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Addon: Explore Universe

Post by HashtagMC » Wed, 12. Aug 15, 17:14

This script adds a new command in the navigation menu: Explore Universe. The ship this command is applied to explores unknown sectors without a pilot. It requires at least one unexplored sector to border the sector the ship is in. Whenever it discovers a sector it will randomly pick another unknown sector bordering the just discovered one. As soon as it reaches a sector not bordering any unexplored sectors it will finish its tour and transmit the count and names of all discovered sectors back to its owner.

The texts are available in german and english. Due to me speaking german there might be wrong translations. Feel free to tell me the correct words or translations.

  • Navigation Software Mk1
  • M5-M3, TS-TP
  • t\491101.xml
  • t\441101.xml
  • scripts\init.hmc.exploreuniverse.xml
  • scripts\plugin.hmc.exploreuniverse.xml
My scripts' t-files use the namespace xx11xx (e.g 491101, 441101, ... )

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