[SCR/MOD][TC/AP] Mega Factory v0.9 (2012-08-13)

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[SCR/MOD][TC/AP] Mega Factory v0.9 (2012-08-13)

Post by SunBlade » Mon, 13. Aug 12, 22:23

german thread

Mega Factory [2012-08-13]

The Mega Factory does the same things as Gazz's Complex Cleaner.
- the Mega Factory is a fully functional Complex Center
- wire the Mega Factory with a normal Complex Center in the wrong order and it will disappear

a complete guide will come later since this is just beta.
fly to a shipyard, buy a Production Complex, set it up, wait 10 sec, and have fun.
TL unpacking and station crunch can be reached via command console of the Production Complex.
everything should be in working order, the only thing to do now is text and description.
i can do german and english, for everything else, feel free to give me your translation.

extract the 7zip archive into your X3TC folder and select the mod at start.

Image main
Image backup

all mods which change TFactories.

Used Resources:
T-File: TFactories
Page: 7631
Command: COMMAND_TYPE_STATION_22 >> 1122
NameID (page 17): 76310

2012-08-13 v0.9
- first Beta
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Post by Retiredman » Tue, 14. Aug 12, 04:50

What happens when you use Gazz crunch feature on a megafactor?
You think a hero is some weird sandwitch and not a guy attacking a Xeno J with a kestrel.

Sir.. I said .. A guy attacking a J with a kestrel is the sandwitch.

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Post by SunBlade » Tue, 14. Aug 12, 23:06

unfortunately i forgot to make Mega Factory compatible with Complex Cleaner.

if you know how to edit TFactories, you can do this on your own by adding my entries to any other TFactories. if you don't know what i'm talking about, consider MF and CC as mutual exclusive for now.

so, when the TFactories are "merged", you can convert unconnected modules between MF and CC like any other factory.
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Post by joelR » Fri, 17. Aug 12, 18:38

Can this be run as a fake patch?

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