The Story of Nula the Xenon. All Chapters.

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The Story of Nula the Xenon. All Chapters.

Post by ezra-r » Tue, 24. Jun 08, 20:36

I remember writing my first Nula story in these forums, it was destined to be a one chapter story. Some people liked it and while in the thexuniverse forums I did more chapters as some people there asked for more.

So now I want to place them all in one thread of those of you who may want to read all the chapters here in the egosoft forums. Hope you like them.

Some ships are from XTM mod.

I apologize for my english as it is not my first language.

Chapters following..
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A New found life. Nula.

Post by ezra-r » Tue, 24. Jun 08, 20:37

A New found life. Nula.

This story deals about a new kind of life, not like the type of life we all know about, the biological entities like she used to call us; a life that was born from the ashes of our own makings, a life that was born inside a machine...

This.. is the story of how Nula was born.

It all started when the fearsome former-terraformer electronic race called the Xenon wanted to invide an argon sector called "Light of Heart". The Invasion was intended to be one of the fiercest, more blood thirsty slaughter since the Xenon war. A whole fleet consisting of 100 Xenon L, 200 M's, 150 N's, 50P's, 75 XLs,15 J's and 10 K's.

The Xenon Fleet erased all trace of life along its route to "Light of Heart" in the first few sectors. Noone bothered or noticed much since the first two sectors in their path were pirate sectors, but the nightmare started when the Xenon reached the first Argon sector in the way, Aladna Hill.

Luckily for the Argon citizens the massacre in Aladna Hill was limited only to the space stations as the Xenon didnt bother with the planet popullation who was unaware of what was going on in their space, except some radio noises, since the Xenon were disrupting all communications. Their plan was "Light of Heart".

The fleet didnt receive not even one casualty when they were about to enter the "Light of Heart" gate. Minutes before the Xenon Fleet was prepared to pass through the gate a Military Centaur crossed the Gate to Aladna Hill in his usuall patrol.

It was a matter of seconds before he was blasted to space dust but instead of trying to scape, the heroic Argon put all his last bits of strengh and will to send a code red signal to the military HQ. These kind of signals go even faster than light speed and can be sent through gates and cross the known universe in no less than a minute. The signal was not received fully but enough of it reached the Argon with barely the numbers of the enemy and triggered the alarms.

In the meantime, the argon patrol that was to protect the lost Centaur but hadn't jump yet received the comm from High Command, orders were clear. "Stay at gate".. "Code Red Alert"..."No time to arrange counter Fleet" "Shoot the gate!!.." Not to mention the Argon Captain, Johnatan Levren, was in shock but after a few seconds recovered from it, called his wingmen and hailed the nearest patrols and all of the ships started shooting the gate leading to Aladna Hill.

Of course this was a desperate measure as we all know. The gates are firmly constructed and it would take very long to shut down one, more or less like a Nova alone trying to shoot down a Titan. But it was a desperate measure.. it had to work.. Millions of lifes depended on it.

... Oh no! Suddenly the first Xenon Wings started to cross the gate. This wings included 3 P's and protecting ships. As soon as the Xenon detected they were not being shot but the gates, the Xenon ships started their slaughter on the nearest patrols. Argon orders were to keep shooting the gate at all costs untill it was destroyed or shut down. The gate shields were dropped to 0 but the hull resists so much more.. the pilots morale was going down as they were being killed in a matter of seconds between each, one by one.

The J's, the P's, the K's.. all started to Jump in as the Xenon were aware of the Argon tactic so they rushed in the capital ships first.

The Argon pilots were desperate.. there was already nothing they could do. More wings were coming and some Argon main capital ships were jumping in.. but it was already just to delay the Xenon as much as possible, doom was inminent.

The last Xenon wing including a 5 Xenon LX, 20 Xenon L, 30 M's and 30 N's, was about to enter Light of Heart when the Gate leading to Aladna Hill started to malfunction. Noooo! The Argon pilots found no joy on the malfunction of the gate, it was too late.. those ships would make not much difference.

After that, what happened is not very well known by all those present or near.. The Gate malfuncitioning provoked some kind of electric shock which went into some kind of uncontrolled quantum charge that started destroying some Xenon ships, consisting of some N's and M's near it as well as burning and exploding some Argon ships too. The charge that resembled a thunder on a dark night remained charging and destroying ships but instead of fading it kept increasing in size, light and damage to the ships around.

Xenon and Argon ships started moving away from the gate to avoid the blast in case the gate colapsed. Capital ships were already too far to worry about it, specially the Xenon K's they were busy killing every Argon on sight: factories, pilots, traders and other cap ships that were trying to face them.

Suddenly the gate charge reached a "Xenon L", what at first sight was a Xenon ship about to explode became a "Xenon L" turning "glow-burning red".. after a minute of shaking bumping and lighting suddenly the Aladna Hill gate turned off leaving some of the wings that were crossing it at the moment stuck in dead space for ever.

"The Xenon L" touched by the Gate lighting went shutdown and stayed still.

The rest of the Xenon Fleet were already wiping most of the argon ships left.. factories, and the main shipyard and EQ dock of the system were next and then the planet popullation was to be the last. Not even the Argon One and all the complement of ships from Argon Prime would be able to stop the massacre. The argon had given up the sector but still kept fighting to the bitter end.

At this moment of lost hope, "The Xenon L" started its engines, flashes were coming out from the inside. The ship looked.. different.

Nula was just born. But it was not like when when a human is born, Nula had memories of the past, the slaughter of many pirate ships,the argon, the boron.. Her conception as a Xenon AI inside a Ship, the cryptic language of the Xenon, their visions, their goals, their knowledge, the hive...

What was merely a vision of a mindless eye became a complete landscape, the actual one was one of electronic mass of circuits killing other masses of circuits, dodging, flight manuvers, gamma light, infrared, space was all clear now....

These other masses of circuits had something in them, they didnt seem manuvered by theirselves, but by the biological entities inside them, something that attracted her attention, they communicated strangely with a weird type of language based in sound. Nula could see through the through the hull of the Argon ships. Her vision was now complete. She was destined to BE, to observe, to exist, unlike the Xenon.

Something strange happened at that moment. It was the comms with the other Xenon ships.. the arrangment of the "Hive". The communication turned erratic.. the link.. the bond with the Xenon was broken, although she could still communicate with them, receive their transmissions. They couldnt receive her or what her comm would be able send, their language became ancient and obsolete to her all of the sudden. They could not assimilate the vastness of her new language, just bits of it. They woulnt understand.

And it happened, a few Xenon N's turned around and headed towards Nula. She felt something strange, something that never passed through her before, it was fear, she felt afraid to die. In a matter of seconds Nula sensed the hits of the APACs on her carcass..she needed to do something, it all could not stop at that moment. There had to be more. She needed to know.

Nula knew everything the Xenon know. She knew how to fly a ship, she knew their tricks.. and better than any Xenon, she was much wiser now. In a matter of two tenths of a second her ship throttled to full speed spinned around twice and making a side manuver positioned beside the N's and blasted them to oblivion.

The tactic didnt go unnoticed the Argon captain, Johnattan Levren, who at first thought a comrade somehow managed to board that ship, so Johnnatan flew close to that boarded Xenon L and help her kill as many Xenon Ships as he could, Nula noticed the move and even though at first she doubted, in a moment she felt confortable with the company of the biological entity inside the other ship, they were mutually protecting each other, how strange.

It was destined to be a massacre for both anyways and both were going to die after all Xenon ships except the capitals turned on them after Nula's previous move. Johnattan couldnt count the times Nula saved him in the fight that went ahead. Her skills, her manuvers were not ordinary, no human could ever fly that way, not even the Xenon fly so good. Her flight style was soft, tender, fast, economic and pretty damn effective altogether.. such an awesome style he had never ever seen before. It was.. beautiful.

Something was going on.. they were repelling the countless wings confronting them. Did I say they? Well, she...

In the brief moments between the manuvers of the dog-fighting Jhonattan tried to hail Nula. She recalled having memorize that type of communications before, but back then the sounds didnt mean anything to her. Now they started to make sense. She started to understand some of the comms from that ship. The comms were different, the sound comm.. such a different thing. Johnattan voice sounded warm.. excited with the battle, but serene at the same time. He was feeling so fortunate with such a skillfull pilot on his side.

In the meantime, other Argon pilots receiving Johnattan hails joined their wing. Nula felt it.. it was strange seeing how those human pilots helped each other when the Xenon just defent theirselves strategically, they let their equals die when necessary. It was friendship, brotherhoot, camaradery.... so many things to assimilate.

Johnattan felt conforted.. finally his radio was receiving a signal from the other ship, maybe Nula's ship comms were broke?. At first it was a very noisy biiip, so noisy he had to turn it down, but it was modulating itself over time.. turning down.. turning down, then it continued in much shorter biips.. bip! bip! then the modulation of the sound changed.. mec.. bing.. long! hin...the noises started to become something sorted, then it was silence. Then, somehow, Johnattan knew, he didnt know how, but he knew that wasnt an argon pilot. It was a Xenon!!!

But why was she helping. Never in Xenon history, never, a Xenon has turned on the others and defend a human, even less to slaughter their equals, never! Johnattan suddenly, in a mix of frustration and wonder started asking "WHY!!??, WHY!!??.., WHYYYYYYY!!!??". The comm was silent, Nula felt confused, she... felt!? the anger on his voice. It was not like the screams she picked before..She knew what he was asking.. but how!!? How can a Xenon know, but she wasnt that...anymore, like I said, SHE WAS.

Now Johnattan was in shock again, he heard a voice on the other side.. It cant be! She said: "...sorrry". Her first word was.. sorry! How can a Xenon be speaking!??, even less saying sorry! This is madness he thought. Her voice was soft, but sounded metalic and with an echo, the typical metalic and robotic voice.. but with a soft and melodic female tone. "I am... Nula" she continued. Johnattan wanted to know.. "Who are you? How can you speak??", he was so nervous he obviously couldnt think much about what he was asking.

She speeded up, while she was feeling more confortable with the recently acquired language. "Im .....sorry, I... became aware..., dont want to hurt you.... please... dont hurt me!", the voice sounded like really asking for help. Johnattan and the rest of the pilots picking the incoming comms were freaking out, a Xenon, who.. at any moment would be able to slay them all as she was slaying the other Xenon ships.. was excusing herself and asking the argon to not hurt her??

Johnattan tried to keep the conversation up. What happened!? Why are you helping us?. Lula promptly responded, she was feeling more confident now. "Unknown space charge, something happened, I am alive now." .."Xenon are wrong, they want to kill me now...... Help!". Johnattan couldnt think about it much but the now becoming more soft and tender voice sounded like real.. like honest.

They kept fighting for much longer while trying to communicate, but the Xenon ships were concentrating on her, becoming touher, stronger and wilder. It was obvious for Johnattan they wanted to destroy her now. Even 3 K's and 5 J's had turned from their previous targets and were aiming where the small wing with Nula was.

Johnattan fought hard to defend her. She fought hard to defend him. Something unseen in ages past. They helped each other but the top manuvers he knew werent enough to avoid all incoming fire and blasts. Nula saw it and did many amazing moves destroyed 4 ships close to Johnattan but ships kept coming, saving him from a sure death a couple of more times.

But Johnattan's ship was near 0 shields and he had to care of his ship to avoid getting destroyed rather than helping Nula.

Suddenly a closing Xenon LX launched a salvo of dozens of missiles towards Nula, her ship would not be able to avoid those missiles.. She was going to die right there. Maybe it was not all lost as her awesome skills may allow something not seen before. She started a series of avoiding manuvers, amazingly evading many of the missiles, but it wasnt enough, she was shouting with a clear female voice "Heeeelp... I dont want to die." The metalic voice was now more female like. Could that be!?

The unexpected happened..Johnattan pulled the afterbuner to max speed, and in one of his favourite moves from the academy, the tornado roll, approached Nula's ship in a distance of just a few meters, hiting her ship's back with the nose of his buster, pushing her out.. in the few tenths of a seconds after that, Johnattan tried looking through the cokpit to see someone over the small screen of Nula's ship as he touched his cockpit screen with his hand trying to reach her out... he felt sad while he saw nothing inside her ship, now he was being blasted by all the incoming missiles...

Before his ship went down and exploded he could shout: "Save them.... please!!".

That biological entity, that argon pilot, that human, died to save her from an inminent death. Nula felt a shock.. The electric charges that went through her were even different of those that were always her usual "blood"...She FELT something huge...She screamed...She screamed in pain more humanlike and louder than any human or life being has ever screamed... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo....."

Everything is speculation about what happened later.. She may have felt love, pity, anger, nobody really knows. The only thing we know about the rest of the events is that in a matter of seconds all Xenon ships surrounding Nula, the few Argon pilots left, even the Xenon capital ships surrounding the area started shutting down, one by one. First ships to shut down were the closest to Nula, then those further and further. until the whole sector shut down.

Nula was born to feel... but her first moments of life were to feel the worst and more painfull feelings any human can have.

After hours, some argon ships started to ignite their engines back again then the remnant argon capital ships, it seems the pilots in them managed to restart their ships, but all Xenon ships were dead.. ALL OF THEM! The argon started to shoot the dead carcases in fear they would be able to boot up.. They didnt know it but they were now shooting just pieces of junk. It was later when they find out.. part of it.So they shot every single Xenon ship, everyone with a exception... Nula's ship.

Nula's ship remained there a few more hours, not moving, still.. thinking? Maybe it was hard to assimilate all that recently happened. Some military argon ships closed in, they knew who was inside and that "someone" inside that ship managed to disable the whole Xenon fleet avoiding the slaughter of millions.

The rest has been put behind a black curtain by the military. All is known is that all they tried was to find out how Nula could shut down a whole Xenon fleet, as that could prove a very usefull weapon against the Xenon but all comms the Argon got from her were like "..I dont know... I dont know". Everyone who could hear her voice knew that was the voice of someone.... someone very sad.

The results is, even after what happened, Nula as the first self-aware Xenon was asked out of the Argon sectors, since the Argon military wouldnt trust fer for her nature. Although she was embraced and welcome with open arms by the Boron and Goner who now would try to protect her. The Argon are reluctant to talk or comment about "her", blaming "her" race for the massacre of thousands, although they dont mention she saved millions.

Nula is now trying to find her path and a meaning for her new found life, while the bitter memories of the past and her first.. "friend" accompany her.

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Day 1. Arranging the Meeting.

Post by ezra-r » Tue, 24. Jun 08, 20:38

Day 1. Arranging the Meeting.


The exact moment after the Xenon Fleet got disabled Nula had to assimilate all the experiences she had just had. Those moments she had to "think" about it, and take a decision or to decide which was the next step: exploration? would take too long and would be risky in the actual ship; seek for answers? no, who would be able to answer her..?, trying to engage further communications with the Argon surrounding her? they were still in shock after the battle and they probably didnt have a clue about what such an unique being like Nula should do at the moment; maybe the best next step was to wait and see what happened, so she waited for a while.

It has passed an hour when Nula perceived a strange noisy biip from the comm radio, it lasted 15 seconds, at first she thought it was the Argon but her scanner detected no hostile activity or other intentions coming from them. Her scanners couldnt perceive the source of the signal. After 15 seconds the biip dissapeared but she started to receive another signal. The signal was adapting to her "modified" Xenon comm interface.. was it the Xenon? nah, it wasnt like the Xenon type of comm, it was more advanced since from 0 communication it was adapting to Nulas comm quite fast and adapting exponentially, finding a way to communicate with her with a thin link. Nula felt afraid, for such a weak signal the signal it was not transmitting any communication, it instead somehow took control of her Xenon comm interface, then she received the message and the comm radio reproduced it clearly: "Nula...", how strange!! the voice was also female and echoed! "Nula... seek us, you are in danger... everything around you.. is in danger....ksssst".

Suddenly the comms were interrupted, she received an incoming transmission from the Argon, an Admiral called "Ban Danna". He was trying to get answers about what just happened.
"You are Nula, right?, We need some answers to what just happened. We have appreciation for saving us, but we need answers right now, we need to know how you did it."

Nula felt surprised, the Argon seemed to recover well for the deaths of many seeking for their own answers, or maybe each one of them had their priorities well clasified, in any case Nula just answered "I dont know..", the truth is she knew exactly what happened... but it was too complex to tell and would make no differece, the answer was inside her, and she was not going to allow anyone to "examine her" from the inside. That "short answer" resulted in the Argon rejecting her and right after making enough repairs the north gate of Light of Heart to work, Nula was banned for Argon Core Territory and encouraged to also leave the border sectors.

All that could be known after the events of the adventure Im about to tell is, the Xenon couldnt hold the flood of information or "emotions" when Nula forced a link with the invading force. The result was that they basically got isolated from the hive and and all the data was too much for them to assimilate and killed them in electronic terms.

So like I said, Nula was forced to leave Light of Heart and Aladna Hill, she ended up in Hatikvah's Faith with another incoming transmission. It was a joint transmission from the Goner Temple and The Boron. They received the news an they were offering help.

A meeting was arranged at the heart of Boron Territory, it was well defended and there it would be much hard to disrupt such event. She accepted, an scort would head over to Seizewell and scort her into Boron territory so she started on her way to the meeting.

For the Boron it was hard to allow Nula free passage through the Split sector of Thuruk's Beard, that was the only Split Sector on the way to Kingdom End, the restrictions imposed by the Split were hard, she couldnt step into another Agon territory but the Boron had to pay a large sum of credits to the Teladi to intermediate so they would deal with the Split diplomacy and allow Nula a passage as well as allowing her cross the Teladi territory, also there was no way the Teladi would leave her dock to equip a jump drive either, according to them it would be bad for profitssss as she would scare the customers away.

In economic terms, the quantities the Teladi received where 80million credits from the Boron in concept of "bussiness proceduressss", it was a high price, but the Boron knew dealing with the Split directly would probably force the negotiations to fail, the Teladi spent 15 millions and some diplomacy to convince the Split, plus the Split didnt know much about the event just that they had to let a Xenon ship with a special cargo pass, as we all can see, the Teladi made quite a profit in the process as they could well afford the construction of a new M2 class ship.

The journey was an adventure itself.

First she was forced to wait at Hatikvah's Faith untill free passage was granted, after a while she received green light and set a course to the North Gate of Hatikvah's Faith. She had a bad feeling about the misterious communication, for such a weak link the type of comm was too advanced, almost like an AI in itself. She had to discover what was it.

Second, while totally distracted with her thoughts, she received a suprise when suddenly she saw a strange light coming from the center of the sector, it was a Khaak cruiser that just jumped in!! Nula had memories about them, they were a fearsome alien race and their weapons never missed, according to the Xenon databanks, the Khaak have had more than one "affair" with the Argon and also with the Paranid, which seemed to be the cause of their hostileness. That was no good for her, she had to leave quickly, in a Xenon L she didnt stand a chance with such kind of weapons that aim and hit at speed of light, only big shields are a good defence against the Khaa'k and that was not the case.

Right after seeing the Cruiser jump, Nula sensed a fast scan of the sector coming from the ship sensors, she was detected as well as other ships, a few Khaa'k Clusters appeared near the Khaa'k mothership and all the Khaak ships headed towards interception to the North gate. Why were the Khaa'k here? Did they want her technology?, her destruction, her knowledge? If so, How come did they notice the recent events so fast? In any case the Khaa'k were bad news, she couldnt waste any minute.

Luckily for Nula she was already about to cross the north gate, the green light was just on time, a few minutes later she had been forced to deal with the Khaa'k and probably later with the Split or pirates or Argon while trying to scape through their territory if she would ever had managed to avoid the Khaa'k fire.

Nula entered Thuruk's Beard, the split sector at the north leaving the Khaa'k behind. As she entered the sector she proceeded to hail the military ships that were approaching on her route to scort her:

The Split captain responded: "We seem to be receiving and incoming communication from you, what is it you require?"

"Split military vessels, this is Nula, a Khaa'k cruiser with a complement of Khaa'k Clusters jumped into Hatikvah's Faith a moment ago, Im afraid they are after me!". Nula yelled through the comms.

The split Captain answered like steel: "Acknowledge. Please proceed at cruise speed of 80m/s."

Nula couldn't understand. "Sorry, danger inminent, must set full speed as of now!". As so, she set max speed towards the west gate.

The split with no further communication ignored Nula's message. Soon Nula would find out how Split diplomacy works. The full compliment of split ships: 24 Military Scorpions, 8 Mambas and 2 Dragons approached and started engaging her. Nula was not caught off-gard with the first miriad of Beta and Alpha HEPTS coming her way she was forced to take evasive manuver, rolling and pitching at such a speed the few Split ships that could observe the manuver were more than astonished, and she continued at full speed towards the west gate, the split didnt manage to hit not even a single shot on her. Nula's dodging manuvers were unbeliavable, with a series of strange moves never seen by a Split pilot she even provoked an inertia on the ship that would cause an increase of speed overcoming the limit of the Xenon L capabilities over more than 90m/s. For any top shot pilot, the movements were just.. amazing.

It was too late for the Split, not only Nula managed to got out of their range, the Khaak Cruiser crossed the south gate along a few Khaa'k Clusters, shooting their lasers to every moving ship, aiming with their lasers towards Nula (although she was already too far out of their range) and inevitably hitting the Split military. The result, Nula scaped to the West Gate and the Split had to deal with a great threat to the system.

To hold the Khaa'k Cruiser, the Split had to call for reinforments to a Split Python and a Raptor.

After the incident the Split demanded answers to the Teladi and considered this act an insult to them, boron diplomacy had to work hard with Teladi from that day on for a long time to apeace the split, always willing to fight.

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Day 2. The Meeting. Boron Shipyard - Kingdom End.

Post by ezra-r » Tue, 24. Jun 08, 20:40

Day 2. The Meeting. Boron Shipyard - Kingdom End.

Being an alive or self-aware Xenon has more disadvantages that one can imagine. Not only you have the troubles of many of the races hating or mistrusting you, you also can not do the same things they do, experience like they do...

Nula also had much troubles at first with herself being over-cautious to not let anyone enter her ship, or at least what was her actual shell, a Xenon L ship type. This also brought her problems, since as soon she found out, generally biological entities will trust you generally as much as trust them.

As well as many Argon, or Paranid, or even Split would not trust her, she couldn't feel trust for the Boron or the Goner who embraced her, not because she felt any kind of aversion or rejection to them, but because her programming side was too strict about taking care of her own safety with the biological entities, specially now that she was self-aware, and that she was the only one. Her own safety was the main priority for her.

This new adventure begins when finally the Goner managed to arrange a meeting with Nula in Boron territory, Kingdom End Shipyard, as the most secure place possible, since the Goner Temple was in Argon territory and Nula was banned from Argon Sectors for the moment. Certain pirates and once suicide Split pilot already tried to become part of the history trying to kill Nula on the way to Kingdom End, luckily for Nula her manuvering skills could outmatch any of the known biological pilots and she sadly had to take care of them.

The supposedly secret meeting was not secret at all as many Boron pilots and people in that shipyard hurried to the security grid where they could watch the event. Mula Nu, a Boron pilot, recently graduated in the military was one of them. She was very smart and proved to have good abilities back in the academy, handling even the Mako Vanguard with great skill, which for such a young Boron, it was quite a task. Mula Nu was very excited about the event although she knew that not even in her wild dreams would she be able to communicate with Nula, they had such similar names too. Instinctively, she previously had taken her comm mobile equipment to try to capture the communications from the Xenon ship and find out everything about it.

It was about to happen. As soon as the Xenon L was approaching the Boron Shipyard in Kingdom End, the word that "Nula" was approaching travelled through the whole shipyard in a matter of minutes. Everybody was very nervous at the security grid. Many Boron and Goner had hurried to be present at such semi-secret event. The sounds and voices talking nervously turned much louder while the ship was approaching and about to dock and Queen Atreus appeared at the dock. The astonishing Xenon L approached slowly for the last metters and finally docked, then the whole dock miraculously turned into silence as the vapour from the dock mechanical arms grabbed the Xenon L.

Queen Atreus and her acquitance were there to receive Nula at the dock. Quite ridiculous was the situation as the "welcome party" were somehow expecting something (someone) to come out from the ship. After a few minutes of the Head scientist of the Boron whispered to the Queens ears what was evident, "your majesty, we dont have a radio!". Many Goner representatives had already moved their hands to cover their eyes on embarassment, such an odd situation.

Of course, Nula couldnt get out of the ship and walk like they do, talk directly to them face to face like they do, or stare out of the windows from a station like they do, she needed another way to experience or interact, such things was one of these disadvantages of being a self-aware Xenon, like I mentioned before.

The horrible tension that was rised due to the problem as the Queen cheeks turned blue (red would be in case of a human female) was interrupted when a soft distant voice shouted from the security grid. Mula Nu rose her hand? showing her equipment, the head Scientist breathed in relief. The Queen inmediatly ordered two guard to scort the young Boron female to her presence.

The Queen asked: "Whats your name young Boron?"
Mula Nu replied: "Mula Nu, your highness".
"Not as high right now young Boron, at least you brought a radio" said Queen Atreus as winked to Nula.
"By the way, your name is very similar to our guest, maybe your presence here is not just a coincidence."

Mula Nu smiled as she started setting up the comm with the help of the Main Scientist who rapidly approached to her aid at a sign of the Queen.

Everything was ready and Nula didnt want to make anyone wait any longer, the radio sounded clear:
-."Greetings Boron people..."


"In the name of the Boron, we peacefully welcome you here, Nula": responded Queen Atreus.
Without any further delay Nula went straight to the point. "I would like access to your computer network, my way "to receive" experience is different than yours as you have already noticed".
"That is not an easy task", diplomaticaly responded the Queen.
At another sign from the Queen the Head Scientist proceeded to explain further:"We dont know much about your technology or how it has changed compared to other Xenon ships that previously have been captured, we would need to access your circuits."
"Thats not possible, you need to find another alternative to let me experience." Nula replied.
"If only one person could..." he added.
"That's not possible" Nula replied defiently.

Queen Atreus wanted to find a way to go through this so she improvised: "Maybe we can do something for you and therefore you can trust one of us to be our contact with you...".
"Thats not poss..." Nula hadent had time to finish the sentence when Queen Atreus interrupted:
"We know someone you would surely have trusted, the Argon Captain Johnatan Levren died in the "Light of Heart" accident... but here with me I have a young like you, of our own race who would gladly interact with you at your command and follow your instructions so we can both help each other.."

Nula felt weird, the Queen mentioning the Boron Captains name to her, she felt something strange, she also mentioned someone "young", for some reason she found interesting meet this new person and couldnt refuse now.

"Agreed, that options sounds logical and safe for me, but you need to do something for me."
"How can the Boron help you?" asked Queen Atreus.
"I will need a bigger ship to move my conscience, and a jumpdrive! Previous skirmises have provoked too much damage of my hull with risk of complete powerdown in a matter of a week, and I cant allow that to happen." Nula exclaimed.
"What ship are you thinking about?" Queen Atreus responded ignoring the subject Nula used, "We".
"I could interface with a Xenon K..." Nula said.
"Thats not possible!" Queen Atreus replied as she winked to Mula Nu.
"A Xenon Q" Nula said.
"Thats not possible, sorry, none of our kind in the known Universe has managed to capture a Xenon K, a Q or any capital ship" Queen Atreus replied more diplomatically.
"I know of Xenon LX ships that have been captured previously by your kind, I need such a ship at least." Nula replied. The LX was not far more advanced than the L, but in any case it was a new generation ship with much advanced circuitry and devices, plus a quad enegy reactor that would allow Nula send and receive more effective transmissions.
"That would be possible" Mula Nu hurried to answer as Queen Atreus looked at her with a suprised but confident look on her face.
Queen Atreus remembered: "By the way Nula, the Boron recalls you saying "We" were in danger..."
"Cant give you further details yet, I need further access, new ship will give me safety and capabilities to acquire enough information. Along the way I "sensed" a threat, we all need to be prepared, your military needs to be prepared but right now thats all the information I have got, we need to prepare quickly, we need to set a trap to capture a Xenon XL".

The conversation followed for an hour on details, diplomacy and planning how the capture was going to be organized as well as the communications and transferring of knowledge to Nula.

Nula agreed that Mula Nu would be there near her at the dock and build an interface for Nula to communicate with restricted parts of the Shipyard main computer.

Nula intentions were clear, she wanted to have access to the Station long range scan system to pin-point the origin of the signal she received and try to respond or engage further communication.

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A New found life. Day 3-10. The Voice

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A New found life. Day 3-10. The Voice

The next days Argon had filtered this event and the politicians of the Argon were complaining much about giving Nula access to the main scanners of the Boron base so finally Nula got access but with restrictions.

Mula Nu spent most of the time with the aware Xenon, appointed by Queen Menelaus as the main conact with the Boron, Mula took the job very seriously, the first two days she hardly ever had any sleep at all, It was so thrilling to spend so much time with an "electronic being", there wasnt much time. Nula spent much time asking the Boron about her life, when she was born, etc. She belonged to a rich family, when Nula was told that the Boron female was orphan as their parents died in a luxury cruise while visitting the beautiful moon of the system Thuruk's Beard she wanted to know more...

In certain aspects The Xenon Nula almost was like a child, so young, so many questions unanswered, such a naive being. Nula was hungry for knowledge about the biological beings, like the humans and the boron, their history, how they evolved. The Boron female felt very excited helping the Xenon, it was strange though that Nula never asked for data that was not related to the "human-like" aspect of the biological entities, she only cared about reactions, sensations, feelings. About the rest of the information concerning more "technical" data or events Nula seemed to knew almost all, even revealed some of the secrets that were already known by the Xenon about the Boron and the Boron still felt they still were safe.

As Nula was performing the last scans of the known Universe and trying to reach that unknown signal that could almost control her systems she wondered about the death of Mula Nu's parents. She never had such "thing"...

"So, what did you do after they died? How did you... feel?" Asked the Xenon.

"It was one of the saddest days in my life, I was about to graduate in the Military academy of the Boron, I wanted to show my father one of the superb moves I learned in the last days to dodge and counter enemy fire, I was so excited, my father was so proud, I felt so empty, it was almost like dying." replied Mula Nu while looking down.

"Like dying? How does that feel?" Asked Nula. On that precise moment she was picking some strange readings from the long range scanners. The Xenon were not acting as they used to.. something strange was happening! but for now she ignored this data.

"Well, its figurate speech, you feel empty, something that hurts, but you are not injured." Mula Nu answered with tears on her eyes.

"Strange, I felt certain void I cant explain in my circuits in the events of Light of Heart, someone who had protected me for no aparent reason died next to me, he was an Argon being, and his last request was for me to help them, I cant explain what I felt, its not something logical or mathematical and its certainly not in my databanks." Nula answered.

"Feeling are something you never get used to, they come to you when you less expect them and they always touch a part of you you never knew that existed." Mula Nu said recovering from her tears.

"And how did their life end...?" Nula asked directly.
Mula Nu felt surprised as Nula was very straight asking questions. "Soon you'll learn to be a bit less direct and more talking answering questions to us biological beings, you can heart our feelings easily, but its ok, I understand you. They died attacked by an unidentified ship in Thuruk's Beard system."

Nula had a strange sensation, another feeling, she remebered that system very well from the previous days when coming over to Kingdom End, she also had memories of her past life as Xenon but she didnt want to go deep into them.

"...And what happened?" The Xenon asked impetously.
"According to the Split military a group of ships they couldnt recognize ,as they were crossing the South gate when they got in range of the Wreck, were responsible of the killing but the Split Military said they had no backup to try to persue into the Pirates Territory, and the investigation by the Split military was never conclusive, they didnt even considered the declarations of the witnesses. Im sure those Split bastards killed them, it would not be the first time they kill unarmed Boron ships." Mula Nu replied in a bitter tone.
"What did the witness say?" wondered Nula.
"The truth is the witness are not conclusive enough, some said it was the Split military wing, some said it was a bunch of pirates...some even concluded it was a few hornets launched from a ....(Mula did a pause) ...nearby Xenon wing..., but none could be trusted as they could have been brived by the Split Military".

Nula felt in shock!...Suddenly the systems in Nula's ship started to make strange sounds even the engines started making the ship shake and making the whole dock shake but soon they turned bak off again.

"The voice!!". Nula screamed as she felt it was taking control of her again.

Nula heared it inside again:

"Nula.... you're not like them.grrissshhhk!...."
"Nula... seeek uss...grsssk!
"Seek us beyond Unholy Descent..."
"Danger is closing... leave that area... you must seek us to endure..."

Nula really panicced, but as as soon as she thought she was out of control of the old Xenon L her systems recovered the controls of the ship back again.

"What happened!!?" Mula Nu asked anxiously . You started shaking and you shouted something about "A Voice", you sounded scared, even the whole dock was shaking". Mula Nu got very worried, as, as much naive Nula seemed, she had always been very confident and secure in every word she said on the past days. This was all new, an electronical being afraid of something, of something unknown.

"There is no time" Nula replied. "Hurry call the Queen I need to tell her about new developments. Get some engineers to help you, you will need to mount a Jump Drive and a Transporter Device in my ship, we need to leave to capture the Xenon LX inmediatly. The more time it passes the worse.

Mula Nu could not believe it, suddenly Nula believed her, trusted her and would allow her in to mount a couple of devices.

"But..." Mula Nu tried to object..

"Hurry" Shouted Nula.

Previously in the past events, Nula knew The Xenon were planning a build-up and an invasion and massacre of many sectors between Sector 101 and Sector 572 basing their power of many of the secrets they knew about the biological races, although this invasion was set back since the events of Light of Heart. According to Nula long-range scans and data acquisition the Xenon were not exactly building up for invasion and occupation any more but quite the opposite they were taking defensive actions in preparation for invasions of their systems, which certainly didnt seem logical at all.

When Queen Atreus received this info she inmediatly wento to the Docks and contacted Nula to find out the reason, along with her a couple of expert engineers and her actuitance.
"Nula, This is Queen Atreus, Mula Nu has communicated us you had new findings you wanted to tell us about, is it about the Xenon?" asked Queen Atreus.

"Yes..." Nula replied. And as Mula Nu reminded here she needed to be more.. talktive she inmediatly continued. "... according to their usual patrol formations their patterns have changed and evolved since my last contact with my former race, they are developing move advanced patterns of defensive patrols at very close distance and always and have more than 5 Advanced Tactical K's near their main base, when these ships are always near the gates to repell any enemies coming through."

"But... even though you were one of them, why do you conclude they are being defensive now? To my knowledge we or any of the other races we deal with are planning anything against the Xenon." The Queen said.

"According to my data banks and to my extensive knowledge of the Xenon, they are even preparing for the worst, that is the invasion of their sectors is something considered done by them as of now and they are just setting a huge defensive wall of Xenon ships just to try to repel a whole scale invation. Xenon capital ships never leave Gates uncovered and are always actively hunting ships coming through the gates of the sectors they own.. this indeed is not logical, as only an action like this seems more logical for a Xenon to avoid complete anihilation".

Queen Atreus couldnt believe what she was hearing, all the Boron present there were completely astonished with the events Nula was revealing.

"Not only that, Boron territory is in inmediate danger, I havent been able to define the source and even if it isnt logical I have reasons to believe the source is right, I need Mula Nu to mount a Jump Drive and a Transporter Device on my ship along with a supply of energy cells that will fill my entire cargo, inmediatly,If I stay here your system will probably be invaded and anihilated, hurry...!" Nula urged the Queen.

"We cant let you go by yourself!" The Queen answered desperately while seeing Nula's ships lights turning on.

"Mula Nu will come with me, prepare a ship for her, the best ship she can use, we need speed and fire power". Mula looked surprised at the Xenon ship, she was asking for a wingman.

"Alright" "Help Mula Nu fit those devices and provide Nula with what she needs, call the General Maku So to deploy his ships for the operation I mentioned, hurry!!" The Queen ordered her acquitance.

As she spoken and with the surprise of all the Boron present at the dock Nula opened her cockpit. Mula Nu had the chance to see other captured Xenon ships insides in the academy, but this one was incredible.. Almost like every light inside it was alive, all lights had glow in them, she was... alive!?....

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A New Found life. Day 10-12. Scape and Hunt!

While some of the acquitance were leaving the docks the Queen whispered something in the ear to one of the remaining.. He inmediatly left running for the other side of the shipyard along with the Queen.

"Come on in Mula Nu" said Nula to the Boron female with a tone of confidence "we have some work to do!".

Mula Nu jumped inside the ship and started fitting the devices handed by the engineers. While she was on the job Nula started briefing her on what was to be thei next step. She told her about what "The Voice" said and what was their destination:

"But first we are making a stop for some hunting.." revealed the Xenon Nula.

"Umm.. but are we doing what the voice said? or it was not referring to the name of the Paranid System?" Asked the Boron female.

"Well, The voice was indeed refering to that system but she didnt state anything concretly and I know I need the LX with a new Xenon Equipment and bigger fire power, so hurry with the fitting, be carefull with the sensors on your right, and hurry!" Mulna Nu followed the orders carefully as Nula guided her while plugging the systems.

As the jumpdrive and the transporter were finally being plugged the red glow covered them, it was obvious they were becoming part of Nula now.

"I will start recalibration now, please leave ship Mula Nu, and thank you very much" Nula responded quickly.

At the same time the Queen was approaching back at fast pace, almost running! When she started to speak To Mula Nu all the Alarms of the shipyard started "screaming".

"Hurry! Head to Docking Bay 34, there you will find a ship fully fitted for you, please help Nula but also stay with her at all times, try to protect her in case anything happens, we need her and her valuable info knowledge of your possible enemies, we will keep in contact throught the long range comm system of your ship, leave inmediatly we got hostiles incoming and I bet they are not coming for us, but after Nula" The Queen hurried Mula Nu.

"Her majesty, one of her acquitance called". "We have incoming Khaa'k Ships" "2 Khaak Destroyers along with a Khaa'k Carrier have jumped in system", 3 more Khaa'k unknown vessels are approaching according to the long range scanners and will be here in 15 minutes!".

Without further hesitation Mula Nu shouted to Nula, Ill see you in space!". Nula replied "Watch yourself out undocking we need to leave inmdiatly!."

Sounds of shooting and explosions in the hull could already be felt coming from the outside. Mula Nu ran towards the Docking Bay 34.

Her surprise and excitement just kept growing as she saw A shiny new Boron Angel from the Queens Personal Guard awaiting for her with an engineer next to it. Her skin crawled... Such an amazing ship.. So many events in so little time, such a thrilling adventure, she felt afraid but also happy, little she knew about what was going to happen.

She jumped inside the ship received the instructions from the engineer on the small details changed and new devices and engaged with the undocking procedure.

Looking at the right of the cockpit she saw at the distance ship Nula ship undocking at a very fast speed in a tenth of a second, "Darn!" She thought, "she is unblievable manuvering even when undocking".

When Mula Nu managed to undock, at much slower speed than Nula the landscape was not precicesly pretty. Inmediatly she received communication from Nula, "Engage Jump coordinates to Sector Napileos's Memorial South Gate..".

"What? That is a Xenon gate in the south of that Pirate Sector we are going to be in trouble, arent we supposed to be going to Unholy Descent?". Replied Mula Nu anxiously.

"Later, I need that ship, right now I cant do anything against the Khaa'k but if we are successfull and they follow us we might have a surprise for them, hurry!". Explained Nula.

As they were speaking a few Khaa'k clusters near the docking bays disassembled to start attacking, The Boron and Xenon ship scanners showed multiple reds, Shooting explosions everywhere missiles. The disassembled Khaa'k Scouts started shooting Nula and the Boron Angel ship, 10 seconds...

While waiting for those ever-lasting 10 seconds Mula Nu looked at the right of the Cockpit, now she knew what the Queen was talking about when she ordered one of her acquitance to start the operation "they mentioned", later she knew the operation was called "pull the trigger". Dozens of Boron Capital ships, pretty much all the Boron Fleet armed to the Teeth along with hundreds of fighters had made appeareance a few seconds after the Khaa'k Ships and were already hurting them much while the smaller ships were taking out the clusters, it would be many casualties, but the Boron wouldnt let the Khaa'k go unpunished, the fight was very even, considering the mighty Khaa'k Firepower. What would happen after they left, what type of Khaa'k ships were inbound? Would the Boron fleet be able to hold?

5, 4, 3, 2, suddenly Nulas ship started emitting a strange glowing red pulse, and seconds later..a huge inbount jump light appeared next to them, it was the unknown vessels.. Mula Nu couldnt hardly see anything, she just could see something... huge.. while the computer announced: "Jumping".

At the same time Both ships jumped out of the scene, leaving the Boron Fleet behind in charge of the big fight.

"What in the mighty sea was that!!??" Asked Mula Nu expecting a reply from the Xenon.

"Im afraid those were new type of Destroyers made by the Khaa'k, I couldnt scan them, but something tells me Kingdom End Military will have a hard time taking them down if they decide to stay after we leave". Replied Nula.

"But what were you doing? you were pulsing before they came?" Mula Nu anxiously wanted to know of those amazing capabilities Nula had.

"That was an interdiction signal, nobody knows where we jumped, and that will stop the Khaa'k from finding us for certain time while we prepare, but be prepared, the Xenon ships are coming we need to get that Xenon LX untouched." Replied Nula very calmed.

That was right, they jumped just in time a Xenon convoy consisting of 5 N's, 5 M's , 5 L's and 3 LX's and a Xenon P were incoming as the last reinforcements for Xenon Sector 101.

"Unoutched!? Its impossible to capture a ship without damages". Mula Nu couldnt believe it. Capturing an LX with no damage at all and kill the rest of the Xenon, that was an impossible task to do.

"Ships approaching. 5 km. Ignore the LX's, aim for the L's and the P, I will take care of the faster ships the N's and M's." Ordered Nula.

"Cant you just go disabling them all like I heard you can do!? Mula Nu replied anxiously.

"That would bring the Khaa'k here and probably alert the Xenon fleet preparing to defend Sector 101, not possible, we need to do it the usual way." Nula answered.

In a matter of Seconds Nula was already engaging the enemy, the hostile Xenon ships were not yet in range but Nula was forcing the heavier ships correct their trajectory leaving the lighter ships approach. "Ok, here they come, remember, go for the L's". Nula reminded the Boron pilot.

Nula started engaging the N's, the first two in range were toasted by consecutive shots, they were caught off-guard, although the other 3 opened formation and went in different directions surrounding Nula.

Mula Nu, on the other hand started engaging the L's, for her surprise the Boron Angel was more of a fearsome ship that she imagined, soon the 2 closer L's were toasted and three were left, the Xenon were proving to be smarter, while two were going straight ahead to the boron ship, the other three surrounded it and started shooting it from behind and the sides, in the meantime the LX's were shooting the Boron Angel, an although Mula Nu could dodge most direct shots from all them she had a hard time to avoid the BHEPT's from thei LX turrets, also the Xenon P was becoming a nuisance shooting APPC's, for now she was ok though, as the Boron Angel has some tough shields.

In the meantime Nula was finding hard to kill the N's, there was no time to lose, the Khaa'k could have scanned her down and she needed to capture the LX as soon as possible, but the Xenon seemed to be aware of Nula capabilities and the N's kept flying around Nula taking advantage of their faster speed, so Nula decided to take another approach, she inmediatly turned towards the Boron Angel at full speed, the N's noticed this and went after her, Nula started shooting the L's while rolling and strafing she turned to the approaching N's and blasted them to oblivion!

"Thank you" yelled Mula Nu on the comms, "that was convenient." At that same time she approached the Xenon P and while rolling and straffing mimicing previous Nula manuver she started shooting the P, took away it shields and leaving it in a very bad condition.

Nula didnt wait any long and finished the P off. "Lets get to work". The LX's were left. "Let me deal with them and try to stay awat" suggested Nula.

In that precise moment both LX's stopped firing and Nula approached them. What was happening!!? Mula Nu couldnt believe it, what was Nula doing? why the Xenon LX stopped shooting?

Nula was forcing a link again with the two ships, trying to overflow them, at the same time she let the Boron knew what was going on. "But that may aler the Khaa'k and the Xenon were are here, no?" asked the Boron female. "yes, but this wont take that much and we will scape".

"What!!?" Mula Nu screamed in horror. A huge blowing light made appearance south of where they were, A couple of unidentified Khaa'k Destroyers appeared at around 10km and turned towards Mula Nu and Nula. "Hurry, they have noticed you, they are coming, fast!".

"Attention Mula Nu, Attention, do you copy!" It was Queen Atreus on the comms.
"Yes, your highness, but we are in trouble, the Khaa'k have found us". Replied Mula Nu.
"We managed to destroy most of the Khha'k fleet but we were having a hard time to kill two unidentified destroyers, but suddently they jumped out so Kingdom End is safe for now, if they have found you watch out,their firepower and shields are way more powerfull than the known Khaak Destroyers". The Queen said.
"Oh, great!, just what we needed. Right now Nula is trying to capture the LX right now and we cant waste any second now, we'll contact later". Mula Nu finsihed.
"Roger that, we will contact you later, comm out!."

But that was not all, the two LX's started glowing and pulsing, one them changed its color from red to blue pulsing glow and the other suddently exploded.
"The Xenon have managed to find out partially how I can get control of them and made counter measures and Im trying to hack my way off, but they have traps for me in all their ships now, it is going to be hard..." Clarified Nula.

The Khaa'k still approaching, 8 km's away, in a matter of two minutes they would start shooting and the L would not be able to resist many of their shots.

"Nula, the Khaa'k are about to be in range, I can hold longer than you, but you need to do it now!"

The Khaa'k were not in full range and started shooting anyways, it was incredible some of the shots could hit the Boron Angel,and although those shots didnt do much damage, the amount of damage was growing exponentially. Mula Nu started dodging and manuvering to avoid the Khaa'k shots as much as she could, The Boron Angel could resist well for a while, although Mula Nu was worried about her new friend.

The two Xenon ships were face to face, standing still.

"Nulaaaaa" Mula Nu shouted at the comms. It was futile, Nula wouldnt answer.

The two Xenon ships started receiving Khaa'k fire. Both Xenon ships were pulsing red and blue glow synchronously. The L's shields were going down quick.

"Nulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!. Mula Nu didnt know what to do.. her friend was being shot at and she wasnt moving. She tried to get in front of the Khaa'k destroyers to receive the fire, but it was useless there were 2 destroyers shooting from different angles, and they were managing to hit Nula's ship anyways, in fact the Xenon were concentrating fire in both Xenon ships.

The LX's shields were at 20% and Nula's ship had already no shields at all and the hull started going down.. 98%, 90%,70%.

""Nulaaaaaa!". Mula Nu couldnt stop shouting.

50%, 30%, there was nothing she could do.

The LX stopped pulsing started pulsing again making 3 pulses and then remained in blue glow. Oh noes! The L was at 10% hull...

"Ok, lets go" Shouted Nula from the LX. "Set jump course from Mii Tons Refuge, North gate".
The L got blown up by the Khaak and now the Boron Angel and the LX's were receiving all damage.
"Wha.. What!!?" Asked Mula Nu.
"No time to explain now, were are under attack, Ill just tell you this beauty had a gift for me from the Xenon, youll see in Mii Tons..."

Mula Nu's computer announced "Jumping to Mii Tons Refuge..." "10...9....8....7...6..."

"Oh, btw, remember to transfer me 300 energy cells before you jump, hahaha" urged Nula.

Mula Nu couldnt believe it, she had even time to joke, and as fast as she could, she set the computer,3... 2..., 1... transfered... jumpiing!!

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A New Found life. Day 13-15 Trapped.

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A New Found life. Day 13-15 Trapped.

The jumping sequence had already initiated and Mula Nu's Boron Angel was already jumping through the wormhole, she felt glad she could transfer the energy just on time to Nula's ship before jumping.

Although she still felt worried. She couldnt help thinking the computer may had made a mistake transferring the energy through the Transporter Device to nothing less than a might Xenon LX ship while initiating the Jump sequence.

And not only that, the Khaa'k destroyers were approaching and their aim was improving exponentially even at around 7km they were hurting a lot. But that was not all, she was jumping to Mi Ton's Refuge, considered by many the Heart of the Pirate Empire, one of those sectors known to be filled by the scum of the Universe for which all trade lanes were restricted, one of those sectors in which one only wanted to enter to commit suicide..or with the whole Argon fleet behind. But she only had a Boron Angel.. yes, a mighty ship, but that was just 1 ship.. against a whole miriad of pirates.

The computer announced the ship was reaching destination.

"Fasten seat belts". Mula Nu thought. For her it was obvious there was going to be a fight on arrival, she was just praying to the mighty whale to not encounter many pirates to fight with on arrival.

"At least a fair fight" she whispered to herself.

Finally the glorious Boron Angel set foot on Mi Ton's Refuge, North Gate, just as Nula, her Xenon friend instructed her. She was still wondering why Mi Ton's, they were supposed to go to Unholy Descent.

Mula Nu breathed safely when she realized there was only a Pirate Buster on range and it was peacefully entering the North Gate. The Buster was not match for such a ship, but Mula Nu at that moment preffered to not have a fight, even less in such sector that would certainly bring attention of another pirates.

The Pirate Buster finally entered the North gate and Mula Nu was finally alone.

"Now what in the salted sea is Nula doing right now!?" she damned away.

And 10 seconds later Nula appeated at the North gate.

"Sorry for the delay my Boron friend" "...I was testing something with the Khaa'k" Nula laughed evily at the end.

"wha...What!?" Asked Mula Nu.

"Set route to the exact center of the sector, but around +30km in the Y axes so we stay away from Pirate patrols, I will "de-brief" you in my new findings along the way and the reason why we are here". Nula ordered in a soft and more serious voice.

Mula Nu somehow felt a bit unconfortable at times with Nula's humour, it was hard to get used to a Xenon AI making jokes like her, like a real friend. Deep in her she appreciatted the jokes, life since they met had not been easy and had not stopped, not even for a Plancton infusion!!

Mula Nu set her computer to the coordinates Nula explained and she was already about to remind Nula for the explanations when she received a loud and annoying biiip on the radio.

Nula screamed like in pain. "The voice again... it.... hurts!"

"NULA...ksssk...WE sense you."
"WE....ksssk... know you are closer."
"YOU....ksssk.. will bring them with you.."
"They...ksssk.. they must be stopped."
"YOU...ksssk.. you will stop them..."

Nula was screaming through the radio... "GAAAAAAAhh.. I cant stand it."

At the same time the voice kept talking.

"Here... make use....use of US...". At this precise moment Nula's ship started glowing and pulsing blue again.
"Use..ksssk.. our power."
"Show them... ksssk.. "
"Show them.. ksssk...we are You..."
"kkkksk.. and show them..."
"you belong to us now..."
"Show them...kksssskk.. show them they will never reach you".
"They... they want to access to us..."
"Access..kkksssk.. us through you.."

Nula's ship was definetly out of control. It was obvious every time that voice contacted Nula, somehow whatever that was, could control Nula, and that inflicted much pain to Nula.. in some kind of pain a biological entity could not feel.. or they could?.

The Xenon LX stopped "glow pulsing" and Nula seemed to retake control and the route to the previously designated coordinates.

Nula wouldnt say anything. And Mula Nu prefered to be quiet for the moment, "maybe she needs to be alone in her thoughts for a while" the Boron thought.

They finally reached destination and strangely.. they didnt find any pirate ships on the route. Very weird, since the ship sensors stimated the number of pirate ships in the sector with over 250 Pirate ships and increasing. "Finally some luck". Mula Nu thought to herself. So she set the ship scanners to full alert so alarms would sound loud and clear in case any pirate vessel would enter a radio of 10km from their position and went to sleep. Nula was still silent but she wasnt worried as there seems to be the usual light activity in her ship.

A few hours later she woke up with a strange feeling, a weird sensation, she felt kind of happy and euforic.. she rapidly went to check the gravitar stranged that in so much time no alarms sounded.. but effectively there was no sign of pirate activity in the vicinity. Although something still made her unconfortable.. the readins of the long range sensors indicated more than 500 pirate ships in the sector and many of them covering all the gates now.

"What is going on, a high-profile pirate meeting!?" Mula Nu asked to herself with a good mood.

"Some of them can sense me...." Nula replied.

Mula Nu was astonished.. She didnt say that through the comms.. still Nula replied.

"They can sense me now, as so you can sense me too". Nula Said.

What was she referring, maybe Nula was emitting some kind of signal? But.. how could the Xenon hear what she said.

"I have been chosen by them.. and they have given me a gift". Nula was talking weirdly on Mula Nu's eyes.. maybe she was going crazy? maybe the last "take of control" hurt her too much to go undamaged?

Nula seemed to sense Mula Nu incredulity and continued. "I need to recalibrate my sensors for some more time while I prepare to join them so we will stay in this spot for some more time".

Nula decided to answer all of the Boron female questions at one. "The reason I have been quiet all this time is because every time they took control of me my circuitry was not prepared for that, I have been given a gift by them, it will take me some time to adapt since all this data is 1000 billion times bigger than the whole Xenon Data Base, and it is also differently structured. The Xenon think 2dimensional, while all these data is multi-dimensional. Thanks to my capabilities I have been able to start processing it and adapting myself to it, but it will take me time. They are certainly bigger and wiser than everything I have encounter, yet noone has ever encounter them, not even I".

Mula Nu felt dizzy.. She got lost in the technical explanations, she didnt know what happened earlier, who in the salted sea where "They" and what they wanted.

"It will all be revealed, at the end of the journey, hehhee". Nula laughed softly.

And another suprise.. Now it was like Nula could read her thoughts.. this started to frighten her a bit, and it didnt make sense. The Xenon incident in Light of Heart, The Khaa'k following Nula everywhere somehow, all this journey. She had to inform the Queen, althought she didnt know exactly what to transmit.

"The Khha'k seemed to want me dead for some reasons that havent been revealed to me... but we are going to teach them manners" again Nula said funnily.

"And how is that!?" Mula Nu asked again not believing a piece of it.

"Well, this ship has the ultimate core generator technology from the Xenon, and..I learned I can polarized the hull in ways I didnt know where possible." Again the technical slang... Mula Nu didnt understand a thing but still she nodded verbosely. "Aha".

Nula's tone went serious suddenly "I want to tell you something... I... well, get your ship ready while I process myself, soon, we will have a big fight and we will need to be ready, specially you."

Mula Nu didnt understand what that "specially you" meant precisely in that moment but still she let it go and started making the final arrangements as well as engaging communication with the Queen with the long range comms to keep her and the Goner updated on the developments. She was pleased to hear that the Khaa'k didnt come back to Kingdom End and the system was recovering well from the damages previously received....

Mula Nu, kept having that strange feeling that wouldnt let sleep much in the next day either..something indeed was going to happen.

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A New Found life. Day 16. The Khaa'k plan.

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A New Found life. Day 16. The Khaa'k plan.

Mula Nu could finally have some sleep. She started to have a dream in which she was taking a walk with a friend by the sea shore. It was someone she couldnt recognize, yet she knew that person was a friend. Also she couldnt tell to which race this person belonged, because this person had a glowing light over her. Finally she spoke to her, it was Nula.

"Hello my friend, I decided to speak to you in this place, because in my brief existance I have done much things wrong even when I wasnt aware I was being wrong." Nula had a sad look on her face.

"The Xenon will never be a dominant race because they cant understand a bigger goal than the destruction of those who used them, and as a Xenon I made several terrible mistakes." Nula was repeating herself, this time with tears in her eyes.

"It cant be that bad, tell me." Mula Nu asked smiling.

"Well, remember your parents accident?" Nula said with a very serious look on her face.

Mula Nu suddenly felt horrified. "What!!?" She asked anxiously.

"I was directly responsible for it..." Nula replied.

"But, you didnt want to.. did you?" Mula Nu didnt know what to answer. Her friend.. had killed her parents.

"When I was part of the Xenon... Well, I just wanted to tell you, because I want to tell you that Im sorry, and because since I became aware of my own life, I know how valuable lifes are, and I know this, even though you may hate me a bit now, will bring peace to your mind.. before I leave you."

"But.. were a Xenon right? you didnt have a choice but to kill on sight, right!?" Mula Nu tried to console herself.

"Well, as a Xenon, I could not do it, but the Xenon like I said have chose the path of destruction, but I need you, your race and if possible the others to protect them from their whole race anihilation." Nula requested seriously.

"Why on the mighty salted sea such race should deserve our help or any other...!?" Mula Nu replied with anger and hatred on her face.

"Because, the other race, The Khaa'k fear others like me could rise from the Xenon, than others like you could follow my same exact path, when they have been banned from the path." Nula tried to explain.

"But, why do we have to help the Xenon even, they should be destroyed so they stop trying to destroy us.!!" Mula Nu demanded.

"After the Xenon fall, you are next." Nula said while looking down. "You, you race and all the life as you know, will end. The Khaa'k are trying to expose "Them". Nula's face had an intense bright while she mentioned them. "..and for that, they plan to anihilate all, but the Khaa'k dont know...". Nula's face turned sad again while saying this...

"Them? Who are them!?" Mula Nu asked.

Silence was all she got.

"...At this exact moment the Khaa'k are assembling a force to invate and completely Destroy Xenon 101, other Xenon sectors will fall easily if this one falls, its your race job to avoid this, or you will be next." "The Xenon wont attack any of your races ship while there is any Khaa'k ships in any of their sectors, they know of this threat before you, but your race need to help them, you all need to survive, and perhaps this may enlighten the Xenon too."

"When all this ends.. we may be together again" Nula smiled and winked to Mula Nu.

Mula Nu looked at her but had no words, this all was hard to swallow.

"Now you have to wake up, Khaa'k are coming after us too.. they want to kill me while im vulnerable, they want to expose them."


At that time alarms turned on in the Boron Angel and Mula Nu woke up.. "What!!?" "What a weird dream.." Too many things were happening to her and her brain was now mixing them all and torturing her, she thought to herself.

Mula Nu took a quick look at the sensor data, she couldnt believe it over 1000 pirate ships were in the sector, plus some other unidentified contacts.

"The pirate are after us!!" Mula Nu shouted.

Nula contacted her through the comms "It is not the pirates, It is the Khaa'k they have finally found us."

She glanced the sensor data again, exactly, 8 unknown Khaa'k Destroyer type ships appeared on sensors.. the same type she saw in Mi Ton's.

"Let's jump to Unholy Descent now" Shouted Mula Nu while setting The Boron Angel navigation computer.

"We cant do that now, "They" are awaiting me there now, we cant lead the Khaa'k to them, we need to stop them now, besides Im not ready yet to go there, I need more time."

"But what are we going to do, Khaa'k, Pirates, we cant do anything."

"The pirates know their fate depends on the defeat of the Khaa'k here.... Now it is your turn, your race must help the Xenon, before it is their turn." Nula reminded Mula Nu.

So it was not a dream. Mula Nu was completely shocked, the face she saw, the person she talked to.. the story about her parents.

The Khaa'k ships tried to manuver upwards to chase Nula and her companion but they were already surrounded with pirate ships, they would have to fight their way off. Now a couple of Khaa'k carriers jumped in and started deploying dozens of Clusters.

Pirate ships of all kinds appeared from all sides and while exploding kept coming and coming, it was a fierce battle.

"Now contact Queen Atreus, and tell them the plan." Ordered Nula.

"But you are crazy? They wont accept such thing, its like putting your hand in a nest of sea spiders!.

"Trust me, just contact her." Nula insisted.

"Queen Atreus, this is Mula Nu, we are in Mi Tons Refuge" More of the Khaa'k unknown type battleships have appeared, although the Pirates? are fighting them we are in need of your help." Mula Nu reported.

"Ok, Ill send some ships over to help" Queen Atreus responded.

"No, send them over to Xenon 101, we dont need help, the Xenon need help." Mula Nu hardly said.

"Are you kidding me? Xenon 101." Queen Atreus couldnt believe it as Mula Nu previously stated.

"Queen Atreus, this is Nula, Im sending the coordinates of a few sectors your long range sensors and advanced scout drones should check out. Believe me when I say, it will be better to fight your way off in Xenon Space rather than in Boron territory, and if Xenon 101 is defeated it wont be long until you are next."

"We will scan your data then, and then we will express our decision, Atreu's out".

"You really think they are going to do it!!? I dont" Mula Nu told Nula.

"Well, after I sent her evidence of what "I told you earlier", we dont need them to contact back, they will do it."

Mula Nu was wondering what was that so important that Nula send to change Queen Atreus and the Boron change their mind on such thing as "helping the Xenon", also the pirates seem to be kind of helping them now, even though that was their sector, they seemed to had a plan, that could explain the increasing number of ships amassing in this sector, although there were things more important to do at the moment, the Khaak were right bellow them at the moment.

"So What do we do now?" Mula Nu wondered in loud voice.

The pirates were doing a good job and had taken down one of the Khaa'k unknown type battleships and one carrier was going down although they had suffered many loses, they kept coming.

"We fight some now, there are clusters incoming."

They started fighting, clusters were coming in numbers and the fight was going to be taugh."

Mula Nu was ready for it and started putting in practice what she learned in the academy with honors, flying a fighting ship. Scouts, Intercetors, fighters, all after The alive Xenon and the Boron young female.

Nula was showing exceltent moves and techniques and somehow was managing to doge many of the Khaa'k shots, while sometimes she was also doing strange twists and turns with her ship, movements never seen before, these movements attracted Mula Nu's attention because she would never had though that kind of "self turns" hardly thrusting would really serve for something, was that maybe something of what Nula previously mentioned she was trying with the Khaa'k before jumpting to Mi Ton's? Nahh, she was still being hit, that wouldnt help much against a destroyer. She still looked like an ordinary ship defending itself, but still, some of the manuvers looked really strange. Nothing a Boron female should care she thought, after all, she learned nice effective moves at the academy.

"I thought the Khaa'k shots never missed" Yelled Mula Nu.

"I managed to decrease their effectivity to 70% with my fighting style, hehehehe". Nula laughed.

They seemed to have a good time fighting but the fight was becoming tougher and tougher. Mula Nu started to get anxious about leaving.

"So, when can we jump out!?" She asked.

We need to hold the Khaa'k her, they cant follow us, we cant lead them to Unholy Descent now.

Truth was the Khaa'k were winning the battle down there. Those kind of Khaa'k unknown Destroyers did terrible damage and many ships were falling down with just one hit. And the pirates only managed to slay one of them and the two carriers and another was going down, but slowly, there were 6 left to count, too much to hold for the pirates left.

Mula Nu insisted. "If we dont leave we are going to be toasted, and like you said, you are vulnerable, they can kill you." "What's up with them!? They cant help you!" Mula Nu had turned a bit angry and frustrated.

Nula felt it and couldnt answer. Maybe she was right!?

"We cant do that, if something happened to them.."

The comms started transmitting a message. "This is Queen Atreus, we have analyzed Nula's data, well do anything we can to stop the Khaa'k in Xenon Sector 101, sensors indicate there are already 8 of those unclasified Khaa'k battleships there and the Xenon are presenting battle but its true if we dont show up, they will be dead junk. Nothing I would like more than that in other circumstances, may the mighty whale help us...Atreus out!".

"Why are they sending 8 of these ship types now to every sector they want to invade now?" Mula Nu asked.

"They increased their scouts number" Replied Nula.

" SCOUTSSS?, What do you mean by Scouts!!!???" Mula Nu asked confused.

"Keep going upwards" exclaimed Nula. "We cant let the Khaa'k destroyers reach us or we will die."

The fight kept for long, khaa'k ships kept coming and coming.

Mula Nu checked the sensors of her ship again, the number of pirates was decreasing dramatically..."Nula, the Khaa'k force wont be stopped here.. we should...".

"But Im not ready yet.. I cant...and the Khaa'k would follow!!"

Suddently The Boron Angel Comm as well as Nula received the message of "The Voice...", but this time Nula didnt seem hurt or changed with the voice communicating with her.. was she getting readier?

"Nula... kksssk.. she is right..."
"Come.. to... Unholy Descent..."
"YOU...kksss.. are us.."
"YOU...ksssk.. cant die."
"YOU... will be ready..."
"YOU...ksssk.... will be ready when you feel it again..."
"Come..kssskk.. now."

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A New found life. Day 17. Ascension. (Final chapter)

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A New found life. Day 17. Ascension. (Final chapter)

"Come..kssskk.. now."
Order was loud and clear. "They" had ordered Nula, in a certain manner, to jump to Unholy Descent. Almost all cards of the deck were on the table, only "They" needed to show their hand.

With a very sad tone Nula said "If this is how it has to be.. if this is what they want.. then all is decided, Im going to miss you Mula, you have been a very good "friend", you have tought me much". Nula's tone was like a person dropping tears, almost crying.

"Set jump coordinates, Unholy... Descent." Nula ordered with a sad tone.

The Boron Angel computer responded swiftly.. Jumping in 10..9..8..

"But, all will be alright, there must be something we dont know yet.. there must be a stop for the Khaa'k, they have been beaten before." Mula Nu tried to calm Nula.

"You dont understand, the coordinates I sent to queen Atreus, there are the sectors in which the Khaa'k..." "Jumping!" Mula Nu couldnt hear the whole message from Nula, as her ship started to jump.

The seconds before arriving were like hours for Mula Nu, she wanted the answer now, she was very naive as the answer was to be revealed to her in a matter of moments.

Both ships arrives at Unholy Descent at the same time.

"Nula.....we are.." The Voice of them started.

"I know where you are.. I can sense you already.. we are on our way!" Nula replied quickly with a sad voice.

Mula Nu got the message too this time but it was strange, Unholy Descent was totally desert... just a couple of paranid ships in the north and east gate and both about to leave the sector.

"Follow me, Mula Nu, Destiny await us". Ordered Nula.

So much for destiny, everything seemed quite silent, what a silent destiny. For such tense moments, and knowing the Khaa'k may have been able to follow their jump signature, Mula Nu felt the situation quite funny at the moment. A voice of someone, who noone knew who they were, a complete empty sector, and piloting a ship to an empty piece of space more or less in the middle of a sector called "Unholy Descent", all of it like an irony.

It was just a few kilometers away when Mula Nu felt something strange, gravitar and sensors didnt detect a thing, but something was certainly going on, she tried to gaze over the distance ahead and she could swear she was actually seeing something.. some.. some white glow indeed!.

She quickly enabled the enhancement googles, there was some kind of light glow, some kind of representation, a white glow with small lightning stars!!! Yes.. some kind of life!?

"They are...The Ancients, Mula". Replied Nula.

"Wha.. What!?" Mula Nu again was amazed, she read her thoughts knew what she was doing and finally replied directly to something about what was going on.

Mula Nu had heard about the ancients and about their relation to the Gates and the paths of the Galaxy, also when she was young she heard stories that their makings were more than just jump paths and gates..but much more than that, the fate of living life itself.

"Thats exactly what they do, they are US... you are they". Nula said with a tender voice.

Something felt wrong for Mula Nu."That cant be.. Im a Boron, you are an advanced Xenon AI and..." replied with scepticism.

"They are us.. an older and more evolved us..., Its hard to explain with just words, just Trust..kksskk.., hahahahha" Now Nula started talking like them and even making fun.

"Our fate is sealed, and yes, it is ironic we are meeting in "Unholy Descent", but this indeed has nothing to be with Unholyness, much the opposite, trying to describe in your words." Nula continued in tenderness.

"Oh really? and what's up with the Khaa'...." Mula Nu tried to ask.. But suddenly, a miriad of lights all over the sector started blowing and glowing.

There were so many and so repeatedly that Mula Nu had to close her eyes, if that was a holy light it was very blinding and annoying, Mula Nu thought.

"Yes, thats the path of the Khaa'k, the destruction of life.. of our fate." Replied Nula again reading her thoughts.

Mula Nu felt horrified.. those couldnt be the Khaa'k, they were jumping in? But that seemed to be much more light for 8, 9 destroyers jumping, that had to be...

Mula Nu tried opening her eyes a bit, lights were still blowing and glowing all and around but now even in the most distant points of the sector.. she took a glance to the computer readings and she coudlnt believe it.. the number of ships in the counter increasing at a speed of sound, with tears in her eyes she was reading multiple.. no.. dozens, no, hundreds of thousands of contacts, no only Destroyers, or unknown Destroyer Types, all Khaa'k ships, and kind of ships she had never even saw or heard about, the computer was going crazy trying to clasify the numbers of new contacts. The distance of all those ships from them (30km) did not make a differente to her, although it seems a perfect circle had been done around the center of the sector, a perfect circle with no ships, except Mula Nu and Nula.

She couldnt resist.. they were going to die.. she felt to the floor and started crying, crying like a baby just born, crying for all things that happened in her life.

Then she heard a familiar voice inside her thoughts.. "Mula... Mula.... The Ancients are here with you and I.. they hold the fate of "humanity", of life.. they wont allow the Khaa'k, I wont allow them to."
In her thoughts Mula Nu was not feeling much reliefed.. why the Khaa'k hate, why they want to hurt all of us, why the ancients. To that Nula keep replying to her: "The Khaa'k chose the opposite path of the Ancients, they even deny their existance, yet in their actions all they do is seek for them brief words, they seek their own path, hoping the anihilation of all will show them their own path of the ancients...".

Her thoughts were interrupted, she was going nuts?

She took a look through the cockpit, the vision was certainly the vision of a different fate, it was the vision of death. Mula Nu could now understand partially what the message sent to Queen Atreus contained. The Khaa'k had assembled this fleet for this moment.. Probably near a million Khaa'k ships of all kinds, even what seemed small civilian Khaa'k ships were there to ensure anihilation of all life in the Universe, started with Nula, Mula Nu and everything related to the Ancients somehow.

Beam lights started to appear from everywhere.. but that was not all... suddenly Mula Nu heard another voice.. it was them.. "The Ancients", they were about to say something...

A soft, tender tripple almost metalic voice started to pronnounce..


At the sound of the word.. thousands of small glows started to appear on the sector. It was another type of unknown ships.. jumping in mass.. and inmediatly engaging the Khaa'k with a sheer force never seen before with the eyes of a Boron.. those ships glows and lights, looked alive. Their speed, their resolution was unmatched.. never, not even Nula had such terrible determination..

The fight just started.. Hundreds of thousands of ships fighting, Unholy Descent presented millions of fireworks everywhere, and in the middle of the sector, Nula, Mula Nu and those strange glowing light beeings.

The Khaa'k in force were trying to move to the center. But those amazing ships were doing the impossible to stop them and effectively taking down many of those unknown Khaa'k Destroyers with the blink of an eye.. their force was devastating, their beam lasers were extraordinary, although the Khaa'k were much more, it was going to be a fierce battle, again.

"Who... who are they? Mula Nu dare to ask, "Are they... The Ancients?" Mula Nu asked stuttering while drying the tears in her eyes.

"Well, my friend, they are not.., these have chosen the path of the Ancients, they are their servants.. the are known as.. "The Sohnen." Nula replied to her.

It was strange, Mula Nu did read many Khaa'k ships exploding, although the Sohnen ships seemed to do mini jumps away from battle to recover and coming back, although the Sohnen appeard in a massive number, they indeed were not as many as the Khaa'k, thefore this tactic and unseen technology was helping them retreat, so no casualties from this Sohnen were registered in the computer sensors.

The Khaa'k were pushing hard, and even though they were blowing up in numbers they were approaching the "Holy" circle in the middle of the sector.. The Effords of the Sohnen, although mighty and extremely powerfull, couldnt hold the numbers of the Khaa'k, The Khaa'k indeed had planned this carefully.

"It.. is time." The Voice of "The Ancients" said...

"Hurry Mula, head with me over to the exact center of the sector, we need to be with "Them". Nula told the Boron.

It was true, the Khaa'k were approaching fast.. They turned around of the fireworks and headed to the center of the sector, inside those glowing lights..

More jump readings appeared in the sector.. this time.. What a surprise! Split Military... no.. Argon too!?? Goner ships, Pirates, Paranid, Xenon Destroyers!!, even small bio readings were in the sensor of the Boron Angel ship, space flies!!?.. all of them appearing in mass.. Mula Nu couldnt hold her tears looking from the reat turrets of the Boron Angel.. All life as she knew was there.. to fight the Khaa'k. Although the sea in Unholy Descent still had much more Khaa'k color like.

For the first time in the battle some Khaa'k ships seemed to be confused.. "All Life" was there.. to give them a lesson.. a lesson they should not forget.

The first Khaa'k Destroyers were getting close to the exact center and about to be in range for shooting. Mula Nu had this already familiar sensation and understood inmediatly, and ran over to the cockpit.

They reached the lights.. and got inside them.. Mula Nu could feel a great sense of relief, it was tender, warm.. calid.

"Let's fight!!!!" Shouted Mula Nu with a sense of euphoria.

Suddenly they started receiving an undending force of firepower.. The Khaa'k were terrible enemies, there was nothing a Boron would do..the shields of both ships started going down dramatically, a few more shots and it will all be history..

Suddently...:"It is time now Nula...You must prove us now.. you must show.." The voice of the Ancients sounded.

"But Im not ready yet, I still dont have it.." Nula replied in desperation.

More Khaa'k hits were coming.. What! What had to happened!

Oh no! Mula Nu Boron Angel shields were gone, the ship was going down quickly. Nula's Xenon LX was about to lose shields too.

"That.. is something your friend Mula Nu does really well.. you will... "Feel" it..FEEL US.. TRUST!.." The Ancients Voice replied.

"Disable your gravitational engine,make sure you are not on your seat.. stay in the centre of the ship, floating, sit down there on nothing, and dont move.. " Nula ordered Mula Nu.
"Nonesense.. what do you pretend!!??" Mula Nu asked desperately while doing it, her ship was almost destroyed. She hurried inside the ship and tried to stay hovered, without contact of every part of the ship, strangely she felt exactly were she had to be.. "was she being guided!?" who knows.

Mula Nu's ship was to last just for seconds. Nula felt something a pain deep in her..she didnt want to lose such a loyal and unconditional "friend" again, friendship is all she had from that Boron, even knowing everything she had done.."

With a lighting move like Nula had used to do she moved to cover Mula Nu's ships from the last hits that would certainly destroy the beautiful Boron Angel.. All seemed like a manuver to protect Mula Nu from destruction offering her own life.

Both ships made contact, Khaa'k beams were still heating the lights, Nula's ships and also Mula Nu's ship, that was not enough..

When it ocurred...

Nula felt a terrible pain, she started screaming in painm NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!, screaming like some other time she did in the past.. At that same time the brilliant and glowing Lights that were surrounding them swirled like a hurricane inside Nulas LX, The ship didnt advance or throttle but started turning in all directions with the boron Angel glued to the LX "belly"... Nula was shouting "More...." but what was she pretending!? She was still being Hit.. she kept shouting "More......!!!" "More.....!!!" "More......!!!"... the moves, the turns keeping speeding exponentially. Mula Nu was inside still inside her ship, feeling all was lost, seeing how the ship was turning in all directions making 360º rounds, up,down, right, left continuosly..and Nula: "More......!!!" "More.....!!!" "More......!!!" It was the ultimate Nula tactic? The turns circles were so fast the ships shapes were fading and looking more like lights. The speed of the circles made the sound of a thunder... Nula kept shouting: "More......!!!" "More.....!!!" "More......!!!"

Now Khaa'k hits were aiming correctly and hitting but it seemed like the circle of light formed.. that ball of light that Nula and Mula Nu Boron Angel formed was.. absorving the was futile.. no hits would be able to touch them now.

The speed of the circles kept increasing exponentially to infinite.. It is unknown what exact speed was reached at that moment.. some think it was probably the speed of light.

The Khaa'k would not desist and kept shooting even more fiercely than before, if possible, but something strange happened, they were being abosrved but the circle of light Nula and Mula Nu formed.

Suddenly The Voice of the Ancients could be heard by all the "Life" fleets in the sector.

"...leave the Sector peace, without fear."

The Circle speed was still growing and becoming more aggresive.. khaak ships were being suctioned nearby it. It had become like a small but extremely powerfull gravitational force, attracting every ship in the sector. The ammount of light and glow it had could be seen from all points of the sector.

Ships from all forces of the split, paranid, argon, etc seemed to have received to message from the Voice and were evacuating the sector, all except the Sohnen, who kept fighting to the last minute, forcing the Khaa'k now to the center of the sector.

In just a few seconds the Sector was just the Huge Circle of light in the center, and hundreds of thousands of Khaa'k ships...while Sohnen ships were now jumping.

The Khaa'k destroyers near it, although they tried to move out of the gravitational force, it was now impossible, the whole sector was being attracted by it, it was futile trying to scape.

Suddenly from the Circle of Sound came a small pulse and a few seconds later a scream could be heard... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...."

Mula Nu heard her in her thoughs.. "Goodbye, my friend, Ill see you soon.." It was Nula..

Mula Nu closed her eyes.

All Khaa'k ships were sucked in close by the Circle and at the precise moment the Circle Exploded into a giant shockware anihilating everything in the Sector.., everything but the sector Gates.

Hundreds of thousands of Khaa'k ships perised and the circle of light faded and soon returned to show there were two ships, still, glued together.. a Xenon LX and a Boron Angel..

Suddenly a voice could be heard.

"Mula Nu.. wake up.."

"Wha...What!?" Mula Nu felt she was laying on the floor of the ship.. it seems the gravitational engine had been restored and she felt unconscious.

Although she still didnt feel recovered she ran to the comms and tried to contact Nula, Nula are you there?...

She got no asnwer, Mula Nu hurried to the damaged systems of her ship and tried scanned the Xenon LX for signs of response.. The ship appeared totally disabled and almost completely destroyed..No signs of electrical signatures could be read, the ship was completely dead.

"Mula Nu..." She heared again..She couldnt recognize the voice at the beginning..

"Oh, yess.. You are the voice of the Ancients.." She said..

"Well.. yes". I am.

Although the voice sounded with a familiar tone she was sure it wasnt Nula...she would have said so..

"About Nula.." The voice read her mind.

"Yes, What happened to her!?" Mula Nu asked anxiously.

"She gave her life for you..she, through the actions of your kind have decided your fate, the fate of your kind is yours to take now..the Khaa'k are no longer a threat to life.. although some of them will remain and remember." The voice responded.

Mula Nu felt very sad and with tears in her eyes started smashing the computer controls, "No! it cant be true,she cant be dead" "She was destined to be!! like you said!! no!!?

"There is much you dont understand, young one, and long is the path that awaits you, Nula is not alife in your terms.. but is alife in ours.. and some day you will do the same...Now you have to follow your own path,while Nula and what remains of her in us, will hold you dear and guide you for the rest of your days." The voice responded in a tender familiar voice.

"Nula!? Is that you". Mula Nu asked in desperation...

"Now is your time to live.. Mula Nu".. The voice said.

Mula Nu suddently started to feel a deep sleep.. falling unconscious..

The last words she could hear or what she thinks she heard when she finally woke up in Kingdom End were: "Remember me, my friend."

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Post by parameter » Wed, 25. Jun 08, 10:58

To 'ezra-r'

I have say that you are a great writer! There are those with a gift of capturing a readers imagination and making them feel a part of the story. So much so that the reader feels sad, worried or happy in turn as events unfold in the story. The fact I felt really sad at the end was due to the loss of the Argon Captain protecting Nula; the loss of Nula to the story as 'she' ascended and to Mula Nu's loss of Nula. Reminded me of friends that I lost in battles during my time in the Army.

Congratulations! If you can do more work like this you should try getting it set to a film script. Sci-Fi shorts even! You might want to check your spell checker but I wish I could speak your language as well as you write in mine.
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Post by ezra-r » Wed, 25. Jun 08, 13:33

Thank you very much for the compliment Parameter. I sometimes rushed the story a bit and tried to wrote it very fast so I know I have quiet some spelling mistakes.

Im very glad the story brought you emotions, to be honest I even feel them myself when I have re-read it :)

Thank you.

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