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X3 TC Codea help

Post by xrpgkingx » Mon, 7. Mar 16, 22:20

im having a issue with Codea. i have it installed along with military transport and the script that makes it so you pay your personnel. (cant remember what that ones called) any way i cant seem to transfer pilots to fighters. i have a zypher. i have 6 pilots. the zypher has all the upgrades and equipment. i have 2 falcons and 2 buster vanguards docked at the zypher. they are all fully equiped with the right stuff as well as full weapons Shields and everything else. but when i try to transfer a pilot to a cockpit the menu just flashes and stays on the pilot screen. i cant figure out if Codea is broken or bugged or if maybe i dident set somthing up in the menu or what any help would be great. thanks

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Post by scoutster » Tue, 8. Mar 16, 01:54

What happens if you select "Transfer all pilots to free cockpits"?

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Post by spacetrucking » Tue, 8. Mar 16, 22:04

CODEA does not allow seta + video-googles + boost to be installed on a 'piloted' ship. If all 3 are installed, CODEA marks the ship as 'player only'.

so if you drop at least one of those 3 ship-extensions you'll be fine.

by the way, NPC's don't seta.


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