gotta have that Q

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gotta have that Q

Post by TemporalAnomaly » Tue, 8. Feb 11, 09:04

so I've got 30k chips to go on the HUB... killing time doing endless Unfocused jumps in search of the mythical Aran... when on returning to known universe (bluish snout) I spots me a Q and escorts (2xLs, 4xMs)... well I'm thinking here I am in my Cobra with 20 almost 100 all round marines and my Deimos is nearby with 16x100 marines... why not... (I'm playing DVD on steam to see if I can get all achievements without buying any ships).

Long story short, escorts fall to flails, Q's shields fall to hammers, "team inbound", transfer reinforcements to Cobra, when through the hull let 2nd volley of pods rip, 21 made it to the core with a few floaters "the ship is ours" net loss of 10 marines...

ping.. Reboot achieved now about that Aran...

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Post by JoeVN09 » Tue, 8. Feb 11, 09:09

Now that's how to cap a Q. :pirat: Nice Job!
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Post by brattbags01 » Tue, 8. Feb 11, 19:29

Nice job :pirat: though you will soon learn that unlike the AI controlled Q's which seem to have limitless firepower, player owned Q's are actually a very average M7 with no up/down turrets and only rear mounted flack (though the left/right PPC are handy, you'll be out of energy as fast as a Thresher) :(
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Post by Rogue » Tue, 8. Feb 11, 20:39

True but OOS sector defence Q's are monsters
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Post by TemporalAnomaly » Wed, 9. Feb 11, 00:33

thanks JoeVN09

yeah kitted it out and tried it in combat and whilst speed and agility are nice, lack of firepower and shields is a downside. Recently acquired a police Thresher (target of opportunity) just had to try an M7 with 10 ppc up front, good against big targets but woeful shielding means you have to be on your toes... back to the Deimos (gotta love 6G sheilds) now with a Q and a Thresher running support... off to a xenon sector to try raise that combat rank...

if anyone was wondering... no reloads just lots of practice on (Akumas) and prep (reading forum)

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