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Post by AlexCCCP » Mon, 8. Jul 13, 23:49

Well after an HD crash I lost my TC games so I decided to get AP and try this script again which I couldn't get to work on TC (just racked up energy cells and never produced product)

I tried to follow the instructions to make it AP compatible by making the Tfactories file in SCH .dat merged with the 03.dat (on my IR2.0, Cycrow cheats and Universal BestBuy AP 3.0 game). Renamed the the SCH to 04. Extracted relevant stuff to t and script folder. But ingame script editor doesn't show setup.SaturnCH. I'm totally lost on what to do to make this sucker work.

I really want a mod like this, but having failed on TC and now on AP im get frustrated :-( Is there anything else similar to this now, or can someone maybe tell me what I'm missing??

EDIT: I've managed to get the SCHs into the game, I was merging the tfactories into the SCH.dat but merging into the 03.dat is what I needed to do, not sure why....
EDIT 2: Woot! I managed to get it humming, I swear though it took my newb ass 3 hrs to figure this out. Thanks, litcube! But even still I dunno why it wasn't running production on my old TC game.

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Post by Dragondj0 » Thu, 28. Nov 13, 04:52

Sorry to resurrect this thread but I tried following the instructions to get this mod to work with Albion Prelude.

I put the cat and dat file into Mods as I have no other ones that I want to run.
Extract the TFactory from 02 and Saturn Complex hub and merge.
Place the merged TFactory.txt into types
Did the script edits like said,
Finally using AddStation script to add the Saturn Station to Argon Prime shipyard.

I can purchase it, it deploys and still runs it script if I use the Hotkey for the configuration on it, but it is invisible and I can't comm it. I tried moving the Cat and Dat file into a fake patch but now my game save is Corrupt (It was just a backup I was trying to work it on)

Any help would be appreciated

Scratch that, I got it to work by doing a fake patch and reloading back again. Just trying to play with the Script now to see if I can do anything about having to side with those pesky Terrans :lol:

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Post by Etyneo » Tue, 24. Dec 13, 05:33

Just thought I'd mention that I was successfully able to edit the setup script with X Studio so that the correct wares are installed on that station in Saturn 3.

Was not exactly a cakewalk though, as XStudio didn't seem to recognize the names for the SCHs above 20, had to find 'em in the Unspecified category and otherwise use the internal IDs that the player never sees (LIT_FAC_xxx).
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Post by Litcube » Tue, 24. Dec 13, 05:36

Well done!

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Post by i64man » Tue, 24. Dec 13, 13:55


Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I just have a simple question, to add the Saturn complex to AP, it just a matter to add the t and scripts files and the cat/dat at the end of the addon folder, nothing else?

I am not too skillful when it comes to modding or messing around with mods.


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Post by Litcube » Tue, 24. Dec 13, 15:30

i64man, read the original post, and there's links to instructions half the way down.

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Post by Etyneo » Tue, 24. Dec 13, 19:39

Additionally, if you're running any mods that affect TFactories you will need to merge the TFactories files and modify the setup script so that it points to the correct factories. Otherwise the new shipyard in Saturn 3 will not have the correct stock. I seem to remember something about instructions on page 11 and/or 14...
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Post by THE_TrashMan » Fri, 23. Oct 15, 19:23

Will this work with AP and XRM?
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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 23. Oct 15, 20:19

@ THE_Trashman: Read the first 3 posts in this thread and the answer would seem to be pretty positive. (Post 3 says how to use with other mods and post 1 mentions X3AP installation.)

Of course you also need to check in its thread that XRM will work OK with this mod.
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Post by caishow2 » Sat, 24. Oct 15, 02:56

This MOD and FDN8.04 are the same?

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Post by Zaitsev » Sat, 24. Oct 15, 15:26

caishow2 wrote:This MOD and FDN8.04 are the same?
Short answer: No. From what I could gather the FDN act as a centralized access point for factories within its operating range, which is stated to be five jumps away, and it also seem to distribute resources among the factories within range.

Saturn Complex Hubs are basically an entire, self sufficient complex stuffed inside a single factory, designed to produce large amounts of one ware.
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Post by ArcticPrism » Wed, 18. Nov 15, 08:37

In the Litcube's Universe Mod, how do I transfer materials into the complex? I can't do it like I would with a normal station by simply opening freight and moving the slider.

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Post by dizzy » Wed, 18. Nov 15, 11:07

If this is a question about LU ask in the LU thread. Anyways, you don't transfer resources, like Zaitsev said it's self-sufficient. You can only transfer the products and its secondary resource (if you have some Energy Cells leftover).
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Post by Zanzubaa » Wed, 1. Jun 16, 17:43

The complex calculator is just locking up X3LU for me.

I select number of modules, hit 'OK' and the game freezes up and I am forced to ctrl-alt-del back into Windows and force shut down the un-responsive game.

I have given the script plenty of time to do its business. I know it can take a few seconds. I left it much longer.

I re-installed the script a few times but no good.

Just to clarify.
DAT+CAT ----------> X3LU root directory, renamed. For me to 14.
script files ----------> addon/scripts
T files -----------> addon/t

I do not know what else to do really. Sometimes it locked up with 1 module selected, it always locks up with more selected. I assume 'modules' is the number of factories you want (say 50 wasp missile fabs).

My install is as so. All fresh. Installed in the order listed.
X3AP 3.0

Satellites Monitoring 1.6b
XM-R v1.59b ([X3LU] X-Missions Reloaded (XM-R) v1.59b)
X3LU_SIaF-7-r7 (Ty Dizzy)

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Post by Sirrobert » Wed, 1. Jun 16, 18:00

SCH is already part of LU, this mod is for vanilla.
Also: don't use the bonus pack with LU, it has problems
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