X3:AP Multiple Passenger missions

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X3:AP Multiple Passenger missions

Post by captaincelt » Sat, 8. Jun 13, 16:12

I looked through the posts here, in tech support, and in the X-Universe Forum Links page for AP, but haven't seen this mentioned. Sorry in advance if I missed a FAQ entry on this:
I took one of the new generic multiple passenger missions last night which gave me a list of 9 passengers, where to pick them up, and their destination sectors.
The problem is, after picking up all 9 passengers, I don't know what station to drop them in.
The mission briefing lists their destination sectors, but not the station itself. I tried docking at several different stations in one of the destination sectors but no one disembarks.
I am thinking of aborting the mission but I wanted to see if there was something I was missing first.

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Post by dillpickle » Sat, 8. Jun 13, 16:19

Check your messages, there should be one telling you which stations they want to go to.

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Post by TTD » Sat, 8. Jun 13, 16:32

I did not do those in beta testing.was about to when it went live.

But did one the other night.
Yes your message log keeps that mission message for you.
The mission guidance is not so detailed.

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Post by captaincelt » Sat, 8. Jun 13, 16:50

Thanks guys. I don't know why I didn't think to check there.

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