Freezing X2

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Gary Arlett
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Freezing X2

Post by Gary Arlett » Thu, 12. Sep 13, 16:03

Game Freezing...

Having played X2 for YEARS -I have recently come across a terminal bug which freezes the game requiring me to Ctl_Alt_Del to close it each time.

It freezes, looping about a second of the soundtrack over and over and windows reports its 'not responding'.

I am on v1.5 and although I followed the `patch' upgrades path, it informs me that its `modified' ?! - This has been the case for years though without any problems at all - Now it just crashes... are there any methods of repairing the game saves? me Obi wan, your our only hope.....


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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Thu, 12. Sep 13, 16:56

*Moved to Technical Support Forum.*

Please upload one of your not working savegames and post the link here.
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Gary Arlett
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Post by Gary Arlett » Sat, 14. Sep 13, 17:39

??? Upload to where? create link where? .. I have never posted before and am unsure of these procedures.

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