[SCRIPT] Salvage Command Suite V4.11 [29/12/2012]

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[SCRIPT] Salvage Command Suite V4.11 [29/12/2012]

Post by TECSG » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 09:16

This is the updated X3TC version of the Salvage Claim Software Mk. 1 originally written for X2/X3 Reunion which can be found here.

After a major overhaul, the scripts have now been renamed the Salvage Command Suite and feature over 74 commands for salvaging ships, rocks, cargo and debris and selling it off. Many of the commands are configurable through the 36+ configuration options.

These scripts will detect any crates, unclaimed ships or astronauts in the X-Universe (in sectors where you have a ship, station or satellite) and (if they are in the current sector) automatically target them for you. You can also receive alerts when anything especially valuable is found via the SCS Newsletter!

You can call in the Goner Repair ship to repair a ship or number of ships or even purchase your own Mobile Repair Ship from the new Goner Shipyard and there are several commands for stripping and selling ships or for selling any unwanted cargo you might obtain from salvaged ships.

The script package also has a 31 page manual you can download separately that gives full details of all the commands and their functions as well as many other useful bits of information.

Once the script is installed and activated, there will be a new item available at most equipment docks called 'Salvage Command Software', installing this will add a new Salvage Command Menu to your ships onboard computer. These are most of the commands available as of V4.04:
  • Detect Crates (Under Additional Ship Commands)
    Move To Centre Of Sector... (Under Navigation Menu)
    Move To Mid-point Of Two Objects... (Under Navigation Menu)
    Scan for ships/crates
    Claim Target
    Claim ALL derelict ships in sector
    Universal Salvager
    Locate nearest derelict ship in sector
    Locate nearest derelict ship in universe
    Find derelict of type...
    Best sector to salvage
    Best area to salvage
    View last scan report
    View Salvaging Report
    Request repair ship
    Repair all docked ships
    Repair station
    Sell Station
    Scrap Station
    Cancel repairs on ship
    Sell ship for scrap
    Collect crate or wares (any ship)
    Collect ALL crates or wares (any ship)
    Build Smuggler's Hold
    Transfer illegal goods to Smuggler's Hold
    Transfer illegal goods from Smuggler's Hold
    View inventory of Smuggler's Hold
    Jump ship to station
    Jump ship to position
    Find best Asteroid to mine
    Asteroid Relocation Service (Elysium of Light) [ARSEOL]
    Salvage Target
    Salvage Rocks...
    All Docked Miners To Mine Rocks In Sector...
    Launch Camera Drone
    Deploy a Stealth Satellite
    Upgrade a satellite to stealth version
    Satellite Network Menu
    Collect a Satellite
    Colourise Names
    Set Homebase to...
    Clear Homebase setting...
    Find station with most product (best buying price)...
    Find station with least product (best selling price)...
    Buy for best price until full...
    Buy for average price until full...
    Sell all carried product...
    Goods transfer...
    Sit and sell...
    Station supplier...
    View SCS Trade report...
    Purchase MRS Upgrade
    Strip and sell ship...
    Strip and sell all docked ships
    Dock All Inactive Ships
    Equip from Inventory...
    View Inventory...
    Transfer Inventory...
    Donate this ship
    List sectors without satellites...
    Buddy Jump
    Bank Account
    Reboot SCS script
    Troubleshooting and Cheats
    Uninstall SCS Scripts...
    Configure SCS commands
    Purchase Complete Salvage Kit (MPW Menu)
    Salvage Area for Me (MPW Menu)
    Purchase Complete Mobile-Mining Kit (MPW Menu)
    Order Ships (MPW Menu)
    Station Building (MPW Menu)
    Pirate Hacking Services (MPW Menu)
    Sector Clearance (MPW Menu)

The 'Detect Crates' command will run continuously once activated and alert you to any crates or ships when you enter a sector. You can deactivate this command manually, or the command will be automatically deactivated if you switch to a ship that does not have the Salvage Command Software installed. Leaving your ship temporarily (space-walking) will not deactivate the command unless you order your ship to do something else.

Additionally, every 6 hours (configurable), a new crate and/or random ship will (maybe) be created (see the manual for the percentages of having a ship created).

Please note: Some of the non-English language files may have a few text strings in the English that have not yet been translated, so if you are running the scripts in a language other than English you may occasionally encounter some English text. This will be fixed as soon as possible and updated text files will be posted.

As of V4.00, the Stealth Satellites mod is incorporated into the main SCS scripts, however, because it overwrites some of the in-game scripts it could (unlikely, but possibly) lead to a conflict if you are already running another script that modifies the same files. If you believe you may have a conflict (or discovered a problem), pleaes post on this thread.

You can download the scripts, the manual or both combined (normal or zipped) from here.

The latest (stable) beta version is V4.11 which is available for download here (2.06Mb). It is in .zip file format only at the minute but the release version will be .spk as well. This version includes all interim updates since the last released version (V4.07).

As usual, a list of fixes in detailed in the included manual.

If you find any errors, bugs or something you consider 'strange' behaviour, you can post a message in this thread, PM me or email me at scs.x3tc@tecsg.co.uk and I'll check it out and fix it (if necessary) as soon as possible.
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Post by oskari » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 12:17

For some reaon I get it as program (exe):


...but changing the file extension to *.spk does the trick.

Probably some internet-fart confusing the Opera browser.
No big deal really but I thought I'll throw this info out here.

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Post by TECSG » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 12:30


Thanks for the info, the file you download should be a .spk file, not a .exe file.

I think it might be Opera too, (posibily the way it handles unknown file types), given other browsers seem to request/receive the file okay. It could also be the way the request is sent to or replied to by DriveHQ that Opera doesn't understand properly.

Have you had the same thing downloading other .spk files?

Have you seen this oskari? Sounds like the same sort of problem.
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Post by supakillaii » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 13:07

Seen this?

Anyway, This is just umm how do I say it... too easy for me ;)

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Post by 999-JAY-999 » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 13:09

This is great... works like a twin with the Bailing Addon......

I wont miss those ships now that are just sitting there waiting to be taken!
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Post by TECSG » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 13:16

There's at least three scripts like this now!

Hope you enjoy it!

The auto-target (empty ships are automatically targeted when entering a sector) is particularly useful!

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Post by rubberman » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 19:14

Package doesn't appear to contain a setup script

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Post by TECSG » Sat, 15. Nov 08, 19:21


Strange, it *was* there.... :oops:

Download it again, I've put the script back in. The script should activate automatically if you have the script editor enabled.

Thanks for letting me know!

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Post by KRM398 » Sat, 22. Nov 08, 22:20

Ok, want to give this a try but have a tiny problem..cant find the link to dl..the link above, at the bottom of your info about the product, gives me a pretty little download button in gif...nothing else..lol.

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Post by TECSG » Sat, 22. Nov 08, 22:26


Click on the 'download' image to download the file. If you have any problems downloading though, let me know.

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Post by Kragma » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 08:52

there is no download link in this thread tecsg - the url points to the picture of the download button itself :)

do we have to get it from your other thread or is this an error?

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cool script!

Post by angrysquirrel » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 09:14

I like the way the thing claims the ship and then immediately has it plot a course to a shipyard (not sure how it determines which shipyard to go to though. Is it the closest one in the race sector where you capped it?).

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Post by KRM398 » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 11:02

the download button I get from the gif isnt operational..just the button pic..clicking does nothing..either right or left clicking...

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Post by Legionnaire » Sun, 23. Nov 08, 20:05

KRM398, which browser are you using, as i have the same problem with Firefox some of the time, however Opera sees the link fine.


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Post by Hilmi » Tue, 2. Dec 08, 16:58


I seem to be having a problem with the script, when I scan for ships, it does not target the ship it finds and I have to search for it manually, which defies the whole point of the script. Is there anything I am doing wrong? It also says autopilot activated after finding it, but autopilot does not come on, it just starts the ship moving forward without targeting anything.


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