TC Steam keeps redownloading[SOLVED]

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TC Steam keeps redownloading[SOLVED]

Post by amtct » Wed, 14. Dec 11, 06:10

When I try to download the game through steam it keeps redownloading when it gets to @1,500MB.

Yes I tried:
-tried to download it on a different HDD
-tried to download it inside Program Files default steam location
-instal it using the retail disk
-I have a fast enough connection and my RAM is good (just in case someone thinks the files get errors when they are copied on the HDD)

I need a fix till 15 this month or I won't be able to play XAP DLC.

Thanks in advance .
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Post by CBJ » Wed, 14. Dec 11, 11:22

We can't really help with problems with the actual download process. That's something you'd have to contact Steam support about.

One suggestion though: since you also, I think, have a disk copy of the game, you could try bypassing most of the download process by following the instructions at the end of this FAQ entry.

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Post by amtct » Wed, 14. Dec 11, 14:47

Did that but it rechecks the game and it starts redownloading it from @33%.

I solved the problem by clicking play before the game was ready to play .Now I have to wait till midnight to get X AP :D

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Post by TSM » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 03:53

Steam was up and down like a yoyo from 6pm UK time until around 10 pm UK 14/12/2011 that might have been part of your issue.
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