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Tank NoSkill
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Yaki sectors

Post by Tank NoSkill » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 09:16

I have finally got my ship over the Yaki sectors in Ocracoke's Storm etc.

Now, my question is whether they are worth keeping on side or not? My intentions were to try and cap as many fighters as possible, as i dont care about rep with them, but now im wondering if they have some hidden talent?

Bill Huntington
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Post by Bill Huntington » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 09:41

Tank No Skill, like everything in TC, it depends on what you want to do with your game.

Before you take some big steps, let me tell you what I get from the Yaki. First, I use the Yaki IBL forges in Weaver's to help equip my Tigers and Panthers. I cap an occasional Akuma for those same IBLs, and then do a mission or two to get the rep back. If you don't have the high rep, there is trouble, a lot of trouble.

I use the Yaki shipyard, buying the Chokaro as my trader of choice. I make good money from Yaki missions. I have an energy - wheat - ore complex in Weaver's to feed the IBL forges. The Yaki tear up any pirate threat to my operations. Other Yaki ships are good enough, but I don't make a special trip for them.

I build a monster ore complex in Savage Spur. With the Yaki neutral, I don't have them attacking me.

I like combat, so I tour the Xenon sectors. They will give you a good fight. So will the Khaak. TC is kind of funny. The pirates and Yaki are there, but if we attack them a lot, the consequences are kind of tough.

Good Hunting!
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Post by Catra » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 09:45

keeping em friendly makes it easier(and less expensive) to steal one of their TLs carrying a replacement IBL forge and fly out with it. 8)

Kelvhan Amaratharr
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Post by Kelvhan Amaratharr » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 09:47

I would add that the Yaki Tenjin is quite a good fighter with 9 front laser and two side turrets. I personally also like the Akuma ans Hoshi as ships in my fleet, they perform quite well an look good imho.

I have build some stations in their sectors and being frienldy with the procures a steady flow of IBL (the Yaki even built a second IBL forge in Weaver's Tempest for me out of courtesy!) and my own stations are quite safe there because the Yaki kill any intruder on sight. So I a their only firend. That is special.

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Post by dbrowdy » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 09:52

I'd be friendly with them if I could. I miss having access to the Chokaro.

That being said, Akumas are fun and easy to hunt, they come with plenty of IBL's, they sell for a lot and, as catra said, you can steal an IBL forge if you're dedicated. I like flying into their sectors and raising a ruckus. :twisted:

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Post by Axident » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 10:16

I'm having trouble getting the Yaki friendly. Their ships are red, the shipyard is blue, but I still can't dock.

Can't get any missions in their sectors either. I've tried taking assassination missions in Empires Edge, but all the missions only occur in Empires Ridge, Dukes Domain or Empire Mines. Nowhere else, only those sectors :(
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Post by pjknibbs » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 11:10

That's because Empire's Edge is a Paranid sector. To get missions from the Yaki you need a pirate base in one of their sectors--if you take station build missions from that base they'll generally be Yaki stations you're building, and those will give you Yaki-related missions once they're up and running.

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Post by TTD » Sat, 12. Jun 10, 21:51

And if you set up base in Yaki space,particularly the southern two sectors,they will protect you from police ,as best they can in those sectors.
I am building up an assortment of ships that I fail to return,(retrieve ship missions).The police rarely get anywhere near me when I'm taking the ships home.I think I'm related to the Yaki prince or something :D

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Post by perkint » Sun, 13. Jun 10, 21:23

dbrowdy wrote:as catra said, you can steal an IBL forge if you're dedicated.
Has anyone actually managed this? I have seen posts from people who've got a PBG forge, but not anyone who's actually got an IBL.

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Post by Evildudeness » Mon, 14. Jun 10, 01:00

I am also supplying the yaki with everything they need and there is no competition and the security is pretty good.
If you want to get your Yaki rep up, keep an eye out for them in random sectors. If you see a Yaki fighter with a combat mission icon next to it, comm them. You'll usually be asked to blow up a few transports. Couple of these and you should be in with them.
Also, if you do a station defend mission and they are the attackers, just wish the station well and get the hell out of there.
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