[X3LU] Combat Speed Rebalance

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[X3LU] Combat Speed Rebalance

Post by Sqiurmo » Mon, 8. Jul 19, 16:55

I was kind of unsatisfied with the rate of fire for the weapons in LU, but I love a lot of what the mod does, so I figured I'd just change it myself.

What this mod does (based on this table http://blubb.najut.org/x3/lu/lasers_en_lu.html):
- 500% rounds per minute, 20% hull, shield, and OOS damage, as well as energy consumption and special effects (slow down etc.) for ware class S.
- 400% rpm, 25% the other stuff for ware class M.
- 300% rpm, 33.3% the other stuff for ware class L.
- XL class has not been touched.

The only exceptions are:
All OCV weapons, I didn't touch those.
Fusion and Tri-Beam Cannon, those feel more like XL so I left them.
Repair laser and MDS, didn't touch them.
Gamma Ray Cannon, I treated it as if it were M class.

In short, the dps of everything is pretty much the same (it'll be a little different as I had to round the numbers to the nearest integer), it just changes the rate of fire.

I did not touch the projectile speeds, nor the life of each projectile.

I also made a version that also does the following:

All M5, M3, and M4 ships speed 150%.
All M6 ships speed 130%.
All M7 and M8 ships speed 110%.

Download without ships: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l3r940ie4 ... U.rar/file

Download with ships: http://www.mediafire.com/file/30nio6afc ... s.rar/file

Put the .cat and .dat in the /x3terranconflict/addon/ folder and rename them to the next highest number.

Let me know if I screwed up somewhere or if you have some sort of feedback.

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