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X2 Sector Trader - universe trader

Post by Grettal » Mon, 27. Jan 14, 18:29

I have several sector traders at level 10, equipped with everything for universe trader but I am unable to make them universe traders.

I have looked at numerous guides on how to do this but all the info I have seen, I have done but still the the command Start Universe Trader is greyed out and un-selectable.

Anybody help me please.

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Post by fig » Mon, 17. Feb 14, 00:26

You must still be missing something. Check the bonus pack documentation again and see if you can figure out what it is....

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Post by 3iff » Wed, 12. Mar 14, 12:51

I'm pretty sure you need fight 1 & 2 software. I've been caught out by that in the past.

Give that a go...
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