finding wares

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finding wares

Post by DarthNihilus » Sun, 5. Nov 17, 18:02

Hello. is there a mod script for AP that can monitor my wanted ware/ship/etc and send me a message as soon as there is 1 item in my known sectors??

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Post by ubuntufreakdragon » Sun, 5. Nov 17, 19:06

such scripts are pretty easy, but you should give a little bit more detail what the script should exactly do.
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Post by DarthNihilus » Sun, 5. Nov 17, 20:58

i see it like this

- it should have a bindable key in the prefs menu (cause there's that galaxy explorer menu which is accessed through the equipment and it's NOT there) so it's totally accessible (like the Universal buy sell locator)

- it can have a few input fields in it's window
1. wanted item . it can open a subwindow (like the Universal buy sell locator) cathegorized items (ship/stations/ware/etc)
2. "warn if found q-ty >=" input q-ty
3. play sound on/off (when found)
4. log message into the log (on/off) if I don't have time for it now
5. if you have time for this -- a submenu for tracked items (like in OKTraders the BL sectors list and the UBSL) so I can see in real time where the items are and how many and the price and the notoriety and there should be a toggle like "clicking on items -- you jump and dock there // removes it from tracked items list
6. I played a lot of X3 but i still don't know how it works, so optional - "track all known stations//visited sectors//all universe"
7. the confirm button :)

I would be VERY VERY grateful for this!!!

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