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[MOD] Conquest and War in Rebirth! Release Version 1.60 10-30-2016
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PostPosted: Sun, 7. Jan 18, 13:11    Post subject: Reply with quote Print

Hi CWIR Team.

Great mod and it seems to work well.

In a recent post on another subject asking about total station builds as well an earlier post i made to egosoft about total station builds i was informed that this mod dose that, as i've now found out i'm so happy.

Though this mod dose in most part what i've asked for a total station build, but i find it still needs a little work on the the station total builds.

All stations total builds are fine except the shipyards and the drone amounts.

Firstly i'll deal with the shipyards unless i've missed something why are they constantly auto building ships that either are not wanted yet or i would never build, yes i can donate etc, but they are stopping other races from ship build trading.

Is there like i said i may have missed it some way i can stop the auto ship building.

Now i'll deal with the drone amounts and again i may have missed it, but why are the auto amounts so out of proportion either too many of one or not enough of others, yes i can get the manager to resupply, but in the supply menu there is no Construction drone listing.

It would be nice that in station full build there was another option for station requirements somewhat like as listed below.

1: Pick place and station then contractor and build funding, with option self/sale.
2: One of the three build options with or without crew with option of 3-5 star crew at nearest best cost, funds drawn from player account (Funds permitting).
2.1: With fullcrew if for self and allocate the funds for that station manager.
2.2: Without crew if we want to donate to allies, with option to minamil crew ie Manager/Defence/Engineer, The rest hume get it will provide.
2.3 To sell at the full cost of build plus 10-20% on top labour costs and drone/crews. (% etc Open to modders options) .
3: Pick what drones we want and quantity for that type of station.
4.: We can order what type ships and amount to add to that station.

The above would make the total station build more personal player preferences base and not standard as is now.

Though the standard option could come in two parts standard/Full.

Standard as the total build stands now.
Full with the option in my suggestion list.

This is open for CWIR Team thoughts if is liked or if can be added to mod maybe pick my brains for further input/ideas.

If all else fails please can someone tell me which file or where i can change drone amounts or stop shipyards ship auto building.

I'm no modder but any help would be very grateful.

Maybe one of you can upload a file with the drones left out so i can supply them and a file with no ship auto build or at least come with only 2 auto trader builds and 2 random capital combat ship builds.

Thank you cwir team for a very good mod and fulfilling a suggestion i made many moons ago to egosoft about full station builds.

Sorry if this post looks like wuffle and hope you can understand what i was suggesting.

I love all your work guys.

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