Litcube's Universe Installation issue

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Litcube's Universe Installation issue

Post by Hermicky » Wed, 10. Jul 19, 12:24

Disclaimer: Sorry if there are a hundred posts about this already I may have not looked hard enough.

Issue: I have followed the install guide on the wiki page to the letter for Litcube's Universe (including clean install steps). Now when starting the Non-Steam Executable I get the following message: "The code execution cannot proceed because zilib1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem." When I click OK on that I get the same message except it cannot find "libxml2.dll" and after clicking OK on that pop up I get the same message except it is "IMGDLL.dll" that it cannot find.

No idea what to do, any help appreciated.

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Re: Litcube's Universe Installation issue

Post by X2-Illuminatus » Sat, 13. Jul 19, 09:29

For the record, problems or questions about a script or mod should always be discussed in that script's or mod's thread.

Some easy things to check:
The files you mentioned are all part of a clean game installation, and are located directly in the X3 Terran Conflict game directory. If the .exe file cannot find them, this means they are either not there, damaged or you've put the .exe file into the wrong directory. For the latter check that the X3AP NoSteam.exe is located in the X3 Terran Conflict directory, not in its addon folder. If the .exe file is already located correctly, but it still cannot find the files, delete existing copy of the files (provided there are any) and let Steam redownload them again. You may have to create a new clean installation for that, so that Steam does not overwrite files from your existing mod installation.

For future reference, when installing games from Steam let Steam verify the integrity of the game files to ensure that really all files were downloaded correctly. It's also worth to start the vanilla game once, before the installation of mods, to rule out any startup issues like the one you just encountered.

If none of the above helps with your issue, please post in the LU thread.


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