvements.
  • CHANGE: TL cargo size changed back to vanilla. I see the point of huge cargo in LU, I don't see it in Mayhem.
  • CHANGE: Cargo size of TS, TP and TM have all been maxed out by default. Will only affect newly built ships. Will cause some issues with existing NPC ships (more "current cargo" than "max. cargo"), but nothing critical.
  • CHANGE: Quantum Jumpgate Extension and Trade Command Software MK3 can no longer be found in NPC stations.
  • CHANGE: All default equipment prices have been drastically reduced.

  • FIX: "Extra Factory Support" was not looked at when evaluating the maximum factory support value for level 5 requirement.
  • FIX: It was possible to scan OWPs and stations.
  • FIX: Sanctuary level requirements were not documented.
  • FIX: It was possible to have more than max. perks if permanent war with Terran/ATF.
  • FIX: Strip ship command was not doing what it's supposed to do (it was recycling!).
  • FIX: The bonus TS received in From Scratch was a Mammoth if spawned in an Unknown sector.
  • FIX: It was possible to open the Sanctuary Manager menu an infinite number of times.
  • FIX: DAs were not able to export/import wares that are not listed in the thresholds menu. Now there is a default behavior for these wares (export is 0, import is maximum possible storage).
  • FIX: The "repair ship or station" command was not showing when the ship had full cargo of marines.
  • FIX: Specialization levels for lasers, missiles and shields were not displayed.
  • FIX: Production of lasers, missiles and shields was not properly canceled when resetting perks.
  • FIX: Boarding Pods were not buildable.
  • FIX: Various fixes with repair marines.
  • FIX: Unknown Sector Omega was sometimes set as Unknown.
  • FIX: Terran/ATF permanent war is supposed to count as one, but it was not the case when you tried to declare another permanent war. So now you can have a permanent war with Terran/ATF + 1 other race.
  • FIX: Achieving Domination gave you reputation with faction against which you have a permanent war.
  • FIX: Reverted back changes about the Courier menu.
  • FIX: DAs were not checking if they were allowed to dock at trading partners. Could cause repetitive behavior when they were trying to dock at enemy stations.
  • FIX: The manpower bonus received when you've got multiple food types in stock was not displayed.
  • FIX: DAs were not adding new sectors in the blacklist if the blacklist was empty.

Version 2.3.0 (02/02/2018)

Instructions: overwrite all files. Update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I, but a new version of the E/I module is available. All perks are reset. The old extra sounds (SETA and jump) are included by default; you can remove their cat/dat files if you had them.
  • NEW: New logistics. Major change. The Dockware Manager doesn't exist anymore. It's replaced with a job system, that gives you full control over your Dock Agents. Documentation is in-game, in the encyclopedia.
  • NEW: Laser balance. Now they are more specialized. Some are Anti-shield, others are Anti-hull. Specialty is displayed in the laser description.
  • NEW: New selection of backgrounds and suns (new game only).
  • NEW: All ships have a robustness factor, randomly set when starting a new game (or loading a previous version). This factor goes from Very low to Very high and affects the maintenance costs. Robustness is displayed in the Ship compendium and in the Maintenance screen.
  • NEW: Rotation and steering factors have been drastically decreased for all fighters (M3, M4, M5).
  • NEW: When starting a new game, 20 to 30 random sectors are destroyed and set to Unknown.
  • NEW: You can reset a Sanctuary perks for 1 threat.
  • NEW: Permanent wars. You can declare permanent war up to two factions. This is completely optional. It gives you 1 maximum perk for each of your Sanctuary (for each permanent war) and unlock the Blueprint market of the enemy company. As the name suggests, this is permanent and irreversible.
  • NEW: Added an additional command to scan the blueprint of your own ships.
  • NEW: Added a new Colour preset from additional command: Default. Will reset to default name and color.
  • NEW: Repair ships and stations with your marines. Skilled marines are better than rookies. In-game documentation included.
  • NEW: EXPERIMENTAL: Procedural generation of asteroids and debris fields (yield and layout). Can only be activated when starting a new game. The game will ask you if you want it or not.

  • CHANGE: Encyclopedia: updated.
  • CHANGE: TL can now use the Courier function. Also, only dockable ships and stations for the selected ship are displayed.
  • CHANGE: QLaser config get/set hotkeys respectively renamed to QLaser config save/equip (new game only).
  • CHANGE: Damage on non-maintained ships is higher.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will not build more than 2 stations of the same type in the same sector.
  • CHANGE: The perk "Extra natural growth" is replaced by "Tax". Now you can earn money from your people. High-level Sanctuaries earn more money than low-levels.
  • CHANGE: Removed sector descriptions. They make no sense with the dynamic war.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the aggressiveness of the Terrans and the ATF.
  • CHANGE: Wings will also attack enemy stations when given the order "Attack All".
  • CHANGE: All sanctuaries produce their own e-cells. The perk is now tripling this value. E-cells are produced per people, only when they are not working on a project.
  • CHANGE: You can now cancel any production without losing the resources you invested. (yeah, about time)
  • CHANGE: Pirates and Xenons only spawn in their sectors.
  • CHANGE: Playership has no maintenance costs.
  • CHANGE: Increased the number of tracked objects on the HUD.
  • CHANGE: M5 and M4 receive an Explorer Command Software by default.
  • CHANGE: All M5 and M4 have a M cargo size. Meaning they can all transport satellites and be useful somehow.
  • CHANGE: Added an alert when you are invaded.
  • CHANGE: Added money to NPC shipyards in Quickstart.
  • CHANGE: Reduced spawns of Xenons and Pirates.
  • CHANGE: The bonus TS in From Scratch gamestarts is always a modest ship. No super TS anymore!
  • CHANGE: OWPs have no maintenance costs.
  • CHANGE: OWPs can be built around gates. No more restriction, except the distance from center.
  • CHANGE: OCV ships have 75% chance to target OWPs first.
  • CHANGE: When you buy marines, they become Sohnen.
  • CHANGE: Getsu Fune is no longer this heterogeneous place of hope where every race share the same meal, watching tv and enjoying life, while their children play happily in peace. Now it's Argon, period.
  • CHANGE: Increased rate of fire of the Concussion Impulse Generator. As an anti-hull weapon, it wasn't good enough compared to other lasers of the same category.
  • CHANGE: Reduced chances of mining and the price of the White mineral.
  • CHANGE: Reduced chances of triggering the Weaken company mission.
  • CHANGE: From an idea of BlackArchon, I took the liberty of replacing the sounds of Alpha Particle Cannons, Plasma Guns and Gamma Ray Cannons by non-Star Wars sounds (from XRM).
  • CHANGE: Increased recycling factor from 1/5 to 1/1.
  • CHANGE: Reduced company wares salvagers and increased bailing rates a bit.
  • CHANGE: The range of the OCV scanner has been increased to 2 (was 1).
  • CHANGE: Lower all sector stats (new game only) and OWP support.
  • CHANGE: "Low Maintenance" is replaced by "Extra factory support" (+4).
  • CHANGE: Sanctuary level 2 no longer requires a Research station.
  • CHANGE: Removed missiles from OCV. They're strong enough.

  • FIX: When a faction has no other choice than to launch an invasion against a friend, it can do it. But in the previous version, that could also apply to the player, making him an enemy even if the reputation was at its maximum. Now it cannot: friendly players (reputation > 0) cannot be invaded.
  • FIX: The Strip Ship command, modified in 2016 had never been included in the public mod...
  • FIX: From Scratch was always putting the player into Ianamus Zura.
  • FIX: Subjugation does not require a good reputation.
  • FIX: No ships were able to fire boarding pods.
  • FIX: Revert back changes about NPC Docks max. storage factor. Should fix the always empty stations.
  • FIX: Some vanilla stations in pirate sectors were not owned by Pirates.
  • FIX: Player was unable to buy Goner license and insurances from Goner temples.
  • FIX: Critical bug where the NPC Shipyards would stop making ships in advanced games.
  • FIX: Some ships were still spawning in Player sectors.
  • FIX: Proper ownership for jump beacons.
  • FIX: Pirates and Xenons were not rebuilding their shipyards.
  • FIX: Equipment docks and Trading stations are properly conquered (ownership fixed in current savegames).
  • FIX: Ambiguity between "ship data" and "blueprints". The Blueprint Scanner is renamed "Data Scanner".
  • FIX: Removed "Transport Cargo" and "Return ship" vanilla mission.

Version 2.2.4 (23/12/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: Template Outfit menu cleaning.

  • FIX: Some equipment in the Template Outfit screen were not showing their real costs.

Version 2.2.3 (22/12/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files. No need to update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • FIX: Ship construction progress.
  • FIX: TP loading people ability.

Version 2.2.2 (15/12/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files. Update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
  • CHANGE: Destroying a TL also gives a penalty to the nearest NPC shipyard.
  • CHANGE: Flying wares are removed from sector when you destroy a station. That's a bit radical, but I really think that every jackpot loot should be removed. Some players report having 35M credits after 15 hours and that's highly imbalanced.
  • CHANGE: Large OWPs have Carrier Command Software as built-in equipment.
  • CHANGE: Sanctuary level: a specific number of any OWP is required instead of a given OWP type (small, medium or large).
  • CHANGE: "Production bonus" changed to "Specialization level" to be more consistent with the in-game documentation.

  • FIX: Alpha, Beta and Gamma Kyon Emitter (OCV weapons) cannot be built.
  • FIX: MLCC Docks do not have Food Consumption and Perks menus.
  • FIX: E/I station duplicates.
  • FIX: E/I OCV notification.
  • FIX: Was displaying the wrong object name when a Sanctuary finished its production during a parallel tasks process.
  • FIX: Non-equipable equipments were showing in the Upgrade ship menu.
  • FIX: Actual research progress were reset when Domination was achieved.

Version 2.2.1 (01/12/2017)

  • FIX: Satellite Monitoring scripts were not included.
  • FIX: Version number.

Version 2.2.0 (01/12/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. E/I files have been updated.
A new game is required.

  • NEW: Bad news first. Lasertowers are removed from the game.
  • NEW: Diplomacy.
  • NEW: Perks.
  • NEW: Sanctuary specialization. The more you build ships, lasers, missiles or shields, the better the Sanctuary gets at it. The old specialization system has been removed.
  • NEW: Maintenance. Each ship costs money to run. If there's no money, its hull starts to slowly decrease. Maintenance screen in Player console (renamed Personal console).
  • NEW: Invasion system reworked. All shipyards are now independent. They gain credits overtime (the amount is based on their sector value) and when they have enough money, they launch an invasion on their own (invasion cost is based on the faction; Terran/ATF's one is very high). You can invest credits into each shipyard through the new Diplomacy menu. Also, new NPC shipyards cost them money as well. Also (!), when you kill a TS, the nearest owner's shipyard lose some credits.
  • NEW: Goners story.
  • NEW: OCV story.
  • NEW: New game start: variant of From Scratch with an M4 mining ship (a good one).
  • NEW: Food consumption priority list (stockroom menu).
  • NEW: Bzzt!
  • NEW: Restored some vanilla missions.
  • NEW: You can abandon your sectors or transfer their ownership to a friendly race.
  • NEW: Satellites Monitoring is now included into Mayhem (slightly modified version).
  • NEW: In-game documentation through the encyclopedia.

  • CHANGE: Resource stations are more expensive.
  • CHANGE: Removed natural reputation loss.
  • CHANGE: Removed reputation penalty when capturing a sector.
  • CHANGE: Natural population growth. Refugee ships have been removed.
  • CHANGE: Lasers and missiles are all unlocked by default.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the costs in time and resource to build lasers, missiles and shields.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the NPC docks max. storage value. Affects Outposts, Trading stations and Equipment docks.
  • CHANGE: Penalty when building parallel tasks.
  • CHANGE: Removed racial reputation bonus. Perks override them.
  • CHANGE: Advanced Satellites can no longer be bought in Military Outposts.
  • CHANGE: Losing a sector to the Commonwealth decrease your threat level.
  • CHANGE: Data scanner is now called Blueprint scanner and has its own equipment.
  • CHANGE: Reduced the number of starting shipyards for NPC factions. They build more with the player threat level going up.
  • CHANGE: Improved Freighters. They always synchronize by making a list of priorities depending on the destinations of the other freighters.
  • CHANGE: Breaking news (and other stuff) are displayed in an info box instead of a subtitle.
  • CHANGE: OCV ships cannot be boarded or captured.
  • CHANGE: Shipyards are no longer hostile to Player.
  • CHANGE: Ships selling and repair credit costs are drastically reduced.
  • CHANGE: Terrans and ATF can no longer become enemies.
  • CHANGE: Alliance is replaced with Truce. Factions with a truce don't help each other.
  • CHANGE: Reduction of ships is now based on number of owned sectors instead of owned shipyards.
  • CHANGE: Goners are neutral to everyone: they don't build Battle Group ships and their sectors cannot be captured by other factions (you still can). They don't help you anymore.
  • CHANGE: Removed insurance from Sanctuaries (they can be bought from Goner temples that you can build yourself).
  • CHANGE: Pirates and Xenons build less shipyards.
  • CHANGE: Added carriers to the "Global ship set homebase" function (+ scrollable items).
  • CHANGE: Unknown sectors cannot be captured by NPC factions during day 1.
  • CHANGE: Autopopulate will ignore any sector that is enemy to the player if the number of player ships is greater than 15. (i.e: it won't build any shipyard!)
  • CHANGE: Reduced chances to trigger the "Destroy" mission.
  • CHANGE: Increased the delay between each OCV wave.
  • CHANGE: Added a Self destruct command for all ships (including OWPs).
  • CHANGE: All gamestarts have 50k credits.
  • CHANGE: Removed artifacts.
  • CHANGE: Removed M8s from all Battle Groups (unbalanced and caused "jackpot" loot).
  • CHANGE: Revamped a little bit the companies: now if you have a good reputation with them, you can access the Blueprint Market. The Weapon Market has been disabled.
  • CHANGE: "Station is open to race traders" is set to "No" by default.
  • CHANGE: Slaves can no longer be used to increase your Sanctuary population (natural growth rate instead, or astronauts).
  • CHANGE: "Time left" added for craftable objects.
  • CHANGE: Spawning of Pirates and Xenons now depends on the player threat level. And they have no missiles anymore, except Chaffs.
  • CHANGE: All TS ships drop a percentage of their main cargo when you kill them.
  • CHANGE: Better tutorial, two abandoned ships added during the Omicron Channel crossing.

  • FIX: Reduced the Plutarch Tractor System price (was requiring too many black crystals).
  • FIX: Added proper checks for the command "Add Sanctuary Default Products". Also updated the encyclopedia.
  • FIX: Bug where the player could capture a sector immediately after destroying last station.
  • FIX: Production waste (Sanctuaries "ticks" are more frequent).
  • FIX: The Space Suit's repair laser is no longer shown as built-in component.
  • FIX: NPC Shipyards now start to build small ships before building big and huge ones.
  • FIX: Satellites, beacons and drones do not count as "hostile ships" when trying to build a station or relocate an OWP.
  • FIX: Tutorial was not triggered by player ships.
  • FIX: Added missing resources to the "Add Sanctuary Default Products" command.
  • FIX: Sanctuary and Research station misplacement in Normal and Quickstart.

Version 2.1.3 (04/08/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I. E/I files have been updated.
  • NEW: OWPs have all a built-in version of CCDS by default (mk1, mk2, mk3 depending on their size). Applies to existing OWPs as well.
  • NEW: "Add Sanctuary Default Products" command to all Sanctuaries. See this.

  • CHANGE: DA Buyers, Suppliers and Gatherers have been improved. Instead of sometimes waiting like idiots because two ships are already on the same job, each DA will first make a list of all other DA activities, then decide what ware to buy/supply/gather in priority, depending on how many ships there are already on the job. In other words, they will never stay idle when there's a job to do. Note that you do not have to restart your agents this time.
  • CHANGE: The deploy satellites command has been revamped. Now the ship looks at his homebase if there's no satellites to found before buying, refuel if needed, autojump, and deploy satellites only in sectors in which there's not enough satellites. "Box" configuration has been replaced by "Star" (5 satellites, instead of 8). So if you set the config. to "Star" and if in a sector there are only 4 satellites, the ship will go there. If you set the config. to "Single", the ship will only go in sectors where there's no satellite at all. Finally, the ship will not drop satellites in hostile sectors.
  • CHANGE: Large OWPs can dock 20 fighters instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: The stations option "Set traders to standby" is now called "Set SA to standby and DA to ignore". Station agents assigned to this station will be paused, and suppliers/gatherers will ignore it.
  • CHANGE: You can "template outfit" in-carrier ships.
  • CHANGE: Added an "insufficient money" message when a ship is trying to buy something with the money of his homebase, and that homebase doesn't have enough.
  • CHANGE: Reroll is free, but you can only reroll once per Sanctuary.
  • CHANGE: Reduced number of fighters per Battle Group and OCV carriers; and also reduced the number of TM per Battle Group. The goal of this is mainly to reduce lags (altough it will also reduce the number of bailed ships and dropped wares).

  • FIX: Security preset (colour menu).
  • FIX: ID number of OWP preset (colour menu).
  • FIX: Boarding and bailing are now disabled on OCV ships.

Version 2.1.2 (28/07/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files, update.cat/.dat. No need to E/I.
Dock Agents now integrate local versions of IDN ship tasks, meaning that if you don't need to create more complex networks, you probably don't need IDN anymore.
  • NEW: MK3 Improvement Reloaded Reloaded is now included in Mayhem. It suits perfectly with the other changes I made to vanilla agents (see below). I've made one single change about the minimum jumps setting, which is now left alone and never modified. gnasirator and Raaaak permissions granted! Note that you will have to restart all your traders to benefit from this mod.

  • CHANGE: Satellites and scanners overhaul. In a nutshell: the range of advanced satellites has been decreased, Duplex scanner has vanilla Triplex range, and the new Triplex scanner has an increased range (but its cargo type is XL).
  • CHANGE: Station Agents overhaul. Freighters and Dock agents are faster. Way faster. No arbitrary waiting delay, no levels. Dock agents have two new options: Supply and Gather, which are local versions of IDN's suppliers and transporters. So if you use IDN only with local networks, you won't need it anymore. Also, they all unload their cargo before collecting new wares, making it easier to reassign a ship that already has a full cargo. There can be 2 ships on the same job (applies to buyers/suppliers and gatherers). Script performances have been improved. Same thing as MK3 Traders here, you need to restart your DAs and Freighters if you want to enjoy their new features.
  • CHANGE: Equipment prices have been modified, the most important change being the cost of the Station Agent Software (halved, in crystals and credits as well).
  • CHANGE: Reduced Sanctuaries maximum storage for all products.
  • CHANGE: Changed some automatic ship renaming format to make them shorter. The colour ship menu has been improved (more regex tag and I've also added the Orange to the list).
  • CHANGE: Added all equipment to Sanctuaries.
  • CHANGE: Set OWP minimum distance from gates to 15km instead of 25km.
  • CHANGE: Added TM category to MLCC systems.
  • CHANGE: Increased the speed of Space suits (that means your space suit, but also other astronauts).
  • CHANGE: Cleaned up the Dock Stockroom menu.
  • CHANGE: You cannot build stations when hostile ships are in the area. Now, there's also a distance check. If the hostile is further than 90km, it will be ignored.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the price of the Remote system control software.
  • CHANGE: Your Advanced Satellites now uncover all pirates. That should fix the bug where your ships sometimes automatically shoot at covered pirates and make you lose reputation with the race they usurp.
  • CHANGE: You can now upgrade in-carrier ships.

  • FIX: "Pursue" mission: didn't give the Black Crystal "for real" (only when destroyed). And now the mission is called "Collect".
  • FIX: Use of artifacts when the research progress was at 0.
  • FIX: Pirates and Xenons could conquer safe sectors.
  • FIX: Sudden and paranormal drop of reputation. As a consequence, invasions in player sectors will no more cause a drastic drop in reputation (-5). You'll lose it fast enough anyway...
  • FIX: Your own ships attacking you when data scanning them.

Version 2.1.1 (20/07/2017)

Instructions: just overwrite. No need to E/I. No need to update cat files.
  • CHANGE: the "Steal" mission cannot give a M6 anymore.
  • CHANGE: Mining outposts, trading stations, equipment docks and military outposts are captured when the sector is conquered. Only the owner changes, not the station itself (ie. an Argon Trading Station won't become a Boron Trading Station).
  • CHANGE: Added Combat Command Software MK1 to Sanctuaries.

  • FIX: MLCC Docks menu.
  • FIX: Overtuning in Sanctuary (and added the Split perk bonus).

Version 2.1.0 (11/07/2017)

Instructions: overwrite all files and update .cat/.dat files. No need to E/I. E/I files have been updated.
  • NEW: A Sanctuary is automatically built in sectors you capture. Sanctuaries cannot be manually built anymore and you cannot build stations and OWPs in other sectors.
  • NEW: Gamestart "From Scratch". You start with a M4 in a random sector and you have no sector and no Sanctuary.
  • NEW: Domination! Conquer 25% of the galaxy to be recognized and respected by the Commonwealth. They will give you all their ship blueprints and you will receive a huge reputation boost. A fresh start as a true Emperor!
  • NEW: Laser/Missile/Shield recycling!
  • NEW: Complete overhaul of the OCV. Now they attack only the player, more frequently than before, and their strength depends on the player threat level (ie. the number of sectors he owns).
  • NEW: Complete overhaul of "autopopulate". All sectors are autopopulated (except unknown ones and Pirates').
  • NEW: Added five company missions (easy ones). More stuff to do!
  • NEW: Sanctuaries and Research stations lists in the Player console.
  • NEW: "Safe sector" mention in said sectors description.
  • NEW: Added the possibility to buy Salvage Insurances from your Sanctuaries. It will only cost you 50,000 credits!
  • NEW: You can install maximum tuning for your captured ships in your Sanctuaries for free.
  • NEW: Added Freight and Mineral Scanners, and Cargo Lifesupport System to Sanctuaries.
  • NEW: You can now relocate your OWPs.

  • CHANGE: Drastically increased the time needed to build ships.
  • CHANGE: Removed Boost Extension from the game. This thing is imbalanced and only the player can use it. However, an option has been added into ...addon\t\9972-L044.xml (id: 62) to let you buy it for 1 Black crystal at your Sanctuaries.
  • CHANGE: Your threat level now increases every 24 hours.
  • CHANGE: Oort Cloud becomes the base (aka safe sector) of the ATF (they still own Earth).
  • CHANGE: Unknown Sector Omega is no longer a safe sector.
  • CHANGE: Elysium of Light is now a safe sector.
  • CHANGE: Increased the number of refugee ships.
  • CHANGE: Reduced food consumption.
  • CHANGE: Reduced natural reputation loss and the reputation price of capturing a sector.
  • CHANGE: When an invader conquers a sector, a station is immediately built. That fixes a few bugs.
  • CHANGE: Pirates can now only capture Commonwealth sectors. That also fixes a few bugs.
  • CHANGE: When invading a player sector, the Sanctuary is the lowest target priority.
  • CHANGE: Increased company mission rewards.
  • CHANGE: Improved the Ministry of War GUI (company section).
  • CHANGE: Reduced the price of Research stations.
  • CHANGE: Increased the chance of bailing for freighters.
  • CHANGE: Reactivated Bailing on Battle Group ships.
  • CHANGE: Reputation with Commonwealth starts at 0 for all gamestarts.
  • CHANGE: Added some new templates for NPC shipyards (one wave with more huge ships and less big ships).
  • CHANGE: OWP restrictions: you cannot build more than 8 per sector, and you must place them at a minimum of 25km from gates.
  • CHANGE: Blueprint markets now open at rank -3 (instead of -5).
  • CHANGE: All ships receive the Trade Command Software MK2 and the Combat Command Software MK2 by default.
  • CHANGE: Alliances last a bit longer.
  • CHANGE: Proper management of Sanctuary's recycle/repair features for ships docked in a career.
  • CHANGE: It's no more possible to build a station in a sector where hostile ships are present.
  • CHANGE: Orbital Weapon Platforms are viewed as stations by invaders. That means that they have to destroy your OWPs to capture the sector.
  • CHANGE: I no longer recommend using Bountyboard with Mayhem.
  • CHANGE: Research stations and Docks are independent from factories and not counted as stations in the "station support" restriction. Sanctuaries are not counted. In other words, you can build more factories per sector.
  • CHANGE: Reduced sector minimum factories support to 4 (was 8). Will require a new game (to not mess up with your current game).
  • CHANGE: Xenons M4 and M5 can no longer drop artifacts.
  • CHANGE: Research times doubled. The goal here is to give you more reasons to conquer other sectors. On the other hand, the time needed to research lasers has been halved.
  • CHANGE: Blueprints are a lot cheaper.
  • CHANGE: Reduced mining chances.

  • FIX: Xenon stations could be owned by OCV (don't ask).
  • FIX: Captured Mayhem ships (with marines) could be recalled by their respective shipyard.
  • FIX: Various bugs related to invasions. It will affect how fast first invasions are launched, especially in Quickstart and Scratch. Now it takes about six hours to launch the first invasions. So take your time, plan your strategy, it's a good old X3 slow start.
  • FIX: Discounts not applied to looped ships.
  • FIX: Shield overflow of corporations HQs.

Version 2.09b (27/03/2017)

Instructions: just overwrite the scripts. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • NEW: Production loops. When you go to Parallel Tasks and select '0', 'Loop' will appear instead of 0. If you don't have enough resources to continue the production, the progress will stay at 100% until you get the missing resources. At this point, canceling the project won't cost you anything (you always pay before starting a project, at 0%).

  • FIX: All production tabs are locked when starting a new game.
  • FIX: Shields appear as they should in their production tab.
  • FIX: Teladianium was never properly calculated when Parallel Tasks were used.

Version 2.09 (23/03/2017)

Instructions: overwrite files. No need to update .cat/.dat files. No need to E/I. Update: you may need to do an E/I if your game freezes. That's a bug I cannot identify.
  • NEW: Weapons, missiles and shields can be produced in your Sanctuaries. All previous associated factories are obsolete and have been properly destroyed.
  • NEW: You can now build Orbital Weapon Platforms (the AI still can't). Those are a bit special. You will find them in the "station" tab, but they are in fact ships, so to equip them with shields, lasers and missiles, you'll need to use the exchange menu ("Advanced" => "Freight Exchange"). Also, all tradeable wares and jumpdrive are forbidden and will be automatically ejected.

  • CHANGE: Drastically increased mining chances.
  • CHANGE: Ships do not require Crystals anymore (but weapons do).
  • CHANGE: M1, M2, M6, M7, M8, TM and TL now drop Jumpdrive Cores if they are destroyed by a Player ship.
  • CHANGE: UI improvements.
  • CHANGE: Overtime reputation loss is now halved if you don't have Bounty Board installed.

  • FIX: Autopopulate could potentially continue to work in Player sectors.

Version 2.08 (26/02/2017)

Instructions: overwrite files. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • FIX: Asteroid collisions with player mines. EI files updated.
  • FIX: Blueprint market (was only showing Argon ships).
  • FIX: Player stations did not have default shields (they had more).
  • FIX: All ships are properly undocked when you disassemble one of your stations.

Also, the mod archives are now in .zip format.

Version 2.07 (21/11/2016)

Instructions: overwrite files and update both .cat/.dat files.
  • CHANGE: Gamma Kyon Emitter cargo class is now XL instead of ST.
  • CHANGE: The number of resources missing is displayed when clicking on a ship or a station that you cannot build.

Version 2.06 (15/11/2016)

Instructions: just overwrite your previous 2.05c scripts. No need to update .cat/.dat files.
  • NEW: Compatibility with ADS 1.02. Repairing your ships in carriers now cost resources instead of money. The rates are customizable (same as Sanctuaries by default).

  • CHANGE: The process of disassembling stations has been changed a little: ships are automatically undocked, more info messages, errors management...
  • CHANGE: Sanctuaries cannot be disassembled anymore.
  • CHANGE: Added a "Repair Sanctuary" option to all MLCC docks. MLCC ships that retreat are now properly managed.

  • FIX: Corporations HQs' shields and impossibility to dock (for previous E/I users). If a corporation HQ have this problem in your current savegame, it will be destroyed and rebuilt elsewhere.
  • FIX: The Corporations Rebuild script has been merged into the Autopopulate script (updates every 50 minutes by default).
  • FIX: Wares management for MLCC docks.

Version 2.05c (06/11/2016)

  • CHANGE: Repair costs have been increased.
  • FIX: Repair costs.

Version 2.05b (05/11/2016)

  • FIX: Maximum people in Sanctuary not properly managed when turning slaves into people (yeah, Mayhem is ruthless).

Version 2.05 (04/11/2016)

Instructions: if you come from 2.04, just overwrite the files and update .cat/.dat files. No E/I required but a newer version of the E/I module is available - be sure to download it (version 1.02). Some changes regarding stations will only apply if you rebuild the station.
  • NEW: Your research stations have a chance to trigger a "breakthrough": +100 research points on the current project.
  • NEW: Each sector has four randomized statistics: Stations support, Research rate, Breakthrough chances and Max. people in Sanctuary. Those stats can be viewed in the Ministry of War menu. This feature does not require an E/I.
  • NEW: Added the two OTAS docks as MLCC. The "install MLCC" command has been removed. The limitation per sector is now 1 Sanctuary OR 1 Dock.
  • NEW: 7 companies who salvage ships and wares, sell weapons, missiles and blueprints based on negative reputation with their nemesis, and offer random missions. The salvagers are very effective and their numbers can be customized (they are not Job ships).
  • NEW: "Smart Placement" (which is not always very smart - although improved in this version) can be deactivated through the AL Plugin menu. Beware of collisions!
  • NEW: Added a Quickstart gamestart. You begin in Bluish Snout, but your Sanctuary and Research Station are still in Unknown Sector Omega. First invasions happen very quickly.

  • CHANGE: When the Sanctuary is full, unloading passengers enslave them.
  • CHANGE: Your stations are built about twice faster.
  • CHANGE: Stations that produce missiles, weapons and shields are 40% cheaper.
  • CHANGE: Drastically reduced the price of Solar Power Plants.
  • CHANGE: Terrans/ATF can no longer ally to other races. All previous alliances have been canceled.
  • CHANGE: Chances of alliance are a bit higher, and alliances last longer.
  • CHANGE: Removed the possibility of selling your blueprint (possible exploit and confusing).
  • CHANGE: Repairs are made with resources, not money.
  • CHANGE: Ships do not need Energy Cells anymore to be built.
  • CHANGE: Player economy overhaul. Production and costs have been changed for many stations.
  • CHANGE: In a new game, shipyards are built away from the center.
  • CHANGE: Terran/ATF alliance will break after a chain of events if one of them becomes too powerful.
  • CHANGE: OCV will always invade the strongest empire; ie. the one that own the most sectors.
  • CHANGE: OCV will prefer attacking adjacent sectors.
  • CHANGE: Decreased the number of refugees per vessel.
  • CHANGE: Newly built Solar Power Plant will be XL instead of L.
  • CHANGE: You can datascan your own ships without damaging their shield.

    Some of these changes are a game changer. Although it will benefit your current game (only newly built stations), I would recommend a new game!

  • FIX: Ships captured by NPC ("salvaged") could end up moving around infinitely. (!move.move.destroy)
  • FIX: originalOwner was not saved during E/I (could cause various problems if you did an E/I).
  • FIX: Hitting escape when you are asked to choose a product for your military stations will bring you back to the menu until you make a proper choice.
  • FIX: Shield stations were not properly imported after an E/I.
  • FIX: It was impossible to dock to newly built corporation HQs.
  • FIX: Mines are properly built upon their asteroid.
  • FIX: E/I of mines (unfortunately, you need to rebuild your mines for this to have an effect, otherwise you'll get very low yield mine)
  • FIX: Station added in Sanctuary's inventory if you clicked on it without having the required resources.
  • FIX: AL Plugins are properly E/I.
  • FIX: Sector core security to FALSE if it has no shipyard.

Version 2.04 (10/10/2016)

Instructions: if you come from 2.02 or previous, install this 2.04 and follow the instructions below for 2.03 (full update). Otherwise, install the 2.04 by overwriting the files (.cat/.dat don't need to be updated and no E/I required).
  • CHANGE: Equilibrium values have been doubled. In other words, the fate of a sector in war (a clean one) is decided faster.
  • CHANGE: Artifacts loot chance increased to 20% (was 15).
  • CHANGE: Added a tutorial message to help with early games.
  • CHANGE: If a race cannot launch an invasion due to existing alliances, one of them will be broken to force the invasion.
  • CHANGE: If a shipyard has 3/4 of the ships out of the template it's supposed to build, it will be considered ready for invasion. Before, the full template was needed.
  • CHANGE: If an invasion is not triggered after 10 attempts (due to defense missions in progress or other reasons), the invasion will be forced. (that's if the invasion failed for more than 100 minutes)
  • CHANGE: Pirates get a little bit stronger.

  • FIX: Sometimes a ship that received the Retreat command one way or another will stay stuck in a loop. Now, if the ship doesn't have a jumpdrive, or if it doesn't have enough e-cells, the Retreat command will break.

Version 2.03 (08/10/2016)

Instructions: a new version of the E/I module is available. Download it, then proceed to a mandatory E/I. .cat/.dat both need to be updated.
  • NEW: Corporations are now rebuilt in random sectors when they are destroyed. It happens when you load your game. Compatible with all savegames.
  • NEW: Recycling a ship now gives you its blueprint.
  • NEW: You can no longer auction stations. Instead, you disassemble them to your nearest Sanctuary (full refund).
  • NEW: You can now sell your fully-researched blueprints at the black market for credits and reputation. When you do so, you will lose the use of the blueprint and all the progression.
  • NEW: Xenon can drop Artefacts. When you bring Artefacts to any of your Sanctuaries, you can extract their data in your Research station menu to give you extra research points.
  • NEW: Phanon has been deactivated. I don't know it enough to solve the many problems I encountered with it, and there's probably something better to do with the Mayhem universe (open to suggestions!) - Also, Sanctuary of Darkness is now Goner.
  • NEW: Recommended mods are now included into the archive (don't miss the Internal Distribution Network!)
  • NEW: New build options: template outfit and homebase. With the Parallel Tasks option, you can now build a whole ready-army in one click!

  • CHANGE: Battle Group ships are built a lot faster. Yours as well, but just a very tiny bit!
  • CHANGE: Data Scanner maximum range is always 4km.
  • CHANGE: OCV waves appear every 2 days instead of 3.
  • CHANGE: First round of invasions happens very quickly after you leave the Omicron Channel for the first time.
  • CHANGE: Building stations is a bit faster.
  • CHANGE: The Ministry of War now displays the number of Xenon ships per sector (Artefacts hunt purposes).
  • CHANGE: Default fuel resupply set to 50 jumps (was 80).
  • CHANGE: It's not necessary to keep the target in aim when you scan a ship.
  • CHANGE: Added a "apply this research to all Research stations" button in the Research station menu.
  • CHANGE: Added jumpdrive as a Sanctuary ship update (for an expensive cost, it's intended).
  • CHANGE: The Data Scanner works differently. Now you need to shoot at the target until its shields go down to 5%, but the scan itself is a lot faster.
  • CHANGE: Some stations, like Sanctuaries and weapon productions factories are cheaper.
  • CHANGE: It's now possible to select Carriers from the "Assign homebase & send" sub-menu of the Template outfit menu.
  • CHANGE: Added a customizable value to define the maximum nb of fighters a Battle Group carrier can have (default: 30). Can heavily impact your FPS if you increase it too much.
  • CHANGE: Fighters in Battle Group carriers don't get missiles. Less wares everywhere, and better perf.
  • CHANGE: Reroll cost in people increased to 50 (was 20).

  • FIX: The "invasion script getting stuck" bug should be fixed, but nothing sure. If you have any problem, please post your savegame.
  • FIX: Massive spawn of Xenon stations.
  • FIX: Special stations menu was appearing with Autopopulate stations.
  • FIX: The player ship cannot be recycled.
  • FIX: Ships owned by data-scanned carriers not becoming hostile.
  • FIX: Research completed messages displaying twice and location informations.
  • FIX: Tug's strip feature (and the manual strip command) now properly works and will recycle ships at the home Sanctuary of the tug.

Version 2.02 (08/07/2016)

Instructions: overwrite the files. .cat/.dat don't need to be updated.
  • NEW: Added a ship class filter to the Sanctuary Manager.

  • CHANGE: New bonus for reaching reputation rank 8 with the Argons: free sanctuaries.

  • FIX: Ore and Silicon mines now work as they should. However, you need to rebuild your previous mines if you had any prior to this patch (sorry!).
  • FIX: Built-in Cargo Lifesupport Systems didn't count as such.
  • FIX: Xenons were not dirty enough (false display in the Ministry of War menu).

Version 2.01 (02/07/2016)

Instructions : overwrite the files and update both .cat/.dat.
  • NEW: Recycling. You can now get resources from ships.
  • NEW: Bailing rates are the same as in Mayhem 1, except that they are doubled if the attacker is of Player race.
  • NEW: Reroll engineering specialty (for a cost in people).

  • CHANGE: Added a delay before attack and defend tasks to avoid brutal instant spawn in the active sector.
  • CHANGE: The Ore Collector is now added to all miner ships.
  • CHANGE: All Saturn Complex Hubs owned by NPC have been destroyed. Phanon money has been reset to 0 if it was negative, because there's a great chance they bought all products from a SCH and completely ruined their bank account.
  • CHANGE: Improved the Sanctuary Manager menu.
  • CHANGE: There is now one shield factory per shield type. For technical/gameplay reasons, your previous shield complexes are preserved.
  • CHANGE: Solar Power Plants need Crystals. That fixes their previous very low yield.
  • CHANGE: The Data Scanner can only work when the shields of the target are below 300MJ (customizable).

  • FIX: Menus are instantly refreshed after an infobox is displayed.
  • FIX: Unarmed friendly ships that you scan with the Data Scanner will not attack you.

Version 2.00 (24/06/2016)

Instructions : install on a fresh X3LU 1.7.0 version.
  • A new dawn!

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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 18:27    Post subject: Re: [X3LU] Mayhem Reply with quote Print

Awesome stuff!

Joubarbe wrote:
Not compatible with LU's Export/Import.

Can you explain this a bit further? If i hit the shiny "Export empire" button it

a) will melt down my CPU
b) would be pointless, because i couldn't select the import gamestart afterwards
c) works, but doesn't export any of the mod features like sector ownership and basicly starts it all from scratch while keeping player assets and OCV/Phanon state
d) kills my bunny

In short: Are we stuck at one LU codebase?

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PostPosted: Tue, 28. Jul 15, 19:12    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Well, making Mayhem compatible with E/I would mean to spend a lot of boring work, and IMO, LU is good enough as it is in 1.5.2. Maybe, if Litcube comes back with a lot of updates, I'll reconsider, but for now, you can export your empire, but I deactivated the import feature on the New Game screen. The reason is that it would not import any of the Mayhem features, not even the new stations and the universe configuration. That would be pointless.

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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 17:29    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

It should last for a decent time i guess. Making another copy of the LU Backup right now. I'm thankful for your hobby selection.

"Hard pounding, gentlemen. Let's see who pounds the longest." - Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, British general and Prime Minister
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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:15    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

This looks amazing. A painfull Yaki start seems nice.

How does the player deal with stations you cannot obtain because of racial wars? Like Yaki, I don't believe they have much stations by themself. And something like a PHQ, isn`t it only buyable at an argon shipyard?

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PostPosted: Wed, 29. Jul 15, 19:28    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

If you really want a PHQ, you better make Argons your new friends Smile A lot of Borons to kill in their sectors. And now with the bounties, it should be easier.

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PostPosted: Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:04    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I assume you have to start a new game or does it work with an existig one,no matter how far the player is?

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PostPosted: Sat, 1. Aug 15, 11:14    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Yes, new game is required.

I recommend waiting for the 1.0 RC, coming soon, if you want a serious game. Yep, sorry, it's probably stupid, but I changed more things that I anticipated first. I also have more time to fine tune this mod.

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PostPosted: Mon, 3. Aug 15, 18:11    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Just wondering how you get enough money without much trading. Is there lots to gain with combat? And from there build some infra to get missiles and such?

Did you beat this gamemode yourself?

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:10    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

"Without much trading" ? You mean that if you don't have the whole universe, you won't make profits ? IMO, it's untrue. I can be wrong, but with the inflation, I'm under the impression that my traders make the same profits as before, if not more.

Besides, in LU, mining makes a lot of money. Some players seem to forget that.

And yes, combats, especially bounty hunting, + all bails and wares that get on the numerous battlefields between races, have good rewards.

I didn't beat the game with this mod ; but I'll release it anyway, because after the same number of days in several test games, my empire is in better shape than in LU's vanilla. Making war everywhere gives a lot of opportunities.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:14    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

What I mean. Since only the Teladi + one other empire will like you from the start there are less sectors to trade in.

In my 'vanilla' LU I had 7-8 mining fleet but it din`t seem to do much. Maybe my setup is bad. Maybe guns and missiles instead of full mining drills.

I`m trying your mod anyway. Maybe the full combat start will be fun from the start.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:20    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Well, I have more fun in Mayhem than in Vanilla, so I think it's good and that some people can also have some fun Smile

But I'm playing with the unreleased 1.00RC, that I'm going to release before the week-end. A lot of things have changed.

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PostPosted: Tue, 4. Aug 15, 18:53    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

I better wait then.

I really like LU for the new mechanics and tools it gives. But the OCV seem so weak. They expand to slow to make me scared. I never got far in midgame/lategame because of that. I dont really feel the urge.

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PostPosted: Wed, 5. Aug 15, 18:46    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

1.00RC released !




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