[script] Improved Kha'ak 1.1: Updated June 10, 2008

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Post by Kanos0 » Wed, 28. Jul 10, 15:58

Hi again.

I played it again today. I left the sector almost immediately after taking it, but when the kha'ak ships appeared in the next sector, they were red. And they were shooting at me.

Thanks again!
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Post by Centron » Tue, 6. Nov 12, 07:54

Can we please get an updated link and mirror for this and improved Xenon?

Trying to go back and play XTM, but a lot of these scripts have dead links...

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Post by Moonrat » Tue, 6. Nov 12, 09:43


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Post by Centron » Tue, 6. Nov 12, 21:08

Moonrat, you rock. Thanks for letting me get my fix of old-school x3.

Cheers mate! :D

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Post by Akalay » Thu, 20. Feb 14, 19:00

I don't really know if it's this script, I run a few kha'ak boosters, but I just went into Ianamus Zura, and I'm greeted by 40 Alpha Swarm Kha'ak Mammoths. Guess I did something wrong?

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Post by ASSTEROIDS » Sun, 29. May 16, 11:05

I helped vanquish my first Khaak invasion in Ormicron Lyrae, it was good, I even capped a destroyer, but now i'm left with a small egg in the sector, I can't target it, I can't see it, it's just there on the map. If I select autopilot my ship just turn and do nothing, if i select info betty give me a matter-anti matter mine description, if I select attack the game crashes.

I tried 3 times and the game crash as soon as I try to attack it (autopilot), disabling the mod does remove it.

What should I do about this?

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Post by Azulius » Mon, 28. Aug 17, 02:00

all download links i can find are dead :/

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Mon, 28. Aug 17, 09:42

Moonrat posted a working link a couple of posts above.
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