Terran Revitalization Project (TRP) - 11/26/2013 - Stealing Logi 1.4 FR

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Post by 150147 » Sat, 20. Sep 14, 13:27

Hi guys - hope you can help - I seem to be stuck.
Playing X3AP with TRP installed.
Finished the stealing logi plot then played for hours but no new plot start.
I have high rep with everyone (except Argon), lots of credits and have the following scripts installed:

X3AP Bonus Packs
Board Station – Uberex
Cheat Pack - Cycrow
JSON Parser Library
Lazcorp Claim Sector
Marine Repairs
NPC Bailing Add-on – ThisIsHarsh
Salvage Command Suite – TECSG
Resource Free Factories
Station Repacker
Weapons Select Extension

Am I missing something to start the plot?
Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by 150147 » Thu, 30. Oct 14, 16:45

Wow! No posts for 6 weeks? I guess no one is playing this!

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Post by TTD » Thu, 30. Oct 14, 19:01

sorry... not tried this particular one yet...

have you tried PM'ing the author?

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Post by Litcube » Thu, 30. Oct 14, 19:17

TTD wrote:have you tried PM'ing the author?
Yeah, do that. They love that shit.

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Post by Midnightknight » Tue, 25. Nov 14, 18:41


I'm using complex cleaner and wonders if there is a way to add content of the ATF Shipyard in the game without having the two conflicting?
Looks like it add a fake patch to the game but don't know if there is a way to make it work properly with CC.

fisher 2000
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Post by fisher 2000 » Mon, 22. Dec 14, 03:12

Still enjoying this mod as part of my gameplay after all these years !! Great job !!

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Post by Grid » Tue, 4. Aug 15, 01:59

hello seem to have a bug with the xenon plot End of the line seem to make all xenon friendly with me at start of plot?

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Post by Kontaro » Sun, 16. Aug 15, 19:43

Tis a pity this mod seems dead, what with the near year of no author posts...or updates....or anything...

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Post by eldyranx3 » Wed, 16. Sep 15, 05:15

Well, there's a reason why I've been pretty quiet this past year. And seeing as how sooner or later this would come up, I better get this out of the way now.

If you look at the credits to XRebirth, you will see my previous legal name as 'Christopher 'eldyranx3' Wagoner'.

In April of 2015. for reasons best not discussed on a public message board, I legally changed my name to Christene Latrans Winters.

The only person who knew about this is co-collaborator on X3AP 3.0, Dr. Bullwinkle. For the past year I have been running around three different states for an IT outsourcing company fixing servers and generally keeping a low profile. I generally don't game much anymore, and honestly haven't touched an XML editor in about a year now. If anyone would like to pick up support for this Mod, that would be great. I'm truly sorry that I haven't responded to comments in this thread, but if you can imagine I've been pretty busy with endocrinology appointments and work related travel.

Thank you to everyone who used or helped improve this modification to the X-Series.

And an especially huge thank you to Egosoft for allowing me to join the DevNet team, and allow a previous incarnation of myself to leave her mark on the X-Universe.
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Post by Ketraar » Wed, 16. Sep 15, 10:51

eldyranx3 wrote:Thank you to everyone who used or helped improve this modification to the X-Series.
Na thanks goes to you for all your contributions. Wish you all the best in your endeavours, maybe on day we shall break games again. :-)



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Post by SacremPyrobolum » Fri, 29. Apr 16, 09:02

Am I blind or is there no link to download the base mod?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 29. Apr 16, 11:18

Base mod? As it's mentioned in the opening post the TRP consists of different plots, mods and script, which can all be installed separately.
eldyranx3 wrote:This project rolls out several optional Plots, Mods, and Scripts offering renewed life to the X3TC/X3AP Terran Experience. Each can be installed separately or integrated as a whole to fix common complaints about the Sol System.
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Post by SacremPyrobolum » Fri, 29. Apr 16, 18:28

Wow, suprised by the speedy response.

When he said that 'below are optional mods/scripts for TPR' I assumed there was a base mod I was missing.

And when I downloaded all the Albion Prelude compatible ones (not the plots, as I am using TC plots for AP) I was stuck on a loading screen when starting a new game.

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Post by ErdeFB » Sat, 7. May 16, 19:12

This might be a stupid question (and probably already answered, but I don't know how to search within a specific thread), but how badly this conflicts with Litcube's Universe if at all?

Edit: I'm mostly worried about the part fixing Terran economy. If LU fixes that already my question is rather redundant.

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Post by Sirrobert » Sat, 7. May 16, 19:19

I've never visited Terran space in LU, the sectors are moved to the middle of the Commonwealth, and they have jump gates. So easier to keep it alive with universe traders at the very least

The changed location of the sectors alone would probably mean there's no chance to make them work together, even if nothing else changes
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