About how many people are staying loyal to X2 here?

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Lord Dakier
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Post by Lord Dakier » Mon, 16. Jun 08, 19:27

Teladi Pilot: Teladi requestsssss creditssss.
Lord Dakier: Who the hell are you?
Teladi Pilot: Teladi requestsssss creditssss.
Lord Dakier: Here ya go beggar!
Teladi Pilot: Teladi requestsssss your ship.
Lord Dakier: I just give you some credits now you want my ship.
Teladi Pilot: Teladi requestsssss your ship.
Lord Dakier: Ah hell naa.
Teladi Pilot: Teladi requestsssss you stop attacking.
Lord Dakier: Stop the damn requests!
Teladi Pilot 2: Teladi shall shoot down your ship with thissssss M6'ssssss.
Lord Dakier: That's a TS :wink:
Teladi Pilot 2: Teladi gave good profit for thissssss M6'ssssss.
Lord Dakier: Yeah but it's a TS.
Teladi Pilot 2: Teladi know give you death.
Lord Dakier: That's what the Split are meant to say?
Teladi Pilot 2: Teladi Pilot asks which button fires the laser?
Lord Dakier: Oh brother... the big red one saying self-destruct... its english for 'kill everything'.
Teladi Pilot: Teladi thanks you for your time.

Thats why I hate them. Annoying space gorms lol.

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Post by SWAHILI!!! » Mon, 16. Jun 08, 19:30

Sure, that's how it happened! :lol:
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Lord Dakier
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Post by Lord Dakier » Mon, 16. Jun 08, 19:33

It must of had something to do with the Xenon war me and the Teladi had inside the sectors. I was aiming at the Xenon lol.

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Post by The_Vamp » Tue, 17. Jun 08, 08:29

Okay, an update from me on X3.

I was looking for something to play and came across a rather dusty copy of X3 that I had tossed aside figuring once they patched the hell out of it, well, we would give it a whirl....

What is this, something like two years later? Okay, the game runs quite smoothly on my system, but OMG the ship speeds are so very awful slow. Wonder why that is? Speed them up a bit and it sounds like fireworks as they crash repeatedly into one another. The AI is so poorly written they had to slow down the ships to keep the blood bath to a minimum.

Bugs. I have to admit that I was on the lookout for bugs in this game, and like turning a rock over, the popped out everywhere. The docking system sucks (pretty much anything in system sucks) and whoa, what a difference compared to OOS.

I bought two TLs (mammoth) and sent them to the EQ dock in their respective systems (argon prime and light of heart). I was watching the Mammoth in Argon Prime (In Sector), while I watch the pretty dot at Light of Heart (Out Of Sector). Light of Heart docked in thirty second flat, I think the Argon Prime Mammoth is still trying to dock. The Out of System and In System mechanic are truly messed up (while this was true with X2 as well, OMG X3 freaking took that little bugginess made it one big fat monster).

While the graphics in X3 are nicer (the HQ addition was the only reason I picked the game up again to be honest), the game engine, interface, and overall game enjoyability factor are all inferior to X2.

Just looking at the forums as an example, the X3 scripting forum is relatively dead (feel free to see my posts on the buggy nature of their scripting process *ughhh*). The X2 scripting forum is still alive and kicking (more so that its X3 brother....

Egosoft, just ripped X3 off my system again, could you please add a player HQ to X2? Thank you so much!

Bottomline again ---> X3 sucks. For those that have been playing X2 and waiting for the opportunity for X3, remember I warned you.

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Post by SWAHILI!!! » Tue, 17. Jun 08, 16:11

Well, Harlock has added a Starbase to Top Gun 3.0 (not out yet), but it can't move, has extremely powerful shielding, dangerous weapons, and an office, so you could say that the Starbase is the Player HQ in Top Gun,

And there probably will be a Player HQ in Pandora, but whether or not it'll be a ship or a station, we don't know yet.

So, just keep updating on Top Gun, Harlock hasn't posted for a while, but he said he was real busy with RL stuff and modding, so he'll probably give us a big update soon.

But yes, there will be Player HQs in both of the most popular X2 mods!
As they say, you wouldn’t want to boronificate your potassigastrous plutonimeter before it magnesorites.

Lord Dakier
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Post by Lord Dakier » Tue, 17. Jun 08, 21:26

The Armageddon will be available soon the flagship of X2

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Post by adobis » Tue, 17. Jun 08, 22:58

If this is a HQ it's a bit normal that it doesn't move, try to move the White House :lol:

But well a good big M0 to smash all those scum through out the Universe would be great!

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Post by The_Vamp » Wed, 18. Jun 08, 13:37

The X3 HQ is pretty weak. The ability to "paint" my ships is a pretty cool idea (but only two extremely limited options-- their implementation of it kind of sucks actually), and the reverse engineering some of the really odd craft is handy. I even like the fact that I can blow it up, though a bit odd of a feature (though it would have been nice on all the other stations too).

There are a couple of things about the X3 HQ you should probably know:
1) You cant sit in it. Thats right, no office to look out over the scenery and dominate the economy. You stay parked in your ship outside, just like every other base experience with X3.

2) I was really hoping that being in the HQ would somehow put you OOS (so that your spacecraft in a busy industrial behemoth, dont blow themselves up). Nope, while parked you can hear your precious ships blowing themselves up as they smack into each other, random asteroids, stations, spaceflys, whatever.... In all fairness, I read something in the upgrade notes where you can script your ships to be immune from this nonsense. Though, I never got around to doing anything but laughing that it even had to be added. :evil:

Final note on the HQ, it is a beautiful structure in so far as looks go. It has enormous storage and any ship is welcome to park at it. But even with its stunning visuals, I really wanted some big guns to defend it (read fortress) and an office. :cry:

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Post by cutterjohn » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 23:32

Better late than never, but I still play X2 under linux, and X3R under Windows ATM.

Even though you didn't ask, as far as X3 goes, I expect to eventually move to X3TC once I can justify the cost (buying an imported retail boxed version as Steam can go suck eggs if they want to charge retail for a 1/4 retail product (minus box, manual, and media for the same price?!) ... )

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Post by gamer993 » Wed, 29. Oct 08, 15:30

I still play x2 frequently as my lap top and my other PC can hold it and not x3 i only have 1 PC that holds x3 and x3Tc but i still havent got all of the fun out of x2 so i will be playing x2 for a long time
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Post by Zeron-mk7 » Thu, 30. Oct 08, 09:38

I play and playing long time X2, because i start working on my first mod, who changing all X Universe tone. Even now when X3TC are out, that nothing change, i still not trying all potentiality of X2.

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Post by jpcborce13 » Sat, 1. Nov 08, 15:33

I play x2 for 2 years but still.., i never get bored in playing it and even through the x3 has awsome graphics but still i like to play x2 i make scripts but not that complex yet and one galaxy that i made but its just starting. So i still like playing x2 but maybe i might play x3.

If you want to see scripts and mods go to my topic :o
find that topic named X2 Mods it has posts of X2 Pandora Mod and a community of scripts and mods, click this http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=60601, if you you want to see scripts and mods, but if you know this... :D

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Post by Sp@c3Ch!mp » Fri, 27. Mar 09, 10:59

been playing X2 since last year and still loving it.
Tried X3 and was kinda different(only played it for an hour so it doesn't really count).

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Post by Blade168 » Mon, 30. Mar 09, 06:38

well i only got X2 by a fluke. it was the only copy in store and it was selling for $5 (Australian(which isnt very much for those who dont know)) so i bought it and was suprised 2 find how good it was.

and NOW i hear X3 has been out for what? like months and i have seen that for sale any where! :evil: :evil:

so i HAVE to remain loyal to X2, i have no choice :lol:

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Post by DaddyNoMates » Sat, 4. Apr 09, 12:20

X3 is missing atmosphere !

X2 is like a good film or book. You forget your sat in your living room for a while. X2 is like The Matrix part 1, X3 is like the other two bad sequels!

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