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Post by azzadawg » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 09:14

THanks for the heads up mate! I was hoping moving the cameradummy would shift the view past that triangle... sadly it didn't work.

Tried changing every instance to x3tc when presented with the dropdown menu, still doesn't show the weapon loadout changes for some reason. The ship stat changes work, just not the guns or missiles. This model has only one weapon slot and no turrets.

Is it possible to change the ship size in game? For example scaling it down by 50%? I changed the class to M6 (from M2) and it allowed me to dock at a station, but ship crashed on undock, presumably because it's massive.

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Post by Cycrow » Tue, 6. Mar 18, 11:38

The only way to change the size would be to scale down the model itself.
you could technically do this manually, but i wouldn't advise it. Best to import it into gmax, scale it down then export it out again

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