UT/ST Full Cargo and Jumping (2.1)

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UT/ST Full Cargo and Jumping (2.1)

Post by Snowship » Sat, 13. Jun 09, 06:24

I'm now getting lots of notices from my ST's & UT's about "No Jumpdrivefuel found in range", whilst it's at a SPP and both the SPP and the freighter involved has E-cells (usually 150-200 cells worth in the freighter).
At all times their cargo bay is full with another ware, so maybe their trying to buy but have the cargobay max'd out?

I'm running a vanilla game and haven't had this happen under 2.0a

It's predominantly happening to my TP ST's and TM UT's (Not seen a TS UT have the same problem) So maybe it's the size of the cargobay that's causing it?

And I've just watched my Pleco UT fly from Hatikvar's faith now into Priests Pity with a SPP L as it's destination, doesn't state what sector though and it has 70 E-cells on board plus jumpdrive and Nav software.

Has anyone else had these problems and can it be looked at if it already hasn't??
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Post by cyber-whelk » Sat, 13. Jun 09, 11:41

I've experienced a similar problem since upgrading to 2.1 from 2.0. I've got a number of TS UTs and within a couple of hours of in game time of the upgrade I've had three UTs traversing Xenon sectors rather using the auto jump feature. I never had a UT in a Xenon sector before 2.1.

I've looked at each of my UTs cargos and a few of them are running dry of Energy Cell rather than replenish them as per the auto jump settings.

Despite this problem big thanks to Egosoft for the continuing updates.
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