what the heck happened here?

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what the heck happened here?

Post by Anuke » Sat, 12. May 12, 08:25

bad news everyone...

something is seriously messed up with my OOS combat.
first, god mode wont work at all out of sector. except sometimes for unexplainable reasons. kind of like, only if i am watching them in the sector map.

also, 10 elites running codea could not kill one maruader. (pirate m6) oos, but in sector, they kill it without casualties. oos, they all die in one hit. just f*#king disappear. no hit on shields. they just die.

my orbital weapons platforms oos running mars offence will load antifighter weapons against fighters but leave one PPC in the first slot and will not attack anything or hit anything, it is hard to tell. but they also remain in standby (normally when firing they say "mars offence") when i check them in the command console.

also my ring of fire lasertowers are not uncloaking and killing things oos but they will in system.

i am trying to defend against invading pirates who's sectors i have claimed but the oos system is making me so angry i can hardly play anymore. i am very sick of this. please help.

incase you guessed i am running
Ring of fire
and a ton of other things.
will list if really relevant
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Post by jack775544 » Sat, 12. May 12, 08:34

What game are you playing?
If you are playing TC then upgrade to AP is one of the only options (as it has MUCH better OOS combat).
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Post by Vayde » Sat, 12. May 12, 11:02

Are you playing TC or AP?

Has this just started to happen recently in an established game?

From your given scenario's it would appear that you have either a mod conflict or bad install.

If it's a bad install then reinstalling the mods and scripts again can sometimes fix the problem. If your mods are using the fake patch method are they all installed in the correct sequence?

It could be down to a mod conflict, if that's the case then you will need to read each mods thread and check them for compatibility with each other :(

I'm sure some of those here have similar mod set ups and could advise if they see anything that jumps out at them from what you have posted.

Hope this helps you start down the trail of resolving your current problems with the game.
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Post by apricotslice » Sat, 12. May 12, 14:24

A TC tbullets file used in AP might cause that sort of chaos.

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