X3 TC and Vista 64

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X3 TC and Vista 64

Post by Bryce777 » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 03:35

I don't have access to the tech form so I will ask here.
Whilst the specifications state Vista, does the game support Vista 64? Sadly there are games that still will not work under Vista 64, (particually with protection software inbuilt).

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Post by Axeface » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 03:39

I think read somewhere, I believe in the newsletter or one of the blogspot posts (or even a dev post) that the game is fully tested on 64 bit. Don't quote me, but I'm sure I read that somewhere.
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Post by Aro » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 03:40

In the sticky, both XP and Vista 64 worked during testing.

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Post by pjknibbs » Wed, 15. Oct 08, 08:33

As already pointed out, it says this quite clearly in the sticky, so I think we'll let this thread drop now.


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