Legacy ships

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Legacy ships

Post by OrderFromChaos » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 09:38

Potentially silly question but I thought I'd ask anyway.

Is it possible (and if so not brutally difficult) to add additional ships from previous games to X:R?

My thoughts were to build a mod that would add all a factions ships from previous games into the new environment, for instance Xenon. Take the different variations of the I, all the K, so on and so forth. Define them to have similar load outs but scaled to be consistent with the balance of X:R.

Is there an upper limit to the number of models the game can recognize? Will it be possible to script given sectors or zones to only spawn a variant ship? Is there any legal restriction from using an asset from a previously released game and distributing that asset as a mod into a game where that asset does not exist?

Don't have any plans to begin work on this immediately, basically fielding opinions and trying to get a sense of reception.

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Post by UniTrader » Wed, 31. Jan 18, 17:30

Possible yes, but not trivial (the meshes have to be converted and overhauled in some way) - no idea about difficulty though, thats outside my expertise. best ask J.L. about this, i think he has the most experience in that regard...

Regarding upper limit of Object types: there is no limit i am aware of.

Regarding Spawn: should be possible, and should be pretty simple..

Regarding legal stuff: in this case i wont give a definite answer here, best email bernd about it if you want to publish something. I dont think he would object, but better safe than sorry. if its just non-public Experimenting for yourself only - just go ahead, in that case on one cares ;)
if not stated otherwise everything i post is licensed under WTFPL

Ich mache keine S&M-Auftragsarbeiten, aber wenn es fragen gibt wie man etwas umsetzen kann helfe ich gerne weiter ;)

I wont do Script&Mod Request work, but if there are questions how to do something i will GLaDly help ;)

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Post by OrderFromChaos » Fri, 2. Feb 18, 08:57

Okay so in the last couple of days I've been trying to wrap my head around how best to go about this so I'll share what I've come up with and if anyone has any thoughts on it I'd like to hear them.

Something of this scale (to me) seems to be best broken down into phases which I can break down right now into three pieces:


Phase One: Proof of concept
Choose one ship and import it into the game as a variant of an existing model. Essentially different in name and load out only.

Phase two: Functional mod non-graphical
Import all the ships and equipment from a given faction with the intent to reproduce the gimmicks of that faction from previous iterations while running concurrently with the modern aspect of that faction. Essentially attempt to trick a veteran player into suspending disbelief that this faction is reminiscent of an old adversary.

Phase three: Functional mod graphical
Import meshes and textures of ships from previous iterations which will now distinguish the variant at a glance. Attempt to use modern engine to replicate legacy effects. If possible attempt to enhance texture quality to a similar level to modern equivalents.


I have already begun phase one, I have chosen the Xenon I as it only has one previous incarnation and plot wise requires the least amount of work to suspend disbelief. At least in my outlook it would make sense that multiple branching evolutions of rogue AI would exist concurrently even if one branch of a design were wildly different in design from the other.

Before I can scale the ships to a similar level of power I have to scale and balance the weapons from X3AP to X:R and since I should only need to do that once I've begun with (nearly) all the weapons available in X3AP. I've managed to collate the data into a form I think I can use and I've begun work on trying to find a constant scale without nerfing or over powering any given weapon. An EWAG at what to expect is the most powerful missile in X:R will be (ballpark) about 3/5 as powerful as the most powerful similar missile in X3AP. Super early estimate though, definitely subject to change. When I've pinned something that I'm happy with I'll post specs. I'm currently considering graph fitting the power curves between the two games over a multitude of different points and seeing if anything jumps out at me. I do not intend to scale and balance each weapon and ship individually across all points, that would take way too much time. If anyone has experience with analytics or anything relatable I'd love to read your opinion.


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