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[MOD - X3 2.5] New Horizons Mod

Post by Phlt » Sun, 13. Jan 08, 17:28

  • MOD "New Horizons" v.2.01 compatible X3 v.2.5
  • This stable version should not need a Restart if you are already playing with v.2.0. However, just copy your current install in a safe directory prior to install v.2.01, just in case

:arrow: NH Mod Trailer - See below.

  • The aim of this Mod is to provide you with the opportunity to become independent of the main races - except the Teladi race – should you chose to do so.
    Forge an alliance with the New Race and the Teladi, get or buy your personal HQ and/or use the recommended optional scripts to have your own SY and EQD. Build and secure your new Trade Empire or become a true Pirate and fly Xenon or Yaki ships.
There are 6 custom starts available. These custom starts provide you with the opportunity to find and buy the HQ and Bala-Gi's ships, and offer many different and original contents from main map. This is the best way to fully enjoy the NH game, which contents its own plots.
New Horizons is also compatible with X3 vanilla "Bala Gi" plot, but
not with the main vanilla plot. If you want to play the main plot, you need to avoid to fly in NH sectors prior having completed the main plot. It works fully fine afterwards. You will find a map in the DL area to identify which sectors you should not fly to at the beginning if you have chosen to play the regular game.

NH Mod is available in English – French and Italian

  • New Horizons offers the following features:
* 62 new sectors in total with new backgrounds designed by Realspace, including Pirate, Xenon et Khaak sectors
* 6 custom starts with a slightly different map for each
* Several new trading routes, but beware of increasing Xenon & Pirate activities
* Plenty of new business opportunities
* A brand new race hidden in the Universe borders with which you can trade and also buy technologies, weapons and new ships from
* Full range of new ships, from M0 to M5, including M9, M8, M7 and M6 with docking capabilities - courtesy of Crip67 and Observe Space Research
* Xenon, Yaki and Goner ships now available to buy in secret SY waiting to be found
* New enhanced X3 ships featuring:
- Pirate Falcon M3+
- Military TL's to "fill the gap" between Current TL and M1
- Teladi improved TL (the "Conveyor") and a M6+
- New variants slightly improved of current M6's
- Goner M6 which is the military version of the Truelight Seeker
- New class of Heavy TS Super Freighter
- Improved Xenon M3, M6 and a new M7 light Frigate with docking capabilities, as well as a powerful M1
- There is a hidden SY in the galaxy in which all these mighty new Xenon ships are available...
- Integration of ulfius’ Military HUD Mod which enhance significantly the fighting gameplay. For more details about the great features included, >>> Click here <<< - Courtesy of ulfius.

- Several new goods (legal or illegal) to trade with, including Space flies Farms
- 30 additional stations per race
- Significant increase in the need of secondary resources (legal and illegal)
- More Pirate Stations
- New Race has its own economy and goods, but can also trade secondary resources with other races
- New secret Pirate, Goner, Terracorp and Xenon bases to find in which new ships and other items are available
- Some "goodies" are awaiting the eagle-eyer explorer
- More rich roids are available and Nividium is much more important in the economy
- Most of the map is "no fog"

  • What has been added in this brand new version:
- 12 new sectors have been added - 62 new sectors are now in this Mod. New trade lanes have been set up as well as new useful stations, SY & EQD
- Some new sectors are less friendly than before and every finding is difficult to owned
- Kyon Forges are now available in some sectors and some ships can mount these deadly weapons
- There is a new custom start: "Janus" - Janus and its legend are back. His new friendship with Yaki Faction and its ability to enhance current existing ships will be more likely a threat to some... A plot to know more about Janus is now available
- In the Goner custom start, Paranid are no more hostile to you at the beginning
- 6 new great ships designed by Crip67 et Observe are available
- There are new ship classes available: M5+, M4+ and M6+
- Some races are using M8 and/or M9 class ships
- Teladi found a way to increase their profits, and MKIII are now able to fully trade in every sector which is not hostile, including the unknown race
- Pirates and some other newcomers can use some new ships particularly tailored to their needs
- many new BBS are available to give some clues to player regarding the plots, new items and goodies
- New soundtracks have been added to the new sectors
- 2 main scripts, compatible with the ones listed below, have been designed for the Mod. Their are significantly enhancing gameplay and will offer you more ways to play the game in a much more dynamic universe

1 HackingII - by Azz
Thanks to a Cyberpirate chip available in underground places, it is now possible to activate hacking controls which open the way to “soft hacking”. It is now possible to hack security systems of stations and steel money or goods. It is also possible to hack a ship in space…
The more successful you will be, the more your rank will become high and the more benefits and opportunities you will get. Pirates will contemplate your hacking activities and might become your supporters one day.
In order to support you while managing your hacking activities, you will have the opportunity to buy via unofficial sources a revolutionary engine which will help you to keep away from official authorities.
Yaki Faction is now expanding significantly its activities. Ships which travel through Yaki’s sectors can be boarded and their cargo stolen. Yaki Faction can even intervene in neighboring sectors. There is a Yaki’s base in every Yaki’s sector, in which Yaki’s ships can refuel and unload their illegal booty. On top of this, elite Yaki’s forces known in the universe as “Assassin” are regularly attacking capital ships or stations of all races, including yours.
In order to face this mighty threat, all races of the universe have decided to join their effort and founded a new security force known as Intergovernmental Security Force – ISF. This force has settled bases in many sectors from which it can fight against Khaak, Xenon, and Assassin attacks, but also player’s illegal activities. Pirates are not targeted by ISF, as races consider their standard police and custom squads strong enough to take care of them.
Some rich stations have also decided to defend themselves by using new improved lasertowers, as they do not fully rely on ISF responsiveness.
You can enable/disable the script in X3 AL Plugin Menu

2 GUT - by BenIsra
Green Universe Tax - Universe is now very much interested in the business side of things, driven by ecology concerns.
Races have now put in place a tax to financially support the salvage of garbage in space. You might decide not to pay the tax while buying or selling products, but this could have some consequences…
- Every kind of product bought or sold has to pay a “green” tax. You can buy licenses in order to avoid to pay in the future
- Turn this tax system for your benefit and tax yourself pilots who are making business in your sectors
- Find a way to be forgiven by races if needed, but price could be high
- Many services are also now available, including a banking system: loans, deposits and withdrawals are now available by using a checking account
- A Pirate chip is now available. This might help the player not to pay Taxes
- Used Ship Dealers are spawned in the Universe. Find them and buy ships in more or less good conditions at good price
You can enable/disable the script in X3 AL Plugin Menu

  • Scripts
Two Cycrow's scripts are installed in this Mod:
- Xenon Migration to increase Xenon activity
- Salvage Claim software to be able to claim abandoned ships
Courtesy of Cycrow
- HackingII - by Azz - description above
- GUT - by BenIsra - description above

Please, note that Xenon Migration script will use the new improved Xenon Ships. Be cautious while selecting the options. We recommend the “Auto Difficulty” option, which will spawn different kind of ships depending to your Fighting rank. However, choice remains yours!

You will also find below a list of recommended scripts tested OK with the Mod to significantly enhance the gameplay. They are not in the Mod. You need to DL and install them separately if you like to have them in your game

- Pilot AI III by Azz
- Pilot AI III by Azz - Mirror Xchange Guild
- XaiCorp_Navigation Override System by Moggy2
- XaiCorp_Turret Command Plugin by Moggy2
- XaiCorp_Waypoint command by Moggy2
- Warehouse Command by Deltawolf
- Player Friendly Shipyards by Voxol
- Player Friendly Equipment Dock - by Voxol - By using these two Voxol's scripts, player can become truly independent from the other Races..
- Merchant Guild - by Cycrow
- Cargo Delivery Service - by Klaatu
- Factory Complex constructor - FCC - by Dusty [KBG]
- Autotrader Sector Lock - by halo
- Stevio Fab Supplier - by Stevio.

  • Please, find below pics of some ships introduced in the Mod, as well as Sectors:

- Fortress 2b M0 improved - OSR
- Glaive M1 improved - Crip67
- Destroyer Tsunami M2 - OSR
- Lance M2 improved - Crip67
- Anvil M8 improved - Crip67
- Evader Frigate M7 - OSR
- Corvette Falchion M6 - Crip67
- Limule M7 - OSR
- Paraves M7 - Crip67
- Corvette evader M6 - OSR
- OSR Battle Transport TL - OSR
- Raven M6+ - Crip67
- Saber M3+ - Crip67
- Warhawk M3+ - Crip67
- Weever M3 - OSR
- Evader Fighter Mk5 M3 - OSR
- Nightstalker M3 - Crip67
- Razor M3 - Crip67
- Dagger M4 - Crip67
- Dart M5 docked to a Corvette - OSR
- Stiletto M5 - Crip67
- "Premium" TP - OSR
- OSR Transport TS - OSR
- Scabbard TS improved - Crip67
- Sheath or T1000 TS - Crip67



  • Custom Starts

New Horizons is playable with X3 Vanilla starts in which vanilla plots (including Bala-Gi) will be available, or by using 6 Custom Starts.
Vanilla plots are not available when playing with Custom Starts. However, you will have the opportunity to find and buy in game everything Bala Gi had to offer, and even more! :wink:
Please, note that notoriety and starting conditions may vary depending the Custom start chosen, as well as stations and ships available...

1/ Goner: - Easy - You are a highly Ranked Goner. Keep friendly relationships with Argon & Teladi, fly the new M6 Holy Seeker and find the new secret Goner Sector Headquarters in which special items are stored.
Paranid are no more hostile to you at the beginning

2/ Pirate: - Average - Fly the new Falcon Pirate M3+, stay friends with Teladi and find the new Pirate Sector in which Yaki and Pirate ships are available. Pirates are not your enemies, except if you attack them first.

3/ Solo: - Difficult - Use your Susanowa Hauler to get out as quickly as possible from this deadly Sector and start a brand new life as Pirate Free-lancer. Pirates are not your friends and your future will be what you will decide by your actions. Decide yourself how many enemies on top of Pirate, Khaak and Xenon you can challenge, but keep Teladi away from your fights, they can help you a lot.
Find a Neutral SY in which you can buy everything you need.

4/ Trader: - Easy - Fly the new Heavy Super Freighter and start building your trading Empire from a Teladi sector. Educate your future Mk3's in dedicated sectors and increase your profitability while securing your trading routes full of Pirates.

5/ NH: - Difficult - Fly your Buster and decide which challenge will suit you the most.

6/ Janus - Easy - You are flying a brand new M3+ fully equipped enhanced by Janus in a new sector never explored before. Find your way in this new and large universe


  • Installation instructions:

The Mod is downloadable in .zip format:

:arrow: NH_Mod_v.2.01

:arrow: NH_Mod_v.2.01_MilHud

:arrow: NH Mod Map v.2.0/2.01 in English in .pdf format

  • How to play

1 - Select "Select Mod Package" in the splash screen, highlight "NH" and click OK. Then, start X3
2 - Chose "New Game"
3 - X3 vanilla games in which plots are available can be selected here
4 - If you prefer to play with the Custom Starts, drag down the list and chose "Custom Games", in which X3 vanilla plots will not be available, but replaced by other particular conditions introduced by the Mod.

PLEASE NOTE: This Mod will not be compatible with your previous saves and is not compatible with other major Mods. We strongly recommend you to install other Mods in another new X3 directory, or use the custom profiles available with "Plugin Manager" by Cycrow.

  • After Sales of Mod
This Mod is a stable version, however, there might be some remaining issues not detected despite a thorough BT made. Xchange Guild will provide you with support regarding the Mod, but not the optional scripts

General feedback can be made here.

For questions or bug report, please, post in the NH Forum in TXU. A FAQ will be available later.

Note: Some lines between new sectors in the map of the game might not show up. This is not a bug. Jumpgates are working perfectly well. :-)

You will have a good flavor of what is in this new release, among many other things. Fly towards New Horizons pilots! The story is just starting now!

- NH Mod Trailer v.2.0 - 144 MB - Main Site

- NH Mod Trailer v.2.0 - 36.4 MB - Main Site

Again, a great thanks to ship builders Crip67 and Observe. Every new ships shown in the Trailer are their creation - Sector backgrounds by Realspace.

  • Credits
This Mod is the result of a great teamwork. Special thanks to:

* Xchange Guild team
- Azz
- BenIsra
- CitizenCuts
- Cpt-killer
- Crip67
- exogenesis
- Grizemine
- Observe
- Odin83
- Phlt
- pinguin
- redhill
- Shikasta
- siky
- Tyxjoe
- Yox

- NH Mod Team – TXU - BT
- 2Blackhawk
- DannyD
- Droffy
- Kevso101
- NovaCatt
- Quasar
- X420TokeAlot

* Ship builders
- Crip67
- Observe
- Apollo

* Sector backgrounds
- Realspace

* Links between Sectors in Map
- X420TokeAlot

* Pics in NH Mod
- Pic shots: NH Team at TXU
- Image set up and Trailer: exogenesis

* NH banner & logo
- Mokonzi

* Translation
- Czek: Mipam
- English: Phlt
- Italian - DannyD
- Romanian: D!S7RUG@7OR – Radomi

* Military HUD
- ulfius

* Maps, stations, wares and Mod building
- Phlt

* Hosting facilities
- Egosoft
- Xchange Guild

Special thanks to XFP and XTM teams who helped me learning how to start Modding. There is still a long way to learn. :)


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Post by Mokonzi » Mon, 14. Jan 08, 17:30

Good to see it out in English Phlt! Looking forward to a good play with the mod now... :)

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Post by Sandalpocalypse » Mon, 14. Jan 08, 20:19

Ahhrg, will we never be free of these grasping Teladi?

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Post by Observe » Mon, 14. Jan 08, 21:30

Congratulation on release! It takes huge effort and perseverance putting together mods of this scope. I know your team put a lot of work into ensuring high quality in every aspect.

Great job! :)

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Post by Etolf » Tue, 15. Jan 08, 13:16

Congratulations and thank you, all of you, for the great effort this must have taken. I hope it has the sucess it deserves.

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Post by duke8202 » Fri, 18. Jan 08, 03:03


How do you this mod? I registered, but everytime I click on it...it won't let me d/l.

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Post by drudude1983 » Fri, 18. Jan 08, 20:39

ok so when i play this mod i have to start a new game is that right? i wont be able to use my saves?
And if i use this mod can change the mod settings back to what it wos before then use my saves? or will that not work ?

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Post by Phlt » Fri, 18. Jan 08, 21:05

duke8202 wrote:Hi...

How do you this mod? I registered, but everytime I click on it...it won't let me d/l.
This should be OK now duke8202 :wink:

drudude1983 wrote:ok so when i play this mod i have to start a new game is that right? i wont be able to use my saves?
And if i use this mod can change the mod settings back to what it wos before then use my saves? or will that not work ?
There are 2 options actually:

1 - Create another X3 Directory
* Cut your saves and paste them in a backup directory
* Install X3 in this new directory (fresh install)
* Install NH in the new directory
* Create a shortcut of your new X3 icon
* Load the game, select NH from splash screen and enjoy :)

When you will want to play with your previous game, you'll just have to install back your previous saves and start playing your original start icon & directory.

2 - Use Cycrow's Plugin Manager Mod profile
* - Make a backup of your saves somewhere else just in case
* - Install NH .spk version and create a Mod profile with Plugin Manager
* - Manage your saves with Plugin Manager when prompted
* - Load the game, select NH in splash screen and enjoy :)

I didn't test the second option tbh, but this is how I understand Plugin Manager should work. If I am wrong, I am sure Cycrow will tell us.

Have fun with NH! :)


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Post by Gelnak » Sat, 19. Jan 08, 20:11

just to say my opinion that the "Glaive M1 improved" and the "Lance M2 improved" looks like a wraith ship off of stargate
look and judge for yourself
the glaive http://www.3enfamille.net/Mod_Confrerie ... e_M2_l.jpg
the lance http://www.3enfamille.net/Mod_Confrerie ... e_M1_l.jpg

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Post by Phlt » Sat, 19. Jan 08, 20:32

shadow3 wrote:just to say my opinion that the "Glaive M1 improved" and the "Lance M2 improved" looks like a wraith ship off of stargate
look and judge for yourself
That's maybe why the secret Race they belong to is called "Spectre". :wink:

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Post by Phlt » Mon, 21. Jan 08, 22:37

  • New Horizons Mod - Patch

This patch is for NH Beta prior to v.1.08d - 20/01/2008 - NH Beta v.1.08d has already this patch included - This Patch is fully compatible with your saves and current game

:arrow: NH Beta up to v.1.08c .zip at TXU

:arrow: NH Beta up to v.1.08c .zip at Xchange Guild

Some fighters used by AI in Teladi's Sectors, variants of current models available in SY's, were showing a Read Text error. This patch removes these NPC ships only used by AI randomly from the .cat / .dat file in your Mod.

Just unzip the file in your \X3 Reunion\Mods\ Directory.


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Post by Realspace » Tue, 22. Jan 08, 00:40

Wow, I must reinstall X3 only to try this..I'm eager to finally see my backgrounds inside a all-new enjoyable mod of this extent!! 8) :o ... good work! :wink:
... by the way, the ships look amazing! :)

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Post by Phlt » Fri, 25. Jan 08, 22:35

  • A Map and an Excel spreadsheet containing all specs regarding Ships for NH and X3 are now available

:arrow: NH Map and X3 - Contains few spoilers - However, Sectors where a plot is active are not displayed

:arrow: Excel v.2003 spreadsheet is available - It contains all specs regarding NH and X3 , as well as the SY's where you can buy them - Credits for NH ship specs to Cpt-killer

Enjoy! :)


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Post by argonaut- » Fri, 1. Feb 08, 18:06

Sorry, but I don't have Excel. How can I get these data please?


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Post by Realspace » Fri, 1. Feb 08, 19:19

http://www.openoffice.org/, it is free, it reads ms office docs

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