[MOD]-Minimal Hud ported to Terran Conflict

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[MOD]-Minimal Hud ported to Terran Conflict

Post by lefthandblack » Wed, 17. Jun 09, 11:39

Now that Terran Conflict has finally been released in the states, I have ported my X3 Minimal Hud to the new game.

From the readme:

Version 1.0TC

What this mod does:
This mod was designed to unclutter the X3 gui by removing the color - coded target boxes around ships,stations,etc. It also tweaks the targeting reticle to alert you when your ships guns are locked on to the target.

With this mod, only your currently selected target will have a target box and the target boxes themselves have been reduced to a corner-cross.

Place the X3TC_MinimalHud1.0.cat and .dat files in your X3 Terran Conflict mods directory, At the X3 startup screen, click "select mod package", highlight "X3TC_MinimalHud1.0" and click ok.

This mod is not supported by Egosoft
This mod is intended to be used only with the full retail version of X3 Terran Conflict.
You may distribute this mod by any means as long as this readme file is included.
You may package this mod with other mods or use it as a basis for other mods.
(if you do, a mention in the readme would be nice, but is by no means a requirement)

I haven't done anything to the station icons in this version. Back when Reunion came out I was using a 19" crt at 1024x768 and the icons were huge. Now that I have a much larger flatscreen they are not too big at all.
If there are enough people that request a version with the small icons like in the original mod, I'll do a version that has them.

For now it's just the zipped cat and dat, but I will be uploading an spk version shortly.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.




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Post by ezra-r » Wed, 17. Jun 09, 12:12

care to include a screenshot? :)

someone else
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Post by someone else » Wed, 17. Jun 09, 13:29

yep, a couple screenies will boost your sales my friend. :D
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Post by cnecktor » Wed, 17. Jun 09, 15:48

I think I will give a try I don't like the boxes around everything. The one u made for x3r was cool I liked it.

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Post by Algoran » Thu, 25. Jun 09, 03:53

Excellent, this looks like just the thing :D Stupid boxes everywhere... They must be DESTROYED!

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Post by arcana75 » Thu, 25. Jun 09, 05:59

One problem with unboxed targets is u can't tell whether the thing is in scanner range to target it even tho u can see it.

I like the Odin hud mod myself but used the minimal hud mod exclusively during R days.

I'm still waiting for one which didn't feature a red tracker for enemies. Most of the time I can't see the tracking arrow. Best is if the enemy tracker is Gold, friendly Blue and Mission another colour like White or Green.

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Post by Urschleim » Tue, 1. Jun 10, 10:44

great mod, works fine with 2.6

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Post by The-Last-Communist » Tue, 1. Jun 10, 12:08

no more boxis around things it looks cool + its just like the old times
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Post by Urschleim » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 19:00

is there someone who makes this X3:AP compatible?


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Post by Sorkvild » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 19:29

I know better huds than this
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Post by killerog » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 20:21

Urschleim wrote:is there someone who makes this X3:AP compatible?

If there is any compatibility issues between AP and TC when it comes to huds (I have no idea yet) I cant see anyone having had the time yet to make a new version.

Keep your eyes out and I am sure one will be made shortly :)

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Post by Automatic Jack » Thu, 15. Dec 11, 23:01

Sorkvild wrote:I know better huds than this
Got names or links? Because this looks like just the mod I was looking for.

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Post by Urschleim » Sat, 17. Dec 11, 17:42

i would like to get rid of these athmosphere-killing boxes.
maybe i a few days or weeks we have a new HUD-Mod

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Post by TrixX » Sat, 17. Dec 11, 19:22

Interesting idea, and one I already incorporated into my HUD's, but they are for a different purpose.
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Post by Urschleim » Sun, 18. Dec 11, 03:20

Sry, my fault - it works already perfect in X3:AP

-> copy the files into /X3 Terran Conflict/addon folder and rename it to 03.cat and 03.dat

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Post by Schabernack » Mon, 20. Aug 12, 23:24

when i use this in combination with another falsepatch which would remove the icons above factories, would that work or do they use the same files?
In this case it is not so much a question about the size of them but the atmosphere for me.

this is what i have already in terms of graphical changes
+ 03 lowpolaroidastroids | http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=176980
+ 04 no civilians | http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=312339
+ 05 no floating adds | http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=219811
+ 06 minimal hud | http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=250633
+ 07 no fog | min 240km http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=218859
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Post by Baronfuming » Wed, 22. Aug 12, 11:18

Automatic Jack wrote:
Sorkvild wrote:I know better huds than this
Got names or links? Because this looks like just the mod I was looking for.
I make use of the Pure X HUD.
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Post by Lorca » Sun, 16. Sep 12, 10:20

I'm new to X3, and one thing I found so annoying and downright immersion breaking are those target boxes on objects cluttering the screen.

This mod is heaven sent. If someone knows a better mod than this please tell me, otherwise, this is "the" mod for uncluttered heaven.

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