[MOD] IEX - AP/TC Sector Visual Enhancement - IEX 1.5b (27/07/2014)

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Post by WildDoktor » Sun, 14. Jan 18, 00:28

Yes...it works, and it's amazing! :)

Playing now...there goes the next 3 months of my life. :roll: :D

Thanks so much for your help Dreamer2008!

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Post by Vayde » Sun, 28. Jan 18, 21:54

Bit late to the party here but if memory serves, you can export your empire in LU, install this mod and then import your empire and IEX thinks its a new game start.
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Post by Whismerhill » Thu, 22. Mar 18, 10:42

pictures don't really do this mod justice, it just looks better while playing
and gives a great ambiance to sectors!
one of my preferred mods, even though I generally favor gameplay enhancements over graphics

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Post by Hariwulf » Sun, 1. Apr 18, 15:46

Please, could we get a version compatible with Mayhem 2?

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Re: [MOD] IEX - AP/TC Sector Visual Enhancement - IEX 1.5b (27/07/2014)

Post by Atarax » Mon, 28. Jan 19, 04:51

Hey guys, not too sure if I'm allowed to post bugs here Hoping that someone has perhaps come across this before or could point me in the right direction.

Some sectors in my game seem to have problems loading the skybox, eg. Black Hole Sun where the skybox is completely black.. some sectors are like this while some are not.. It's not game breaking, but I'm wondering if this might IEX related? I'm concerned to break anything by messing with my mod list!

I'm fairly new to X3 and modding it so apologies if I dont know something in advance. Here is my mod load order:

1-4 Egosoft

5-9 LU

10 IE (iex files)

11 IEX

12 LUi (Patch for IEX)

13 LU Gate Redesign mod

14 Cockpits

15 No Dust in sectors

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Re: [MOD] IEX - AP/TC Sector Visual Enhancement - IEX 1.5b (27/07/2014)

Post by Moonrat » Fri, 1. Feb 19, 21:23

Have you done this in both the original '...\X3TC' and '...\X3TC\addon' folders as per the OP?

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