[script library] AP Libraries r2, Updated Aug 10

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[script library] AP Libraries r2, Updated Aug 10

Post by 7ate9tin11s » Wed, 5. Aug 09, 15:24

AP Libraries r2

The AP or Advanced Player libraries are used in almost all of 7ate9tin11s scripts and must be installed to ensure they function. Scripts which require these libraries include Improved Races, Security Services, and Universe Explorers.

Revision 2
ZIP and SPK can be found at:
http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=4264 ... 6e282a0ee8

Anyone may host any of my files anywhere they wish, just please keep them up to date with new releases in this thread! Also feel free to use these libraries to do whatever :D

This thread will not be monitored as it is just for linking purposes, please post in the actual scripts thread instead.

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Post by ptb_ptb » Mon, 12. Nov 12, 22:12

The link above doesn't seem to work. Anybody coming here for the library should probably try this one

(Copied from this thread

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Post by Yacek » Mon, 12. Nov 12, 22:45

X3:AP 3.1+XRM 1.30d+MSP 1.7+LoCo 2.01+IR 2.0
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Post by lym1231 » Sat, 14. Sep 13, 18:57

good stuff! :)

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Post by jackvance » Mon, 9. Jul 18, 06:02

Apparently the link for the ZIP file version of AP Libraries 2.2 does not work.
Anyone has a working link?

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Post by birdtable » Mon, 9. Jul 18, 07:44

@ jackvance ... love your books, write some more ...but you died 5 yrs ago,, never mind that untidy fact... just write again, sadly missed...

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Post by jackvance » Mon, 9. Jul 18, 19:18

Agreed... deeply missed. No one the like of him.

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