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Post by bsnecro » Sun, 17. May 09, 12:43


Files received. Thanks a lot.

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Post by 7ate9tin11s » Wed, 20. May 09, 07:16

Um...wow...did not realize people still wanted this script, perhaps I should start playing again. I will try to get this up on a more permanent server for everyone.

So is terran conflict worth picking up? I am out of the country and it is not exactly easy to get US software here :s

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Post by Legionnaire » Wed, 20. May 09, 13:13

You could try getting it shipped from the egosoft store online, or check ebay to see if they still have copies up and available.

In some respects TC is far superior to X3:R, but you need a beast of a machine to get good performance out of it currently, hopefully that will be improved with the patch currently being worked on.

And yes people are still looking for all 3 of your scripts.

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Post by JakubCW » Wed, 10. Jun 09, 14:17

bit of an issue witht his plugin, i keep getting loads of "xenon unknown drones" around gates that cant be killed. (invincible HULLS"), i use XTM if thats a conflict?

anyone know whats up?

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Post by 7ate9tin11s » Sat, 4. Jul 09, 11:48

and now to tempt you into upgrading to x3tc...


:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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Post by Spikyrob » Wed, 8. Jul 09, 04:31

I dont usually post in these forums even after yrs of playing x/x2/x3 etc but i feel compelled to post and say this:

YES! People will always want to download your scripts =P Even 5-10 yrs from now i would imagine.

So many times in x2/x3 I have amassed an empire and got bored because there really wasnt anything driving me forward but with IK there's always something i need to be working towards.

Once i've done the bala gi missions etc i will be installing IX too and I hope I will be ready for it!

I dont think my comp would handle Terran Conflict too well judging by the rolling demo so im not going to buy it for a while and im sure many many ppl will be playing Reunion for yrs to come.

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Post by zombie-uk » Fri, 10. Jul 09, 08:15

Yup I am for one am still playing X3 although i have TC....dunno...must be the lag of it or the complex controls I am still having trouble with... plus the strange arrangement of the planest and suns...in certain sectors like Heratic's End, the Star appears smaller than the planets and the flippin thing just is not to scale....X3 didnt ave this...sorry im moaning now..

Still XTC beats XR in graphics etc... but gameplay tends to get a bit routine....XR epsecially XTM had and still does have me captivated...I think XTC could of had more XTM feel but I could be wrong... wounder what X4 will be like....and what X4 Xtm would be like even more..Hell Im waiting for X10 Xtm....woop..
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X3 Reunion i love it.

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Post by Antisozial » Mon, 5. Mar 12, 18:33

Can someone pls reupload this?
All links are dead :/

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Post by Centron » Tue, 6. Nov 12, 07:36

Can we please get an updated link and mirror for this and improved Kha'ak?

Trying to go back and play XTM, but a lot of these scripts have dead links...

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Post by Moonrat » Tue, 6. Nov 12, 09:45


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Post by iitiro » Fri, 15. Jul 16, 17:49

Still playing sometimes X3R+XTM :roll:
Moonrat, thank you for the link, and for Improved Khaak as well!

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Post by CloneSargaent » Fri, 11. Aug 17, 04:25


One of 7ate9tin11s old scripts that I just noticed lost its topic page and download link(Because i was tired and forgot to look through 247 pages for it :oops: ), I felt needed bring it back. :)
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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Fri, 11. Aug 17, 10:22

Merged with script thread and added alternative xdownloads and mediafire links to the opening post.

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