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Post by Alex Corvis » Sun, 11. Mar 18, 12:37

Great, thanks so much!

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Post by wanderer » Thu, 15. Mar 18, 14:35

In replay to 'gastovski' from 2014 regarding XRM OR other Mods with custom ships.

It must be installed by hand:
Means you should know how to change the type txt files by x2editor or other.
You should dl the 'Normandy unpacked Decal version' package - it makes it easier.

- use the extractor from plugin manager to get the dds and object folders and their contents.
- copy them to the addon directory.
- edit AT least he tship file and insert the ship data string. You can see it when dl 'Normandy unpacked Decal version' theres a txt file 'Ship Data.txt'.
Now you should get it by ingame script editor.

If you want it to buy from docks and so on:
(Resuming you'll have a parallel fresh TC/AP installation for testing)
- Install it with help of the plugin manager.
- get dds and object folders and copy them to the ap addon folder.
- look inside the TC type folder. there are some t files als pck. Extract them and compare them to the same from AP. This means, you'll have to browse the cat/dat files in the addon folder to get these files extracted. Be aware, if using mods like XRM, you'll searcht them for those files as well!
- Now, compare the single files against the changed from the plugin manager. Find the added SR2 lines and copy them to the ap t files. Also remember how many lines you are inserting. these 'count' must also be added in the header line of those files.
Another way would be the use of x2editor to do the trick.
- If its done, copy the new t files into a 'type' folder under the addon root.

With this you'll also be able to play such ships. You may use x2editor to change some ship parameters if you use mods like XRM and its hull packs.

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