just one simple script for AP (not modded or anything)

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just one simple script for AP (not modded or anything)

Post by ylio » Fri, 10. Jul 15, 10:29

I just want a script to make them stop attacking all of my ships on sight, and i have searched but 90% of the results where for tarren conflict, not AP and 50% of the ussers are complaining about out of date, uncompletable etc.

I'v wrote a script for argon rep, but its only working if my own ship is near my marchent ships, and i did applyed it on my marchent ships as well, and the script wasn't set to owner, but to playership, tryed a few different scripts, same result.

I would like to ask someone to just tell me the in game console commands step by step, should be more then 5-6 steps i guess

My reasons to want the script:
I started playing as a tarren, and i would much prefer to do some trading in game, without spending 200 million on defence. Some centaurs just spawn next to my trade ships and start attacking them no matter what (and this happening in jupiter and jupiter2 even if all the sectors to omnicrone are full of tarrens and 0 argonians), even if 2 capital tarren ships are attacking the centaurs

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 10. Jul 15, 10:49

Duplicate topic in wrong forum locked. Your other topic can be found here.
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