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Post by Moonrat » Mon, 16. May 16, 07:17

ASSTEROIDS wrote:There ia a folder "addon" and a folder "script" in the .zip, they both contain the same files, does it mean I must install in both the game folder as well as in addon?
I'm not 100% familiar with this script but ... Looking at the folder layout the answer is yes, the top "scripts" folder goes in the main TC folder, whereas the lower (in the addon) "scripts" folder goes into the "addon" folder for AP. It probably means that there are differences between the TC and AP version.

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Not working for me in AP with XRM

Post by Eibhleann » Thu, 10. Aug 17, 01:19

I can't seem to get this to work for me. I have a PX with transporter device installed. Yet when I tell it to "collect wares in sector", it just flies to them manually. It also doesn't announce that the cargo bay is closed or anything of that nature. I tried installing it manually and through the plugin manager. No dice. Any ideas?

Edit: Interesting. I got an email notification telling me someone responded, yet there's nothing here... Ah well. Hopefully someone has some insight :)

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Post by Hub manager » Sun, 8. Oct 17, 20:25

Problems here to,worked for a while on one ship,when i swapped ships it stopped working

also descriptions on how to activate/use these scripts isnt taking noobs into consideration,instructions dont match the screen i am seeing

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Post by bergi9 » Wed, 23. May 18, 15:36

I noticed that problem too.
After inspecting the script, the script was maybe not valid due the "speak text" function. So i commented this part out and repacked the script again as replacement for "!ship.cmd.collectflyingwares.pl.pck" because command override seems not be working.
Additional i modified it a little bit if there are no crates around it will wait 5 times between 200 and 1000ms in order to find another crates again.

here the "fixed" one

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