Thunderbolt missile - Ingenious Uses ??

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Bill Huntington
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Thunderbolt missile - Ingenious Uses ??

Post by Bill Huntington » Mon, 28. Mar 11, 19:40

I am presently working through the first New Home mission, rescuing the civilians in Freedom’s Reach.

I am using the Thunderbolt missile as a mid – distance standoff missile, and it is effective for that.

I noted this in the Encyclopedia info on the Thunderbolt. “Pilots have found other more ingenious uses for them.”

My Question: What are these other ingenious uses?

Thank you.
Bill in S.F., enjoying the game

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Post by StarSword » Mon, 28. Mar 11, 19:43

The only one I can think of is busting M5s, M4s, and small to midsize Kha'ak clusters at extreme range. (It doesn't do enough damage to destroy the big clusters; only pisses them off.)

T-bolt is a great missile all around, though. I keep ten on my M3s, and a hundred on my Panther.
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Post by AgamemnonArgon » Mon, 28. Mar 11, 21:05

Thunderbolt is a good all round missile. I will carry upwards of a hundred on my own ship and forty or more on other Capitals, even on M6's.
I will try to use it to fire at missiles that are approaching me, if I can get a lock.
I will fire them rapidly or individually at any ships, as it can sometimes be better to fire missiles when awaiting lasers to recharge than sit there feeling unarmed.
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Post by Catra » Mon, 28. Mar 11, 21:52

Most of the tricks I can think of can be done with any missile TBH, though I suppose the T-bolt is pretty optimized to carry out most of em to max effect:

- shoot one at a ship with the FBL in its turret. No need to swurve anymore.

- shoot one at a cap with escorts, then at the escorts closest to the turrets. Hope its set to defense.

- shoot one right before entering firing range with a corvette. Thisll allow for a longer attack run, or for continueing to deal damage if you need to break off.

- shoot one before leaving firing range with any ship, to lower shields further and to halt shield regen.

- to force ships to use missiles it would otherwise shoot at you.

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