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Post by Zippo342 » Sat, 7. Jan 12, 03:36

On the Open Office version, your coding for player and race ranks does not work. I was able to fix it by putting

Code: Select all

in cell B37 and copying that to D37, as well as using data validation based on a cell range from the above named ranks on B36 and D36. I also did something similar (range was smaller) on the Race Ranks page to fix that as well.

As it sits now you have a drop down menu to select the rank and then you enter the numerical % as you progress through the rank below it.

Just thought that I might help you out with Open Office work here. I do think though that the MATCH function works the same in Excel, though I do not have Excel here to verify.

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Post by RustInPieces » Fri, 17. Feb 12, 13:37

I am just starting out in X3, playing humble trader for my first playthrough. I have a couple questions.

1. Is it possible to save a single sheet (or just 2-4) as a seperate spreadsheet? This spreadsheet is massive, and has tons of useful information, but if I just wanted to look at the wares or resources sheet, it takes a minute to load. I am using LibreOffice, if it makes any difference.

2. Is there a way on the wares or resources sheet, to enter my maximum cargo space, and then have it tell me how much I would get for a full cargo hold of each item (assuming buy at minimum and sell at maximum) I don't know how to use spreadsheets or formulas.
I have been using a calculator and doing 3000 (cargo space) / volume of item = # of items I can hold, and then multiplying that by difference cell on the resources sheet. Anyway to make the spreadsheet do that for me?

Thank you for the awesome spreadsheet.

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Post by ianrobo75 » Wed, 7. Mar 12, 23:13

All - I'm all spreadsheeted out. I'm currently playing other games until X Rebirth comes along and I've not even tried X3AP.

'TheRealBix' - No plans to create an AP version.
'Zippo342' - If you want to update the spreadsheet for a specific Open Office version and email it to me I'll add it here - message me.
'SkullCowboy' - If I get the above update I'll update the other versions for your correction.
'RustInPieces' - Can't you just delete the sheets you don't want and save as another file name? The full cargo addition sounds easy enough just using the spreadsheet formulas but I guess you are not familiar with them - difficult to explain here. Again I'll take a look if I'm making other updates.
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Post by harvie-smith » Thu, 26. Apr 12, 09:36

Seriously, from someone who "over indulged" on adjusting their T/files without making a vanilla backup of them, I thank you from the bottom of my Engine capacitors for taking the time and labour to make this.

It has saved me considerable time and frustration to restore alot of stats back to their correct settings.

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Post by MiLkou » Wed, 9. May 12, 16:49

Thanks a lot for this great work. Happy to see that you keep it up to date.
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Post by Sovereign01 » Sun, 5. Aug 12, 03:08

Shame there's no AP version (at least for ships & weapons)- while I remember, there's a spelling mistake, in Terran Ranks you missed an L in Local Councilor.

It's when I play AP and realise how much I've come to rely on this for TC that I'm reminded how awesome this is.
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Post by The s0rc3r » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 02:48

I release a DB-relational of RAW data :

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Post by TheRealBix » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 02:53

Your link doesn't work :S

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Post by The s0rc3r » Sun, 12. Aug 12, 13:12

:/ oups, bad copy/paste
https://rapidshare.com/files/39262353/X ... .08.12.zip

PS: file format is LibreOffice Base. asc file is a GPG signature

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Post by The s0rc3r » Sat, 18. Aug 12, 17:38

https://rapidshare.com/files/717796787/ ... .08.15.zip
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Post by Eddis » Mon, 7. Jan 13, 07:29


It appears that all the links for the compendium on the OP are down/dead.

Can someone please post a working link?

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Post by Carlo the Curious » Mon, 7. Jan 13, 13:21

The OP links work for me.

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Post by Pikho_001 » Sat, 12. Jan 13, 17:59


Is there any chance anyone could reupload the links?


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Post by Alan Phipps » Sat, 12. Jan 13, 18:09

As Carlo said, all 3 links appear to be working with 100-300 downloads over the last 2 weeks. Check that your Firewall/AV is not blocking it as a rarely used site, or to avoid adware, or some such reason.
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Post by Pikho_001 » Sat, 12. Jan 13, 18:53

Thanks for your reply, Alan Phipps.

I've already managed to get the file. The problem was that users from my country are not allowed to download files from filefront.

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