The Ultimate Guide to Off-Topic

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The Ultimate Guide to Off-Topic

Post by Rapier » Mon, 23. Jun 08, 21:58

Maybe that's a bit grand, but in order to tidy up the stickies a little, this topic will provide links to some of the more reference type threads that sometimes get lost. Like:

MMOs X-Directory - Who plays what and what do they call themselves.
Other online games people play - Games and servers where you can play and maybe meet other X-ers.
Live! Gamertags - For X-ers with Microsoft Live! accounts.
PS3 gamers - Find other X-ers online with their PS3s.
Steam Gamertags For people who like exciting the molecules of liquid water until they break their bonds.
Space simulation/strategy/exploration games - If you liked X3 - Reunion, why not try some of these?
Latest graphics card drivers - nvidia (includes how to install nvidia and ATI drivers on a laptop) - ATI

And also:
Sci-Fi book recommendations - The question was asked and many answers were given.
Firefly/Serenity - Occasional updates for Big Damn Browncoats.
BOINC - Project news and updates on the various Forum teams.
Chess - for those that like their pawn. :roll:

Before anyone asks what the criteria are for threads being added to this post: I've tried to keep it to those threads that have a reference element to them, ones that keep people in touch or up to date. Hence you won't find football, Dr. Who or music in the list, as they are discussion threads. :wink:
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