[X3AP] New TP to Boarding Craft Conversion - {alpha testers needed}

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[X3AP] New TP to Boarding Craft Conversion - {alpha testers needed}

Post by GrahamSimmons » Mon, 19. Dec 11, 22:29

Hey guys.

I was flying around in the new Argon Phantom and I was pretty disappointed to find that it is basically no better than the existing TP class. It's not got the weapon energy or selection to power it's hardpoints, it can't defend itself against incoming missiles and it's not exactly fast either. This problem persists throughout all the new TP class vessels - so I elected to change that.

The new TPs are now dedicated boarding craft - they are faster and better armed, though they retain the light shielding and somewhat small cargobay capacities of their original counterparts. Missile and weapon selection has been expanded also. I feel the changes justify the much increased cost they have over the existing TPs like the Express.

What I really need right now is a tester or two - preferably one playing Commonwealth and one playing Terran. I have a prototype functioning mod, I just need to make sure it's 1. working properly and 2. balanced. If anybody would like to volunteer that would be excellent - anybody who uses Steam chat would be extremely valuable! So yeah, if anybody would care to volunteer, we can get this mod released as soon as possible :)


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