Capping in a TP

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Capping in a TP

Post by Negative » Fri, 19. Feb 10, 20:15

I have a fully fitted express 3 M3 wingmen but i cant seem to cap a M6 everytime i try to cap a pirate m6 weather it be a osprey or centaur it gets fwooshed by sector police and i can't really tell my drones to stop attacking because it takes forever doing it manually to 15 drones same with telling them to attack shields. I tried capping a unarmed TL but my marines can't penetrate the hull despite most of my marines having 3 star mechanics. I just want to know if there is a way to tell all my drones to attack shields without selecting it manually for all of them and whats the easiest M6 to capture and an ideal system to do so. It probably sounnds noobish but i just spent an hour and a bit trying to cap some with no results.

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Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Fri, 19. Feb 10, 20:37

Game version?

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Post by Nanook » Fri, 19. Feb 10, 22:24

The broadcast and group commands for drones are very limited and don't include the Attack Shields command, unfortunately. You have to do it individually. Some players try to estimate how many drones it takes to keep the shields lowered once you drop them by some other means, and just let the drones attack until the ship is captured.
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Post by Rive » Fri, 19. Feb 10, 23:22

Easiest is the Pirate Osprey. The ideal situation is when it's coming through a gate for a station (DefStat mission). And yes, you have to tell every drone to attack shields.

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