[MOD][AP][ V1.2 23/01/2012 ] ZMissionTweak - Tweak Mission Time-Limits/Rewards

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Post by Xangi » Tue, 9. Jul 13, 06:24

I can't seem to get this to work at all. I've tried both using it as a fake patch and putting it in the "mods" folder. Using X3AP 3.0

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Tue, 9. Jul 13, 13:50

I do not know why you are having trouble with installation, but it is worth mentioning that the original package is not fully compatible with AP 2.x and above. use my Repacked version on the page 2 instead.
  • (Also, you can install the repacked version with the Plugin Manager, which might be easier for you.)

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Post by rmazurek » Thu, 19. Jun 14, 23:29

This is really GREAT. Some missions types time (trade missions for example) are just radiculous.

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Post by Violins77 » Sat, 25. Oct 14, 23:28

I cannot for the life of me get this mod to work. I tried every method possible but not go. Did some of you try with AP 3.0?

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Post by Violins77 » Sat, 25. Oct 14, 23:57

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I read the whole thread and I am using you repackaged version. I tried to start a new game, but no go.

However, the interesting part is that it works in Terran Conflict! I installed it using the same method (Plugin Manager). Maybe it is a conflicting mod, but I don't use a lot of them and nothing else that uses mission director. Maybe it is related to the colored sector map or colored universe map?

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Post by DrBullwinkle » Sun, 26. Oct 14, 03:02

Interesting. As long as U.4 Finish Briefing.xml and ZMissionTweakMults.xml are in addon\director I would expect it to work. I don't know what is in your universe mods, but I would not expect them to interfere based on their names.

I have not actually tested the package in AP 3.x, although it appears that U.4 Finish Briefing is unchanged. That suggests that the package should still be compatible.
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Post by Violins77 » Sun, 26. Oct 14, 03:23

I removed all other mods and it is working now, so definitely a conflict. I will add them one by one and report the culprit here!

BTW, my name "Violins" was taken from an old song by Lagwagon, and back in the day, I didn't even know it was a music instrument as English is not my first language :lol:

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Post by Migdalin » Thu, 6. Aug 15, 23:54

I downloaded the Plugin Manager, but it didn't recognize either the .zip file or the "director" directory as being or containing a plugin, and trying to construct a plugin via the Plugin Manager involved filling in information on 5-7 different tabs, with no idea what I was doing. So ... the Plugin Manager was a distraction, not a help.

It also worried me a bit that I would simply place a new directory under the main x3tc directory, and the game would somehow know to look inside the directory and load the files there as scripts? Maybe you could put an explicit message into the readme like "don't worry, the game will find the scripts without you telling it where to look"?

The readme fed my confusion by saying "unzip into the appropriate folder," followed by an example that showed some files under "director" and other files not under "director," even though they're all (except for the readme) under "director" inside the zip. So ... I wasn't sure which to believe, the example or the step 1 directions.

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Post by cheetah222222 » Sun, 24. Jan 16, 07:08

Violin, did you figure out which mod conflicted? I am having the same issue as you did . . .

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Post by Hero77 » Wed, 6. Sep 17, 13:55


I can't get this mod to work either unfortunitly.

First tried to install it into my X3AP installation but then I read it might not be compatible with the latest version. (Also the link to the repackaged version on page 2 does not seem to work anymore).

For this reason I then deleted my X3AP installation and re-installed X3TC instead from scratch.

I then did the following:

- Install the X3TC Bonus package
- Start the game, create a new game start
- Change pilot name to Thereshallbewings
- Dock at a station
- Save the game
- Quit the game
- Create the folder "addon" in the X3TC installation folder
- Copy the cat and dat files from the archive to this folder
- Rename them to 01.cat and 01.dat
- Create the folder "director" within the "addon" folder
- Copy the "ZMissionTweakMults" file into that folder
- Start the game
- Load the save game
- Undock and fly through a gate
- Return back through the gate
- Open comms with a station that has a mission offer

Time and Rewards are still the vanilla ones.[/list]

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