Basic Script install mechanism for the Mac

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Basic Script install mechanism for the Mac

Post by DaBrutus » Sun, 29. Jan 12, 14:00

Hi all, This is a most informative forum, and I have found most of the answers I need to create scripts for the Mac platform but I am stuck on the basic registration process for the script to become visible / accessible in game.

I am running Mac OSX Lion current with all updates with the latest version of X3 Reunion, X3 Terran Conflict, and X3 Albion Prelude. All bought through the Apple Application Store.

I have been experimenting with creating Logistics scripts (Informational in most part) linking into Sector Trader. As an example I have a script that extends the Sector blacklist for 5 days rather than the Auto trader plugin of 4 minutes. I have been building Stations for the pirates to improve my relations (and earn some big cash) but my trading fleet swoops on these new stations and gets destroyed. So i created the blacklist extension to prevent this from happening.

I would like to be able to utilise my own scripts plus other public scripts for the Mac platform in as easy a form as the windows platform, without the end user having to be a Mac whiz.

My current situation with scripting is:

I have created and tested the scripts in game. The Mac version very conveniently stores the scripts you create in XML format in a script folder in the users Application Support library along with the save games.

I can move these scripts in and out of this script folder and all is good as long as I don't modify or edit the actual XML code block. (Can change details, version etc OK)

What I can not do is move these scripts to another instance of X3 or another Mac.

If I copy the xml files to the Application Scripts folder or to the User library scripts folder the scripts are not available in game.

If I try and create a new script with the same name as the one that I copy into the Library script folder it deletes the copied script. This tells me that the game know it is there and there are no permission issues.

I assume that the windows script installers have solved this problem. I have read posts on others attempts to install scripts on the Mac and some have been successful. I am not sure if this issue I face is a Mac OSX Lion problem or something basic I have missed around registering new XML scripts.

Any advice would be appreciated.

p.s. Big thanks to Cycrows's scripting tutorial, it reduced a huge learning curve down to an easy set of basic tasks.


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