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Post by Iceciro » Sat, 19. Aug 17, 22:55

I can absolutely report the same occasional stalled fighter.

I'm not sure where it comes from, but we're running very similar scripts.

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Post by Azulius » Mon, 28. Aug 17, 02:17

ir2 have improved khaak 1.1 integrated ? if not, any idea where i can get it ? all links i found are dead. and i would really like to play like 1 of them

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 28. Aug 17, 09:47

It would help a lot, if you would tell us what game you're playing, because I just replied to your other post in the X3R forum, where you can find a working download link. However, that's of course the X3R variant, which isn't compatible with X3TC/AP. Likewise, a script created for X3TC/AP won't work in X3R.
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Post by Azulius » Mon, 28. Aug 17, 13:16

oo sorry i absolutelly forgot there is also x3r. i play x3ap. i found working link for improved khaak 2 but there is no option to play as khaak, and if i understand it well 1.1 was giving this option. but for some reason any link for it is not working for me

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Post by Nayder » Wed, 30. Aug 17, 16:18


Is it possible to make this mod compatible with litcube?

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Post by FriendlyFirePhoenix » Wed, 30. Aug 17, 17:10

@Nayder yep, it would just take a colossal amount of work by a skilled scripter.

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Post by Nayder » Wed, 30. Aug 17, 23:41

I don't think so in fact.
I saw this thread yesterday :
And i saw this line:
You can set relations between races (with several exceptions), and TrueRelations system mentioned above will take those settings into account. Race1 is also covered here, so you can adjust Litcube's Phanon Corporation relations with other races

Anyway, i tested it, and it doesn't work, but still, it picked my curiosity.

Sadly it's pretty hard to find any information about that... I found not less than 4 different threads for 4 different Improved Race mod version, and i am totally lost about it...

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Post by FriendlyFirePhoenix » Thu, 31. Aug 17, 06:14

@Nayder Litcube makes massive changes to the game right down to the engine level. There is way more to it than just Phanon. Look at any of the mods which have been made compatible with Litcube and you'll see it's not a trivial task. djrygar's original comment was referring to the standalone Phanon mod made before Litcube's Universe. That standalone mod is still available and can be used with IR2. I will tell you though that these days, IR2 is a bit janky. Even without considering Litcube compatibility, it has serious standalone issues which need fixing. The only part of it I'm currently using is True Relations. For invasions I'm using Military Base Response Revamp recently updated by TechSY930.

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Post by Mapo01 » Fri, 8. Sep 17, 21:05

Hi guys,

sorry to bother you but after the istallation of the mod via plugin manager split shipyards started to sell an argon mammoth instead of split pteranodon... any possible fix please? Thanks in advance

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Post by Skidmarc » Mon, 2. Oct 17, 08:30

I've encountered a bug when I'm on the the "Highway Patrol" mission. When the Tokyo jumps in I or the NPCs can't seem to destroy it. It will only go down to about 90% hull and then stop taking damage. I suspect it has something to do with the plot protection feature.


What I've tried:

Disabling Plot protection
Disabling and reloading save
Disabling and Restarting game
Clean Universe and restart game
Disabling entire script from the manager
Reenabling script and turning plot protection on and off.

I can't progress beyond the mission because the Tokyo wont die. I even tried installing a script to kill my current target but unfortunately the game doesnt like it and wont complete the mission.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Edit: I was too far away from the ship. When I got closer it started taking damage. I'll leave my post up for someone to read if they run into the same situation.

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Post by djrygar » Wed, 4. Oct 17, 03:59


this is how Mission Director protects ships it creates - it makes them invulnerable (sometimes temporary sometimes permanently - in case of plotline ships)

Plot protection simply excludes some TC plot-related sectors from invasion. Useless in AP (unless Jack added new ones to the list).

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Post by Jack08 » Wed, 4. Oct 17, 04:08

djrygar wrote:(unless Jack added new ones to the list).
I doubt it (i dont remember), i never played the AP plot to know them haha.
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Post by GDI-BOSS » Sun, 15. Oct 17, 20:56

Hi guys,any know when improved khaak is availabe with IR2.0?

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Post by zorglub1422 » Sat, 6. Jan 18, 12:09

Hi guys,

anybody can tell me how to claim the sector after kill all ennemy stations ?

Dont find what to do in this thread.

Thanx -)

edit : find it, in the menu of IR

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Post by zwierzu » Fri, 13. Apr 18, 18:56

Heya, is it possible to 'donate' my own sector to other race?
Also when I'm trying to claim other sector for an ally all I get is this window:


and I can't select any race. I have almost maximum rank with everyone except Pirates and Yaki.

What I'm doing wrong?

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