Mani TP broken tooltip

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Mani TP broken tooltip

Post by Neferdias » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 12:46


I see something wrong here... do you?

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Post by cattafett » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 13:01

its the new cargobay compression system
those UFOs you hear about are just what you tried to explaine to me going over my head
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Post by InFlamesForEver » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 13:31

I laughed when I saw that.
What are they doing putting a black hole in there?!?!
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Post by salking » Thu, 22. Dec 11, 15:11

heh i already made a post about that in 3 different places, not really used to the forums :P

here ... highlight=

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