[TC] Guide to the Corporations [Spoilers] {Ver. 1.7.2} (Updated May 31st, 2010)

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[TC] Guide to the Corporations [Spoilers] {Ver. 1.7.2} (Updated May 31st, 2010)

Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 02:13

Had a little free time on my hands so I decided to throw together a guide with information pertaining to the Corporations of the X-Universe to accomodate both the new users and the vets of the forums alike. And so I present,


*** This Guide does not apply to vanilla X3AP which has no Corporation missions *** <Added by Alan Phipps>

Table of Contents

I. The Corporations
  • Grouped by Corporation:
  • Corporate HQ image
  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Where Corporation Resides
  • Special Sell/Buy
  • Pre Reqs.
II. The Missions
  • First Missions
  • Assassinating
  • Defending and Protecting
  • Following
  • Transporting
  • Delivering
III. The Rewards
  • Grouped by Corporation:
  • Rank Number/Rank Title & First Ship
  • Rank Number/Rank Title & Second Ship
  • Rank Number/Rank Title & Third Ship
  • Image Of Each Reward Ship

IV. Additional Information <---Link
  • Rank/Reputation
  • First Mission Assassinations
  • First Mission Convoys
  • Plot Breaking
  • Getting Fired
  • Corporate Reset (Script)
  • Multiple Rewarding
  • Encyclopedia
  • PDF Manual
  • PDF Version of Guide (Downloadable)
V. FAQ <---Link
  • Questions & Answers
VI. Acknowledgements <---Link
  • Credits
  • Version Number with Update Information
  • Sidenote I: All uploaded images are a 1920x1080 resolution, which is the size of the original shots when they taken. Any screenshots may be used by others as long as credit is provided, any requests for original shots (prior to merging/name addition/resolution change) feel free to PM me.
  • Sidenote II: Section IV (Additional Information), Section V (FAQ), and Section VI (Acknowledgements) are now links which will take you to the second post in this thread (formerly a reserved post). The links are not the usual link color since I felt each section should retain its original look (color).

There are eight Corporations belonging to the various main races scattered thoughout the universe. The Headquarters that each Corporation calls home are easily recongnizable due to their size and rarity. At this time there is no Corporation that is affiliated with the Terrans/ATF, all Corporations are part of the Commonwealth (for the most part). All Corporations have their own individual rank/rep ladders that will appear below the main races ranks/rep ladder in the Player Status Display once the player has successfully completed the first mission. A full list of Corporation ranks can be found in the Encyclopedia once a given Corporation has been found/located , it also can also be found in the Game Manual (both in paper and PDF form), and can be found in the the FAQ section of the EgoSoft website. The Encyclopedia location and PDF Game Manual link information can be found in Section V, link for the full Corporation rank names from the EgoSoft FAQ can be found at the very bottom of Section I in the Sidenote II entry.

Atreus HQ:
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Boron
    Location: Queen's Harbour
    Unique/rare ware sold: Jumpdrive
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Boron

Duke's Haven (HQ):
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Paranid (rogue/unaffiliated)
    Location: Unknown Sector 10, 16 (South of Heaven's Assertion)
    Unique/rare ware sold: Software Signature Scrambler/Cargo Bay Shielding
    Requirements: Must be in any Paranid fighter (M3-M5) for the first mission, afterwards any ship may be used
    Additional Requirements: Must be on fairly good terms with the Pirates due to Duke's being a "Pirate" organization and the Pirates rep/Duke's rep being linked to each other. If the players' Pirate rep drops too low the Duke will drop you and the representative will not reappear. Depending on which gamestart was chosen the HQ may also have to be hacked via a third party that's within three sectors of the HQ (i.e. Pirate representative)
    Sidenote: Duke's is also one of the most problematic, if not the most problematic Corporation to work for. If at any time during your employ with Duke's, the HQ is destroyed, the representative will not return when the HQ respawns. So be on the lookout for Military vessels belonging to the Paranid or Split headed to the Unknown Sector that Duke resides in because you will have to defend the station if you wish to reach the top rank.
  • Sidenote: If playing under the 2.6 game version the requirement to be in any Paranid fighter (M3-M5) to start working for Duke's has been lifted. You are now able to start the missions in any ship.
Jonferco HQ:
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Argon
    Location: Belt of Aguilar
    Unique/rare ware sold: Bioscanner/Transporter Device
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Argon
    Sidenote: Of the eight Corporations, Jonferco is only one of two HQ's that does not have docking capabilities for a M7 or larger class vessel, the other being Plutarch
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Teladi
    Location: PTNI Headquarters
    Unique/rare ware sold/bought: Nividium
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Teladi
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Argon
    Location: Legend's Home
    Unique/rare ware sold: Jumpdrive/Salvage Insurance
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Argon
    Sidenote: The ability to buy ships at the OTAS shipyard is dependent on your rank with the Argon
Plutarch HQ:
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Argon
    Location: Ore Belt
    Unique/rare ware sold/bought: Nividium
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Argon
    Sidenote: Of the eight Corporations, Plutarch is only one of two HQ's that does not have docking capabilities for a M7 or larger class vessel, the other being Jonferco
Strong Arms HQ:
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Split
    Location: Thyn's Excavation
    Unique/rare sold: Cargo Lifesupport System/Cargo Bay Shielding
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Split
TerraCorp HQ:
  • Image
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Race: Argon
    Location: Home of Light
    Unique/rare ware sold: Bioscanner/Transporter Device/Jumpdrive/Salvage Insurance
    Requirements: Neutral/Friendly towards the Argon
  • Sidenote I: Cargo Bay Shielding for both Duke's & Strong Arms will only be in stock immediately following the respawning of the HQ if it has been destroyed by either hostile forces or the player.
  • Sidenote II: Full rank listings for each Corporation can be located in this FAQ link.

The missions that are offered by the representative of a given Corporation are randomly chosen from a select pool. The missions given are the same as any mission that you find offered any NPC station in the universe except you gain rep with a given Corporation rather than a given Commonwealth race. Corporation representatives do not give Build, Scan, Xenon Invasion, Patrol, or Return/Abandon/Stolen Ship missions.
  • Sidenote I: The very first mission offered by each Corporation is permanent until said mission has been completed. Any missions undertaken by the player after the first mission will become random.
  • Sidenote II: Information on rank/rep gain and loss will be located in Section IV.
First missions of each Corporation are as follows:
  • Atreus HQ: Assassination
  • Duke's Haven (HQ): Assassination
  • Jonferco HQ: Transport Passenger (TP required)
  • NMMC HQ: Deliver Quantum Tubes*
  • OTAS HQ: Escort Convoy*
  • Plutarch HQ: Deliver Energy Cells*
  • Strong Arms HQ: Assassination
  • TerraCorp HQ: Escort Convoy*
Some of these first missions will be a one time mission offered by the Corporations and will not be requested again in subsequent missions. Also the higher your Fight rank, the bigger the ship the target will be in, and upon the destruction of the ship the rank/rep loss will be massive (i.e. going from the top rank of a race to the absolute rock bottom rank).

(*): Indicates mission is offered only as a First Mission.
  • Sidenote: Further explananation into what ships will appear, the rank/rep loss percentage for killing the target, and what the overall effect can be for First Mission Assassinations will be located in Section IV. The information is also relevant for Assassination missions from Duke's Haven (HQ).
Assassination: You will be required to kill a target. What ship your target is in depends on your Fight rank and to a lesser degree what ship you are in. If you wish to minimize the rep loss, kill the target and target only, avoid killing the escorts. Also, if you don't want your Fight rank to climb have an A.I. controlled ship that you own land the killing shot. The only ways to fail this sort of mission is if the time limit runs out, you die, or the target is killed by an NPC (i.e. Argon Military Cerberus).
  • Mission Successful: Target is eliminated
  • Mission Failure: Time expires/NPC kills target/Player dies
Defend/Protect Station: You will be required to defend/protect a given station from hostile forces. The number, type/class of ships, and race of hostiles that attack, like an Assassination mission, depend on your Fight rank and what ship you are in. Unlike an Assassination mission however, all hostiles must be killed for the mission to be completed and there is no time limit. These types of missions can be completed by the player, an A.I. controlled ship that you own, or by the NPC. An NPC can kill all the hostiles and you will still receive a "Mission Completed". The only ways to fail this sort of mission is if the station is destroyed or if you die.
  • Mission Successful: All hostile forces eliminated
  • Mission Failure: Station is destroyed/Player dies
  • Sidenote: It must be noted when you accept this sort of mission from Duke's Haven (HQ), the ships will be of Pirate origin which will affect your Pirate Rep and your relation to Duke's, should you or an AI ship that you own do the killing.
Follow: You will be required to follow a ship to it's destination, there is no time limit. What ship the target is in is entirely random but will never be in an TM/M6/M7/M7M/TL/M2/M1, AFAIK. For the journey never get closer than 10km or further than 17-18km from the target or the target will become hostile (if too close) or vanish (if too far away). When the target passes a certain gate (1 to 3 gates from destination, depending on length of journey) hostiles will jump in and attack the player. If you have heavy enough shielding you can ignore them, you can kill them but make sure the ship you're following doesn't get out of range, or hope the hostiles run into an opposing force that kill them. Follow missions also have the tendancy to be broken every now and again, a simple way to tell if the mission is broken is to view the info on the target ship once you are in range (about 15km or so). If the ship has no destination then the mission is bust and cannot be completed.
  • Mission Successful: Target makes it to destination
  • Mission Failure: Target becomes hostile/Target disappears/Player dies
  • Sidenote: If the player wishes to avoid encountering hostile forces during this sort of mission you need only do the following step. IIRC enemy ships will come out of the gate once the player is roughly 10km from said gate. So rather than follow the target through the gate, once the target goes through, wait for a brief period of time to pass, then use the Jumpdrive. This will have to be done with each gate (1-3 sectors from destination, which one the hostiles will first appear tends to vary) in order to avoid such encounters. It is also recommended that you save just after the target goes through the gate. Jump too late and you lose the target. Jump too early and you risk being too close to the target. Keep in mind when deciding how much to needs to pass before jumping that the Jumpdrive has to power up (roughly 10 seconds).
Transport: You will be required to take a passenger to their destination. You will need a ship that has an M sized cargo bay and a Cargo Lifesupport System, a Jumpdrive is also recommended. You will have a time limit to get the person to the given station. You have to pick up the passenger and take them to the given HQ or station. Also sometimes you will be required to use a TP to do the mission. If the mission has "luxury" or "passenger transport" in the message then it requires a TP to be used.
  • Mission Successful: Passenger is delivered to their requested station
  • Mission Failure: Time limit expires/Passenger not delivered/Player dies
  • Sidenote I: Transportation missions, if aborted or failed can break the Corporation missions and you will not be able to continue. Full information on this can be found in Section IV.
  • Sidenote II: It is also possible for the person needing transportation to appear on a ship. Once you locate the ship and get within range of said ship, the passenger will transport over to the players ship.
Delivery: You will be required to deliver three different types of missiles to a given HQ, you will have a time limit. All the missiles that the given Corporation requires, both type and number, will be displayed before you accept the mission so you can gather them before accepting the mission. The missile requirement for any of the three will never be less than 10 or more than 20. All missiles are buyable except one.

Missiles that the Corporations will ask for:
  • Disruptor Missile (unbuyable)
  • Hornet Missile
  • Silkworm Missile
  • Typhoon Missile
  • Firestorm Torpedo
  • Mosquito Missile
  • Wasp Missile
  • Dragonfly Missile
  • Firefly Missile
  • Tempest Missile
  • Thunderbolt Missile
  • Aurora Missile
Corporations will not ask for Terran/ATF, Kha'ak, or unbuyable missiles (except one).
  • Mission Successful: All missiles are delivered within the time limit
  • Mission Failure: Time expires/Player dies (somehow)

All the Corporations will reward the player with a ship once the player has reached Ranks 4, 7, and 10 with that particular Corporation. The ship given for each of the mention rank levels will be different each time. Shortly after you reach an appropriate rank you will receive a comm message asking you to return to the given HQ. If the message doesn't contain that they have work for a future job then you're getting a ship. The ship will appear docked at the given Corporation HQ once you have docked personally. One reward ship will be given at each of the appropriate ranks, however there is a way to get the ships multiple times which will be explained in Section IV.

All images of the reward ships were taken in the given Corporations home sector upon being awarded to the player. No upgrades of any sort were given to any ship, with the exception of the Sirokos which received a Cargo Lifesupport System, Marines, and Boarding Pods. Also all the reward ships, well the ones that have guns on them, come with IRE's as standard, barring the Skiron which came with PAC's.

Atreus HQ:
  • Rank 4 (Technology Broker): Enhanced Mako (M4)
    Rank 7 (Shipbuilding Protector): Barracuda Prototype (M3)
    Rank 10 (Knight of Atreus): Skate Prototype (M3+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
Duke's Haven (HQ):
  • Rank 4 (Buccaneers' Professional): Enhanced Pericles (M4)
    Rank 7 (Priest's Guard): Advanced Perseus (M3)
    Rank 10 (Honour Guard of Priest Duke): Medusa Prototype (M3+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
Jonferco HQ:
  • Rank 4 (JSDD Professional): Enhanced Mercury (TS)
    Rank 7 (JSDD Protector): Enhanced Elite (M4+)
    Rank 10 (Hero of Jonferson): Heavy Centaur Prototype (Heavy M6/M6+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
  • Rank 4 (Mineral Specialist): Vulture Prototype (TS)
    Rank 7 (Nividium Specialist): Kite Vanguard (M4+)
    Rank 10 (Hero of Profit): Enhanced Kea (M3)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
  • Rank 4 (Armaments Professional): Solano (M4+)
    Rank 7 (OTAS Master Chief): Venti (M3)
    Rank 10 (OTAS Legend): Skiron (M6)
    Rank 10 (OTAS Legend)[Bonus]: Sirokos (M7M) becomes available for purchase from the OTAS shipyard
    Image Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
  • Sidenote: Concerning the Sirokos, this ship didn't officially exist in a vanilla (unmodified) game until 2.0, despite having it's marine capacity increased in 1.4.
Plutarch HQ:
  • Rank 4 (Mineral Specialist): Mercury Prototype (TS)
    Rank 7 (Merchant Protector): Advanced Discoverer (M5)
    Rank 10 (Industrial Legend): Heavy Centaur Prototype (Heavy M6/M6+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
Strong Arms HQ:
  • Rank 4 (Warrior): Enhanced Jaguar (M5)
    Rank 7 (Strong Arms' Protector): Advanced Mamba (M3)
    Rank 10 (Honoured Strong Arms Legend): Enhanced Chimera (M3+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)
TerraCorp HQ:
  • Rank 4 (TerraCorp Professional): Advanced Express (TP)
    Rank 7 (Security Master Chief): Nova Prototype (M3)
    Rank 10 (TerraCorp Legend): Eclipse Prototype (M3+)
    Image Image Image
    (Click images to enlarge)

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Guide to the Corporations [Spoilers] {Ver. 1.7.2} (Updated May 31st, 2010)

Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 03:07


Rank/Rep Increase/Decrease for Successful/Failed Missions

Increase: When you complete your first mission for a given Corporation you will start at Rank 0 with a 65%. All successful missions completed will give you a 10% increase until you reach Rank 1. After reaching Rank 1 the rank/rep increase for completed mission will be anywhere from 13% to 25%, and yes the increase is random as well. If you don't like the increase you received for the completed mission, reloading is always an option but that's up to the player. If anyone's ever gotten a rank/rep increase higher than 25% please let me know.
  • Rank 0: 10% increase
  • Rank 1-->Rank 9: 13-25%
  • Rank 10: 13-25%, until the rank percentage can go no further
  • Sidenote: If playing under an older game version like 1.0, the rank/rep increase after the first misson at Rank 0 will be 5% instead of 10%.
Decrease: Depending on what your Corporation rank is will decide the amount of rank/rep loss one receives for aborting/failing a mission. At lower levels (below Rank 4), aborted/failed missions gave me a 3% drop. At Rank 0, however, the rank/rep loss will be 5%. At higher levels (above Rank 4) aborted/failed missions gave me a 0% to 1% drop. Further looking into this matter will be required and any additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

The percentages will be abort/fail, respectively.
  • Rank 0: -5%/-25% decrease
  • Rank 1: -3-6%/-3-6%
  • Rank 2: ?/?
  • Rank 3: -0-1%/-1-3%
  • Rank 4: -0-1%/-1%
  • Rank 5: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 6: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 7: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 8: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 9: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 10: -0-1%/-0-1%
  • Rank 10 (100%): -2%/-2%
    (Information is incomplete at this time)

    You may notice that at Rank 10 (100%) an abort/fail results in a 2% loss. No matter which mission I aborted/failed it always resulted in a 2% loss.
The Starting Missions - Targets for Assassination: Atreus, Strong Arms, & Duke's

These missions are slightly different to the usual Assassination missions given by the Corporations as the target will be of one of the main races as opposed to a Pirate. This means two things:

1. The rep loss can be significantly more problematic in the long run with a main race than it is with Pirates. Keep in mind that when Duke's Haven (HQ) gives an Assassination mission the target will always be a main race, the Paranid.

2. In Pirate assassination missions the biggest ship the target will be in is an M6 but for the main races the target can be in anything up to an M2... and killing one of those will take you from whatever race rank you were at to rock bottom!

This means that how these missions are done is very important and the rank/rep loss can be reduced significantly with a little care. What you ideally want is to take out a small target without engaging the escorts. It is also preferable not to be in a sector owned by the same race as your target to avoid police involvement.

First things first, you should read this information from Carlo the Curious explaining how the enemy ships that are spawned are decided for combat missions that the player undertakes which can be viewed at the following thread, The Opponent Balancing System (OBS).

That is kind of complicated so I'll give a quick explanation. Basically what it says is that the enemies that are spawned for combat missions are decided on a points system based on... in order of importance (i.e. how much they affect the mission target):
  • Your current combat rank
  • The mission difficulty
  • Your current ship
  • The ships you own IS when accepting the mission

One of the above is irrelevant to this because, as far as I'm aware, all the Corporation missions difficulty are set at Average. So according to the information this means that the target ship and it's escorts are decided by:
  • Your current combat rank
  • The class of your current ship when accepting the mission
  • All ships that you own within 15km of the player ship
This means that it is possible to significantly reduce the size of the target and it's escorts and therefore the amount of race reputation likely to be lost upon completion... and that's before you've even accepted the mission.

To achieve this goal there are varying methods.

1. Accept the mission at a very low combat rank (i.e. as soon after you start a new game as possible and before you start anything like the Terran or FF plots would be best).

2. At higher combat ranks accept the mission in an M5 and make sure that there are no other ships that you own within 15km (get them OOS to be sure).

3. If you are at a high race rep and the target you are given is still a capital ship so destroying it is completely ruining your race rep. Try capping it instead. The rep loss is significantly less and you get a free ship although it may disappear shortly after you take it.

(Thanks to Spychotic and Bill Huntington for information on capping these ships)

Further tips to reduce rep loss relating to enemy escorts:

1. You must kill the target yourself or an AI controlled ship that you own to complete the mission but the escorts are meaningless. Try getting and M7M or M8 to launch missiles at the escorts (making sure that the excess will not destroy your target) and then jump the ship out before the missiles contact...for those that don't know...this counts as NPC kills and you will not lose any race rep or have to worry about the escorts anymore.

2. Most of the escorts will jump away when the target is destroyed and this can save you a lot of rep loss. It's advisable to turn any turrets to 'missiles only' and go straight for the target ship and ignore any escorts.

3. If all else fails then before you do this mission accept as many 'Very Hard' missions as you can get away with for the target race but don't complete them until you have done the assassination. This way you can the complete the queued missions (which wouldn't be offered at such low race rep) to rebuild your reputation after you're done with the killing.

Information for First Mission Assassinations gathered by Spychotic, Bill Huntington, and jimlpearce.
Compiled by jimlpearce

The Starting Missions - Escorting the Convoy: OTAS & TerraCorp

The Convoy missions have an interesting feature (option) about them that contain both an upside and a downside.

Option I: When the player accepts this mission from either OTAS or TerraCorp and remains IS (In Sector) and follows/protects the convoy, the player will have Pirate Syndicate forces that appear and try to destroy the freighters the player is charged with protecting.

Option II: However, if the player accepts the mission and remains OOS (Out Of Sector) for the entire duration of the mission, the Pirate Syndicate forces will not show up to attack the freighters. Basically you get paid for doing absolutely nothing making these missions among the easiest to successfully complete.

The upside is that by taking the second option you don't have to worry about failing the mission. The downside to taking the second option is that without the Pirate Syndicate appearing there is no opprotunity to steal their ships (either by bailing or boarding).

Out of the three Pirate factions (the Pirates, the Pirate Mercenary's, the Pirate Syndicate) the Syndicate is by far the rarest of the three to make an appearance. AFAIK Syndicate ships only appear three times in the game with two of the appearances pertaining to the First Missions, the third appearance is during the Goner plot. Like the Pirate/Pirate Mercenary ships, whose vessels retain the "Pirate" and "Mercenary" tag when Betty id's the ship if the player aquires them holds true for the Pirate Syndicate as well. So if you're the collector type you have few opprotunities to aquire ships with a "Syndicate" tag.

Breaking the Corporation Missions

Mentioned in the Transportation mission section of Section II, it is possible to break the Corporation missions. By aborting/failing the mission the future representative will not be present at the station the next time the player receives a comm message from the given HQ for future work.

This was originally mention by a player in an old thread who broke NMMC. I can confirm that breaking can happen because I managed to break five of the eight Corporations. So unless you have a save prior to the breaking of a given Corporation, you will be unable to continue and your quest for ranks and ships from that Corporation will be over permanently. There is a brand new script that will reset the Corporation to start over from the beginning, it can be found below Contract Termination.


Concerning the breaking of Corporation missions, it seems that if the Transportation mission is "TP required" and the mission is aborted then the Corporation mission line will break. It also does not matter what the destination station is, be it an HQ or any NPC station, the breaking will still happen. However there is the rare chance that an aborted/failed "TP required" Transportation mission will not break the mission line. Transport missions that have no ship requirement will not break a given Corporation if aborted/failed, but on the rare occassion the breaking can occur when the mission is aborted/failed.

Information was gathered from lengthy testing by jimlpearce and Deadbeat_Spinn.

Contract Termination

This is one thing the player should try to avoid at all costs. If this happens there are two very noticable ways to tell that a given Corporation has just fired/dropped you, the player.

1. You will receive a comm message from the Corporation in question.....a very pissed off comm message.

2. The Corporate ranking for the Corporation in question will disappear from the Player Status display.

Should the player have their contracted terminated by a given Corporation due to player error (i.e. firing upon/destroying Corporate ships, ramming the HQ, etc), you will not get a second chance. Meaning you will not be able to do missions for that Corporation ever again, unless you have a save prior to the......unfortunate incident.

One other thing, if you steal ships from a given Corporation while under contract you will be fired. So if you intend to steal Corporate ships do so before starting work for them or after you're done with them (i.e. reached Rank 10).

Reseting Corporations (Script)

The Reset Corporations script is a brand new script that was just recently finished. This script was created by dillpickle and the use of this script will allow players to start over at the beginning again with any given Corporation. Full information about this script and what it does can be found in the link provided below. Using this script will most likely result in the player receiving a "Modified" tag, but there's no vanilla solution that will fix a Corporation that the player has broken or been fired from. Any questions/concerns/issues that may be encountered when using this script must be addressed in the Reset Corporations thread and not the Guide to the Corporations thread.

Link: [MD Script] Reset Corporations by dillpickle.

Multiple Ship Acquisition

As mentioned in the beginning of Section III there is a way to get multiple reward ships from each of the Corporations. When you get the aforementioned message (also located in the beginning of Section III), do not dock at the given HQ in your personal ship. If you continue to accept missions for the given HQ and are successful each time, you will get an additional reward ship for each completed mission as long as you do not personally dock at the HQ in question. It has also been said that if you fail a mission you still get another ship, which I did test and I did indeed get an additional ship rewarded as long as your Rank level doesn't drop (i.e. Rank 4-->Rank 3).


Once you gain a rank (i.e. Rank 4-->Rank 5), you will still have ships awarded. However, assuming you're stilling having ships awarded, once you reach the next reward rank (i.e. Rank 7) you will only get the Rank 7 ship awarded. All Rank 4/7 ships that the player has aquired will no longer be awarded once the player reachs Rank 7/10. All ships you have been already awarded (i.e. Rank 4) will remain frozen at whatever the reward number may be and will be waiting to be claimed by the player once they dock. It must be noted that there is no cap at Rank 10, so the player can have as many Rank 10 reward ships that they want. Now you might be asking "How I am suppost to get that many ships if I have to dock to avoid breaking the mission line?".

Here's how it's done, the term has been coined "The Quick Dock" method which I discovered on accident. As soon as you dock at the HQ (say for a transport mission), immediately undock. The passenger will still get off and you will get a mission completed and no reward ships will appear docked at the given HQ. But sometimes, even with the Quick Dock, the reward ships will appear. There may be some variable when docking at a HQ for a mission that causes the ships to appear, what that variable is....I don't have a clue. A simple way around this is to reload prior to picking up the passenger or before accepting the mission. If the "fare" is at the HQ and has to go elsewhere, accept the mission before docking otherwise, in the time it takes to accept the mission, the reward ships will appear.

This method will not work for Delivery missions.

As of current testing there seems to be no limit on how many reward ships can be docked at a given HQ. The number of ships awarded, during testing, exeeded the number of docking clamps by 3 to 1 (ships vs. clamps, respectively). If the player wishes to have their awarded ships appear at the given Corporate HQ they may do so. But as soon as you get them, send the ships to another station. It appears that if the reward ships, no matter how few or how many (unless you only have 1), remain docked at the given HQ over a period of time, they will start to disappear/vanish and they will not be coming back.


The Encyclopedia can be a very handy tool. If you ever encountered something in the universe it will be logged into the Encyclopedia. It can be accessed at any time should the player need to locate something (i.e. buyable ships, weapons, wares, etc.).

The location of the Encyclopedia: Personal Menu (top menu)-->Advanced-->Encyclopedia.

PDF Manual

If your game came without a paper manual, one can be downloaded from the X Universe site. If your game is a STEAM version a manual is located in the files.

Link: Downloadable PDF Manual.

PDF Version

You will need Adobe or an equivalent progam in order to view the PDF, all credit for the PDF version of the guide belongs to Alex Vanderbilt.

Corporate Guide (PDF Version) Download Link ----> Image


Q: I'm trying to start work for the "-->Insert Name<--" Corporation and I am in the sector where the Corporation is suppost to reside but I am unable to find the HQ, why is that?

A: Nearly all Corporations are with Triplex scanner range of a given jumpgate with the exception of Jonferco HQ whose station is just slightly outside of Triplex range and Duke's Haven (HQ) whose station usually resides 50km or so from the gate but both are still in visible range of the player. If a given Corporation isn't present it's highly possible that the Corporation was destroyed by an unfriendly force, When it respawns the station (HQ) will most likely have moved to a different coordinate location (x, y, z) within the sector.

Q: How long does it take for a given HQ to respawn after it's been destroyed?

A: Usually an HQ will reappear within a game day or so. Respawns may be quicker if you avoid entering that particular sector during the timeframe it takes for the HQ to return to the realm of the living.

Q: What happens if an HQ is destroyed before/after being under contract?

A: If an HQ is destroyed prior to working for said Corporation then there is no issue. The representative will return upon the respawning of the HQ and you can begin work as soon as the First Mission is offered.
However, if an HQ is destroyed, regardless of who or why, while under contact then the representative will not return when the HQ respawns. The upcoming 2.6 patch may or may not fix this issue.

Q: I got Duke's Haven (HQ) friendly and began doing missions for them but upon completion of a mission I was dropped/fired by Duke's, how and why did this happen?

A: Unlike the other Corporations who are affiliated with one of the main races, Duke's Haven (HQ) is basically a Pirate Corporation and, as such, how the Pirates in the X-Universe perceive you reflects back on how the Duke views you, the player. The higher/better your reputation is with the Pirate factions, the more liked you will be with the Duke.

Q: How am I suppost to get/aquire "Unbuyable" (Disruptor) missiles needed for Missile Delivery missions when a given Corporation asks for them?

A: Disruptor Missiles are only found as dropped cargo by destroyed ships. They can be dropped by ships belonging to almost any given race, except Terran/ATF/Kha'ak ships for obvious reasons (i.e. they can't fire them), but they are most commonly dropped by destroyed Xenon/Yaki/Pirate ships. It is also possible to aquire them from claimed or captured ships (fighters/capitals, respectively) if you're lucky.

Q: How many missions do I have to undertake in order to reach each of the ranks where you get a ship awarded by a given Corporation?

A: Due in part to the randomness of percentage increases for each completed mission there is no set in stone number, barring missions undertaken at Rank 0 which the increases are set at 10%, 5% if playing game version 1.0. However, based upon experiences, there is a rough layout of how many missions will have to be completed. Keep in mind this is only an estimate and also runs on an assumption.

This is assuming that 0 missions are aborted/failed by the player.

Rank 4:
  • Minimum: 19-21
  • Average: 26-30
  • Maximum: 34-37

Rank 7:
  • Minimum: 31-33
  • Average: 41-52
  • Maximum: 58-61

Rank 10:
  • Minimum: 38-41
  • Average: 57-68
  • Maximum: 73-77

The odds of a player getting the minimum or maximum number, short of a lot of reloading, and I mean a lot, are very slim. The average number is the most common but, again depending on the increase percentage, the number of missions that need to be successfully completed may be slightly above/below the numbers I have given.

Q: How much time has to pass between the offering of missions from a given Corporation?

A: The time between mission offers tends to vary between a few minutes to a few hours (gametime). The timeframe tends to be randomized between those two parameters, sometimes the time needed to pass will be relatively short and other times it will take a while. Usually it's best to do other things, whatever they may be, until the player is contacted for the next mission. Of course if you're one who can't wait, sitting in sector or in an adjoining sector of a given Corporation with SETA active is an option. Save beforehand just in case the next mission offered isn't to your liking.

Q: Is it possible to achieve 100% with each of the eight Corporations?

A: Yes, the player can achieve 100% with all the Corporations but you'll have to spend a fair amount of time doing Corporate missions in order to reach that goal (i.e. many game days). Of those who post in the forums, only a small handful have made mention of getting 100% with all eight Corporations. Should you reach 100% your PSD (Player Status Display) for the Corporate Ranks will look like this (see below).


Q: Why does a given Corporation continue to offer missions even though I am at Rank 10 (100%) and is there any benefit in continuing?

A: As to why a given Corporation continues to offer mission is unknown to me. It could be just a way for players to earn credits or Corporate rep (should it drop). The only benefit to this, other than credits, is having even more Rank 10 ships awarded.

Q: How many Rank 4, 7, & 10 reward ships can one be awarded?

A: One, unless one follows the guidelines pertaining to multiple ship aquistion then that number can increase drastically,

Ranks 4 & 7:
  • Minimum: 10-12, if no missions are aborted/failed and all successful missions give a 25% rep increase.
  • Average: 18-20, if certain missions are aborted (i.e. Deliver Missiles) and not all missions give a 25% rep increase.
  • Maximum: Unknown, the maximum one can have depends on the player. By making sure one does not reach the next reward rank, it could be unlimited. However it has been speculated that failing too many missions (either in a row or overall) can result in a contract termination but no solid proof has arisen so only speculation can exist.

Rank 10:
  • Minimum: Unlimited
  • Average: Unlimited
  • Maximum: Unlimited

The ship number for Rank 10 is unlimited (i.e. as many as the player wants) is because there is no further ranks to be gained by the player. As such you can have just 1 reward ship or have 100 ships awarded, the choice is up to the player on how many they want.


The people of the X Universe forums, for providing all the additional information that I did not know.
EgoSoft, for making the game.
Carlo the Curious, for providing the ship reward list, the OBS (Opponent Balancing System) thread, and changes brought on by the 2.6 patch.
kurush, for providing a correction to Plutarch HQ.
dillpickle, for corrections, additional information, and for providing the Corporate Reset script.
EmperorJon, for corrections and confirmations.
vbruzual, for corrections and additional information.
jimlpearce, for invaluable information and assisting in the many tests.
pH7.0, for minimum missile delivery correction.
York Bro, for providing new information on transportation missions.
Snowship, for providing new information on transportation missions.
Spychotic, for information on capping Assassination targets and Cancelled Contracts.
Bill Huntington, for information on capping Assassination targets.
perkint, for finding out (the hard way) that the player can get fired for stealing ships belonging to a Corporation.
jorit, for an important reminder on the Convoy missions that should have been added ages ago.
Alex Vanderbilt, for creating the PDF version of the guide.
Myself, Deadbeat_Spinn, for having the patience to write this.

Version 1.0: Completion of Guide Ver. 1.0.
Version 1.0.1: Additional info pertaining to Cargo Bay Shielding added in Section I.
Version 1.0.2.: Sidenote added to Plutarch HQ pertaining to the lack of M7 & larger class docking in Section I.
Version 1.0.3: First missions added to Section II & mention of Corp. rank/rep ladders in Section I.
Version 1.1: Further info added to all parts as well as minor changes/fixes.
Version 1.2: Rank/Rep gain/loss section added to Part IV.
Version 1.2.1: Addtional info added to all Sections as well as corrections.
Version 1.2.2: Plot Breaking added to Section IV & ToC has been expanded to mention what is in each section.
Version 1.3: Encyclopedia location added as well as links for the Rank ladders & the PDF Manual.
Version 1.3.1: Missile correction & additional rank/rep decreases added.
Version 1.3.2: Further info added into Corp. Breaking & additional rank/rep gains and losses added.
Version 1.4: New info into Multiple Ship Awarding, as well as additional info on rank/rep loss & transportation missions.
Version 1.4.5: First Mission Assassination info, OBS link, & Cancelled Contracts added to Section IV. Sirokos additional info added.
Version 1.5: Corp. HQ images & reward ship images added to Section I & Section III, respectively.
Version 1.6: FAQ added as Section V. Acknowledgements is Section VI. First Mission Convoys & stealing ships (under contract) added to Section IV..
Version 1.6.5: Further info on Follow Missions added to Section II, additional FAQ Q&A's added.
Version 1.7: Corporate Reset script added to Section IV. Minor tweak to Guide layout.
Version 1.7.1: Notation added into the prerequisite section for Duke's Haven (HQ) for the 2.6 game version changes.
Version 1.7.2: Downloadable PDF version of the guide has been added.
Version ?.?: ?.

© 2010 Property of Deadbeat_Spinn & DBS Industries™
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Post by kurush » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 03:26

A small correction: Plutarch also does not allow M7+ docking.

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Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 03:32

kurush wrote:A small correction: Plutarch also does not allow M7+ docking.
Just checked to verify and you are quite correct kurush. Thank you for the correction.

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Post by Goodfeller » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 05:16

Pretty handy, Deadbeat_Spinn. Nice work.

I'm gonna bookmark this.

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good work DS

Post by pH7.0 » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 07:02

Nice work. This one is bookmarked - the details on the reward ships were good, but the sidenote on the cargo bay shielding was particularly useful.
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Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 09:11


Due to some slacking on my part this is the first mention of an update.

Guide version is at 1.2 with new information added as well additional sections.

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Post by Snowship » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 09:13

I wish they has more corps period and more even distribution
4 Agron corps are too many compared to the other races, <- but they should have increased the other races corporations to even things out (they got 25 extra corp names in the Txt file :shock: ) 301000

and why do the Paranid miss-out :?:
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Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 09:19

I agree that there should be more Corps. with the Paranid (as you mentioned), the Terrans, and perhaps the Pirate and Yaki having one as well. Plus I think Corporations should offer at least one mission, if not more, that are unique to the Corporations and are not found outside of the Corps.

25 extra Corp names in the files :o , think that's a few too many.

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Post by Snowship » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 09:33

2 Corporations per race would be an ok number. Plus spread the equipment upgrades about abit... those nice prototype race ships too 8)
Prototype Medusa I'm looking at you :P (dukes too finicky with attacking pirates and bye bye contract :x )
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Post by dillpickle » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 10:53

Couple of points:

1. The first Atreus, Strong Arms, and all Duke's Assassination missions will have ramifications on your race rep. - the higher your combat rank, the bigger the target, the greater the race rep. drop.

2. If Duke's gets destroyed by (usually) the Paranid, the missions will not return once it re-spawns. You may have to defend it if you want to g all the way to the top.

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Post by EmperorJon » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 15:36

Atreus's first mission is an Assasination (not pick up and deliver ware) against a Paranid which requires you to first talk to a contact. And, as said above, will affect your race rank.
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Post by Kapakio » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 15:51

Nice guide. Just a couple of comments:

- As said above, Atreus first mission is also assasination, and as the Strong Arms one, it affects your rep with a commonwealth race
- Even if Duke's Heaven NPCs look like Paranid, the in-game race is actually pirate. So, race relation with Pirate/Dukes is one and the same.
- You probably should add that all defend station missions for the dukes are against pirates, so they will affect your rep with them and make you loose the contract if you are not careful

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Post by Deadbeat_Spinn » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 19:50

Well it looks like the hounds are at the door, time for some fixes. I was pretty sure Atreus' first mission was Assassination but upon digging through my message log (nearly 14 game days worth of messages), the first one I found was a pick up and deliver Weapon Interface Chips but I'm not perfect. Upon further review of that message log I was indeed incorrect.

Atreus: Will be fixed.

TerraCorp: Can someone confirm that the first mission is indeed an Escort Convoy mission? TerraCorp was the final Corporation that I started working for but couldn't find the message telling what the mission was, so I had to resort to thread digging.
dillpickle wrote:Couple of points:

1. The first Atreus, Strong Arms, and all Duke's Assassination missions will have ramifications on your race rep. - the higher your combat rank, the bigger the target, the greater the race rep. drop.

2. If Duke's gets destroyed by (usually) the Paranid, the missions will not return once it re-spawns. You may have to defend it if you want to g all the way to the top.
1. This will be added.

2. The Split will try as well, they attacked three times in my game. Confirmation on the HQ destruction and the representative not reappearing after the respawn, I thought that might have just been me. This also will be added.

I forget who it was but someone said that the representative returns with a respawned HQ when you've already started working for them. But I never saw anyone else confirm this so until more players provide confirmation, this will be considered MoM.
vbruzual wrote:- Even if Duke's Heaven NPCs look like Paranid, the in-game race is actually pirate. So, race relation with Pirate/Dukes is one and the same.
- You probably should add that all defend station missions for the dukes are against pirates, so they will affect your rep with them and make you loose the contract if you are not careful
Will be added as well.

Due to the amount of additions/changes/fixes it will take some time before the updated version is added. I also need to add in a few other things as well.

Thank you all for the correct/additional information.

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Post by EmperorJon » Wed, 6. Jan 10, 19:55

TerraCorp - Convoy.
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