[X3:TC] IBL trading

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[X3:TC] IBL trading

Post by mjwraw » Sun, 5. Jan 14, 14:06

Very quick question, am I right in assuming NPC traders won't buy IBLs at all because they aren't an available ware at any EQ docks or other selling stations ? So in other words as long as I keep the three IBL forges stocked with raw materials any produced IBLs will just sit there until I get round to collecting them ? (I've got a cheap freighter sat in each already just in case GoD tries to meddle !)

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Post by Cpt.Jericho » Sun, 5. Jan 14, 15:43

I only know for those in the Yaki Sektors. Never seen them being sold there. Can't say about the Pirate ones. I've never seen them being full.

A normal run I used to do was getting E-Cells to wheat farms in Getsu Fune, deposit them in the Yaki Space Fuel destilleries and ship Space Fuel to IBL- fabs. Usually a quite profitable run; as no other traders ever made it that far into Yaki space.
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Post by DrBullwinkle » Sun, 5. Jan 14, 17:30

I use CLS2 to keep the IBL forges stocked *and* to buy any IBL's the forge builds. The same ship(s) does(do) both jobs.

Works great, both in Weaver's Tempest and at Pirate IBL Forges.

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