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Post by TTD » Sat, 25. Feb 12, 22:51

They relaxed in a lounge.
Food etc was brought to them.
It had been a long meeting at the Chamber.

"Well,my friend," the Fokari leaned back in his seat." There are still some things which you need to know.
Firstly.the Fokari race as a whole,have a means of non-verbal communication which takes other races many years to adapt to.
And even then they may still need continued training.
Along with that,of course,we need to know what the other persons thoughts are,in order to get a reply.
This has been most useful in negotiations with various VIPs etc. and your young colleague here has had much training.
That is how she knows so much about you.
You even experience a little show of her powers today,both reassuring you and preventing you from speaking out of turn."

Sakuriko listened and it all registered with him.He knew he could hide little from either of them,but knew so little about them,at the same time.
However the meeting had revealed information about why he was here.
He could refuse to assist,but not getting away from spending the rest of his life as little more than a slave to the Split did not sit well with him.

Blackmail comes in many forms.Sometimes acceptable to the victim,especially if the outcome has good prospects.
He thought about it,painfully aware that his thoughts were monitored.

"Ok." he said."If I accept the request,how do I get out of this system of sectors without the Splits knowledge?"

Angelique smiled. "You are sweet.You have already accepted,but need assurances.There is a person who has been selected to double for you. He will receive your implant and feign severe illness for a few weeks.
The Split will accept you hit a virus that your body had not come across before,so you were hospitalized until cured. "

Sakuriko grinned at the subterfuge ."That takes care of that,but I still need to leave."

The Fokari said " We have examined your jumpdrive.It can be improved so that it will not leave a jump signature when you leave these sectors.But that cloak will only work once. Also we will give you a different ship,with your jumpdrive installed.So as to not alarm the Split of your movements when you are supposed to be ill."

"Tomorrow,"Angelique added,"You will be given your new ship and coordinates for initial jump ,along with your objectives.Word has come through from our contacts that if you can gain enough trust from the Argon,then special work will be afforded you and payments will be good and possibly beneficial to us all. Good luck."

They continued their discussions for some time ,before retiring to their own apartments.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 12:26

The following morning Sakuriko finished breakfast and stood up,intent on getting ready for the busy day ahead.

He only made it two steps from the table when he felt nauseous,giddy and his abdomen felt as if he had failed to catch a medicine-ball while training.
As he buckled to the floor the room seemed to spin as if he had been drinking space fuel,and he lost consciousness.

Later he awoke in hospital with a number of doctors and nurses around him.
As his vision improved ,he could see Angelique looking in through an observation window.

"Sorry." came her voice in her head,"but we had to make it look and sound as realistic as possible.You will be ok soon.Just relax.I will see you later."
She smiled and left.

Relax! She said. Sakuriko had little choice with all the sedatives cruising round his bloodstream.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 12:47

A day later,he was introduced to his double.This guy even sounded like him!

"While you were unconscious,the implant was transferred to me. I have been fully brief and seen enough video footage to pass off as you in even the most extreme situations" he said.

"Just look after that ship." Sakuriko replied.


"We have amended your Passport with new information.Your ranks with other races have been adjusted to assist you in getting your first assignments.The minimum requirements were Terran Citizen and Argon Accepted adviser" said Angelique.
"This will give you a foot in the door,so to speak.Your first task is to report to Argon Sector M148. We will be in touch and monitor your progress through our own network.Fortunately we were able to get help from the Fokari,for the purpose of trans-universal communication. You know a little about that already.I will continue to work your Baldric and keep your credits coming in,less my fees ,of course."

Later he was shown his new ship.It was a Mamba Raider,fully fitted with lasers/shields etc.
"She may not be the best out there , Sakuriko , but it will help you go incognito out of the Family Zyarth's space. Good luck !" said the former ship captain as he handed control over. " It was one of the few we were able to keep when the Split annexed this sector."

With that, Sakuriko thanked him and said good bye to all his acquaintances ."Now to business..." he thought,as he went inside his new fighter."...not special,but it will do for now."

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 13:47

He got Zyarth's Dominion without a hitch.
Docked at the Ore mine briefly and left.
Found himself under attack by two Qs and some smaller stuff.
Took out the smaller stuff and let the Split Rapid Response Units take out the Qs.

Not one to miss a salvage opportunity , he decided to clean the sector before jumping.

He gained...

2x Disruptor Missiles
1x Firelance Missile
2x Hurricane Missiles
1x Mosquito Missile
2x Remote Guided Warheads
3x Silkworm Missiles
1x Thunderbolt Missile
1x Wasp Missile
1x Wildfire Missile
1x Firefly Missile

"These should fetch a few credits or might even be useful in any skirmishes !" He thought to himself.And then checked to see which missiles ,if any , he could use...

Remote Guided Warhead

"Well ,seems I have a good choice. All compatible,"he mused.

"Oh well...Time to enter Xenon Sector 598, and then jump to Argon Sector M148...Let's hope the JD still works as intended."

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 15:17

At this point,I am playing the AP Plot.
So.... Full of open spoilers.


Upon arrival at AS M148 he was greeted by Commander Derik and told to join "the other new recruits"",whoever they might be,and await a briefing for his first flight.

For some reason, he was given the rank of Sergeant.

After the initial moral boost, they were given orders to head for Treasure Chest and assist in the war effort.Meanwhile they were to listen out for any other directives given.

Going through Nathan's Voyage they were directed to Omicron Lyrea.

Checking his pilots info.,he saw that he had quite a few credits already,so he bought a couple of fighters,for support. from the 2nd Hand Market,and upgraded them....

1x Nova Raider
1x Buster Vanguard

Arrived at Treasure Chest.
Aided in attacking Terran Scimitars
The had an announcement to push towards Asteroid Belt.

On entrance to OL he took out a few Terrans
One of them even suggested Sakuriko should just leave them alone. lol.

Then his ships in Treasure Chest came under attack,so he ducked back to aid in the defense. Once cleared he was requested to return to OL.
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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 16:39

Upon return he destroyed a few light fighters ,but left the M7s etc to the Argon fleet.
There was so much Spoils of War, after the clearance ,that he decide to sell all he could at the EQ dock and start collecting again.

A report came in that heavy losses had been suffered on both sides.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 20:03

Now came a report of something different.
A meeting taking place between Jonferco and the Paranid had to be monitored secretly.

He was given an Advanced Discoverer did his best to get as much information as possible until he was detected,at which point he was to return to AS M148.

Once docked at the second Military Outpost , he was then free to do his own bidding for a while....Time for a long deserved mug of Julian's best .While there he sold his two 2nd hand ships at the shipyard.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 20:25

Soon there was a new mission.
Escorting a ship for Jonferco.

He was now given a Centaur,which was fairly well rigged out.
Still, a few extras wouldn't harm...

There were a few Terran Ships to deal with,but when most were cleared,the Jonferco Cerberus gave the all clear to just patrol the sector until further notice.

Time to collect Spoil of War.
Soon more Terran ships tried to block the South gate.

Warned to stay clear of Tokyo,but later mission brief says to destroy it.
Mission over,he resumed his collecting.

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Post by TTD » Sun, 26. Feb 12, 22:17

Next he was asked to assist protecting Jonferco HQ.
Did not go well, but he did enough to be ordered back to M148.
This was followed by a simple escort mission.

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Post by TTD » Mon, 27. Feb 12, 00:10

This was followed by a patrol mission,Lasertower installations and a few deliveries for the Beryll ,who rewarded him with three M3s which they have developed.

Then came a message about Pirates trying there hand at illegal scrap metal salvage.
(Seems it not just railway cables in Britain that gets stolen...lol )

When he completed this task he got an indignant remark from another fighter pilot who asked him to leave...well not in those words,anyway.

So he was recalled to M148,yet again.

Told to aid the war effort.
Did some more attacks on Terran vessels in War zones.

Requested to return to base ,M148.
Requested meet a contact.
required to protect Argon ship while discussions go on.
Here he discovered a plot which he was asked to assist in thwarting.
Headed to Albion Beta to protect a station.
After that episode was over,told to collect a reward at Beryll...
the Aemon Prototype M3 Fighter.

Changing to his new ship , he sent all ships,except those first two in Zyarth's space , to dock at the Millitary Outpost,from where he was getting briefed.

This I believe is the end of the main plot.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 17:23

At this stage he could continue with the Hub Plot,but although there is a unique opportunity to link this plot with my story,it is too early.
He needs to get the PHQ and it seems he does not have enough trade rank to get it.
Cycrow's Cheat package does not have a direct tool to adjust this,like it does for the Race ranks.
So unless someone can recommend a tool for this,I will get Sakuriko to continue to build up a trade empire.
From another thread...

AP Main Plot complete
Boron Rank 5
Atreus HQ known (as in found)

AP Main Plot complete
Teladi Rank 5
Min 1 Station Build (EDIT...This station has to be built by YOU.not Heph Corp or cheated in)
PMC HQ known
NNMC HQ known


is given to you during PHQ plot


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Post by TTD » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 17:43

Sakuriko sat with his small crew of pilots.
They all addressed him as "Sergeant Kalvin" now.

"Well," he thought, "at least I am losing some of my identity. I bet there are many Sergeant Kalvins around the commonwealth !"

"Indeed there are young friend," came a voice in his head. "Table 2 o'clock,by the way."

He glanced around casually ,so as not to be obvious to his crew.Sure enough the was an almost familiar figure sat at a table.The Fokari nodded and then feigned casual.

"No I am not he whom you know,but I have been sent to advise you to build your own station for your ships,to avoid congestion here.We have supplied you a Mammoth for this task."

"Thanks," Sakuriko thought.And with that the Fokari left the lounge.

"Well,ladies and gentleman,fellows fighters in the cause.You have your ships.I may call upon you for assistance at some point but for now you are free to engage in whatever activities brings you fortune.Just remember who actually owns these ships,ok?"

There was a loud cheer and they all shouted "Thanks sergeant!" at the same time.
So as not to cause too much attention he deliberately said quite loud ,
"I understand we have the Terrans on the defensive again.Good work there !"

The following day,he went to his ship,the Aamon Prototype.
There was much preparation to do.
He wanted all components in fit order before he left the sector.
When all was done he took a quick visit at the federal Shipyard for final inspection,found the Mammoth , complete with an Argon SPP XL.

This he duly place south in the sector and instructed his pilots to use that at a local HQ for now.
He deposited credits and set the station to trade .That should bring in some credits and have a healthy supply of e-cells for him when needed.Then he left to explore .
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Post by TTD » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 18:28

Due to some new info., I changed the story slightly in the previous post.

I was going to send him trading but will try something else first.

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Post by TTD » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 19:22


sector...PTNI HQ
when he arrived,having discovered his Passport had also been upgraded,he got a message asking if he would like to assist the Teladi.
obviously he needed to avoid missing anything profitable so he agreed and commed...
station..NMMC HQ

where he was asked to build a Teladianium M , which just so happened to be available at the local shipyard. sometime later he placed the newly bought station at the defined location for substantial reward.

Having done that he was requested to dock at PMC HQ.
Then sent back to NMMC HQ.
Here he was given the Unfocused Jumpdrive to assist him in then next delivery mission.
"Hmm.My grandfather worked on this UJD. I wondered where it had got to.Only one ever made and made by us Goners.Well,what goes around ,comes around.Welcome home buddy.Hope you like your new partner.Ok,it's still experimental,like you were,but between you you'll make a great pair." he said as he inspected his new gift. :)

"Now to find that Nividium and who knows what else is out there?"

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Post by TTD » Wed, 29. Feb 12, 20:22

He search for and went to the SPP in Two Grand.
This is when he found out he cannot take his TL into UFJD sectors :!:
(edit...This problem gets solved. So don't worry)

A little peeved by this he transferred all all three jumpdrive EQs to his Aamon and gave it all some good testing.

After some few jumps and some experimenting with various facilities at his disposal he gained enough Nividium and even saw a fabled Aran.(second jump,too ! )
Unfortunately he did not have the means to claim or board it. Still plenty of time for that.

He docked at the EQDock to what was wrong with his UFJD
On closer investigation he realized he had not installed the JD properly.
Having it on the ship that is docked to the mother ship,instead of the mother-ship stops the UFJD from working.
Having been a long day and realizing his mistake,it was time for some relaxation.
After that,he was request to protect a station,followed by destroying a Pirate base.
Thank goodness he had kept some of the missiles he'd collected and not sold all. :!:

He had to deal with several pirate ships before he could get near the base.
whittled down the shields and use missiles to finish it off.

Then he was request to return to NMMC HQ where he would have some interesting stock to buy in a warehouse clearance sale....
An Albatross(complete with Marines and a Personal HeadQuarters for the knock-down bargain-basement price of just under 47M :!:
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